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What’s Better Than Winning Awesome Prizes?

Helping out your fellow shooters. Midsouth Shooters Supply is excited to offer a huge giveaway, sponsored exclusively by Montana X-Treme Gun Cleaning Supplies.

Midsouth needs your help, but more importantly, so do other shooters like you. That’s why Midsouth is now offering product reviews on our entire inventory. These reviews allow you, our customers, the ability to let us know what works, what doesn’t, and let other reloaders, shooters and hunters know what to expect when making their purchase.

What does all this have to do with a GIVEAWAY?

Easy, if you do a review, you’re entered to win. If you’ve already done a review, you’re entered too!

How It Works:

1. Every Day, for the next 30 days, 1 Person (Reviewer) Will Be Our Chosen Winner, Drawn at Random from All Approved Reviews for That Day.

a. Anyone who’s done less than 10 reviews at the time of the drawing qualifies for a $20 Midsouth Shooters Supply Gift Card.

b. Anyone who’s done 10 or more reviews (Silver-Gold Badges) qualifies for a $40 Midsouth Gift Card at the time of the drawing.

2. As You Complete Reviews, You Earn Badges.

a. 0-4 Approved Reviews means no badges awarded

b. 5-9 Approved Reviews means you’ve reach Bronze Badge Status

c. 10-24 Approved Reviews means you’ve reached Silver Badge Status

d. 25+ Approved Reviews means you’re a Gold Badge wearing reviewing machine, and you’re word is your bond!

3. At the End of 30 Days, Midsouth and Montana X-Treme are Giving 10 Lucky Winners A Prize Pack. You, and 9 other folks will get to pick between the 22 caliber, or the 30 caliber Montana X-Treme Deluxe Cleaning Kit, plus hats, stickers, and other cool stuff.

4. Each Month thereafter, We’re Going Back and Choosing 1 Super Helpful Review, and that Reviewer gets a $40 Midsouth Gift Card, Plus an All-Star Reviewer Badge.

5. At Years End, One Lucky Gold Badge Reviewer Gets The Mother of All Grand Prizes (To Be Announced)

So, the more quality (approved) reviews you submit, the better your chances of winning one of these prizes will be. You must do the email verification process requested of you at the time of the review, in order to be entered to win. If we don’t know who you are, we can’t contact you. If you don’t, your review is classified as anonymous. Anonymous reviews are great, they just can’t be selected to get the goods.

Oh, Here’s Some Terms and Conditions. Read Them!

What’s an “Approved” Review?:

Just give an actual account of your experiences with the product. Doesn’t matter if you bought it from us, go ahead and let us know what you think of that product, what happened when you used it, it’s value to you, and whether or not you’d recommend using it.

Please do not mention our competitors in the review. They have their own reviews, we just want other shooters/reloaders like you to know what they’re in for before they take the plunge and buy whatever item it is they’re after.

Don’t curse. There’s ladies helping to moderate these reviews. If it’d make grandma blush, use another term, If grandma wouldn’t blush, then what about her grandma? Using this line of thinking will keep your review from being deleted.

In order to get your name thrown into the hat, you have to verify your email after the process. You have to review separate items in order to get another entry. 5 reviews by the same reviewer, on the same item, will get you tossed out.

Here’s another example of how your review could get pulled…

Remember, it’s all good and fine to try and get a prize, but the heart of the matter remains the same. We’re trying to help shooters by showing them what they can expect when buying a product, and how Midsouth can continue to carry the products our customers want, and trust.

Now What?:

You know what to do, and what not to do, so how do we let you know you’ve won? BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!!! We will continue to add to this blog post with winners, prizes, words from our sponsor, and updates on the giveaway as we go. It takes some time for these reviews to pass Moderation (Level 1 and 2 approvals), so we will announce the first set of winners on May 11th and 12th, 2015.

Well, Click Here to get started, and GOOD LUCK from all of us at Midsouth Shooters Supply and Montana X-Treme!


We have our first weeks winners listed below. Since we began this giveaway, our product reviews have increased, but we still need more. The more you review, the more you’re helping your fellow shooters make an informed choice.

Week 1:

Rick R.: $40 Gift Card and Gold Badge Level Achieved

Kevin W.: $40 Gift Card and Silver Badge Level Achieved

Dwight B.: $20 Gift Card

Matt K.: $20 Gift Card

Michael S.: $20 Gift Card

John D.: $20 Gift Card

Kevin C.: $20 Gift Card and Bronze Badge Level Achieved

Week 2:

Steven Z.: $40 Gift Card

Dennis N.: $40 Gift Card

Jose A.: $20 Gift Card

Ryan O.: $40 Gift Card

Kyle W.: $40 Gift Card

Larry K.: $40 Gift Card

Robert M.: $20 Gift Card

Week 3:
James S.: $40 Gift Card
Chris S.: $20 Gift Card
Stephen Z.: $20 Gift Card
Robert P.: $20 Gift Card
Mike S.: $40 Gift Card
Chris P.: $40 Gift Card
Bruce L.: $20 Gift Card

Week 4:
Dan S.: $40 Gift Card
Joevette: $40 Gift Card
Johnny S.: $20 Gift Card
Bill M.: $20 Gift Card
Clay M.: $20 Gift Card
Dan D.: $20 Gift Card
Joey L.: $20 Gift Card

Week 5:
David M.: $40 Gift Card
Donald G. $20 Gift Card
Charles B.: $20 Gift Card
Rene M.: $20 Gift Card
Lawrence D.: $20 Gift Card

Grand Prize Kit Winners!
Ryan w.
Bob P.
Dan S.
Ryan O.
Steven J.
Dennis N.
Mayor T.
Randall B.
Rick R.
Thomas T.

From now through December, we’ll choose our All-Star Reviewer. These reviews will be chosen based on how clearly they reviewed a product, how thoroughly they tested it, and how well they convey their experience to other shooters. These reviews can be positive or negative, as long as they are a well related review.

June All-Star Reviewer:
Larry K.: $40 Gift Card and All-Star Reviewer Badge
July All-Star Reviewer:
Chris K.: $40 Gift Card and All-Star Reviewer Badge
August All-Star Reviewer:
Jason R.: $40 Gift Card and All-Star Reviewer Badge

September All-Star Reviewer:
Gary B.: $40 Gift Card and All-Star Reviewer Badge

October All-Star Reviewer:     Gary G. : $40 Gift Card and all Star Reviewer Badge


Team Never Quit Ammo

A New Offering in Defense Training and Everyday Carry:

When most people think of “frangible” bullets, they think of plinking on steel targets to minimize the potential for ricochet. The thought of loading you EDC (Every Day Carry) weapon with a frangible bullet would seem senseless, as well as useless for protection. Well, there’s proof to the contrary with the new Team Never Quit line of frangible pistol ammo.

So what sets TNQ Ammo apart? It’s all about Sintering.

From Ammoland:
The Sinterfire bullet is made up of copper and tin powder, compressed in a “sintering” or heating process to form and bond the bullets together. The result is a bullet which is very hard, and looks to the untrained eye much like a traditional full metal jacket, or total metal jacket bullet.  When looking closely, you can almost see the compositional difference by a slight color variant and dull appearance to the bullet itself as it is not jacketed with shined copper or plating.  The intent of the standard closed nose bullets it to be “frangible” or break up when striking a substance or target harder than itself. Traditionally, this would be AR500 level steel plates for maximum frangibility.  Consider taking a sugar cube in a sling shot, and shooting it against the tile on your kitchen floor.  It would break down into the smaller sugar fragments that make up the cube as the cube has struck something much harder than itself.  This exact picture can be duplicated for a Sinterfire projectile striking an AR500 steel plate

Read more:

But You Said Something About EDC!

We did. Look at the gel below:

That’s super soft, non-calibrated ballistic gel called Perma-Gel (more about the conditions below), shot at both ends by Lutrell’s TNQ 9mm pistol round. Yes, we name dropped that Marcus Lutrell. It all boils down to the “Train like you fight” Seal mantra that Lutrell lives by daily that inspired him and his tight group of buds to come up with this effective training and defense round.

As seen in the gel block above, one can see the basics of what the bullet does upon striking a soft target. The above was shot within a few feet of the front of the gel on a warm day, with the only goal being to show the reaction of the bullet on a soft target. As can be seen, the bullet begins an immediate and high action fragmentation down to the depth of the hollow point doing significant permanent damage upon entry. The base of the bullet, continues to penetrate. In this particular situation the bullet base exited the back of the gel block . In calibrated ballistic gelatin tests, the bullets in bare gelatin penetrate the furthest, and usually end up near the end of a 16″ block.

Also from the Ammoland Article:
“While this bullet performs exactly the same as the training projectile on hardened steel targets, the big differences come against other mediums and soft targets.  The Frangible HP round, has been tested for overall performance against the FBI test protocol testing, the baseline for Law Enforcement and Operational Hollow Points, and passes each medium with flying colors, save one.  The bullet performs successfully against calibrated bare gel, light clothing, heavy clothing, wall board (sheetrock), and light sheet metal before entering a soft target.  It doesn’t perform well against auto-glass being the final and most difficult medium.  Due to the hardness of auto glass, the bullet performs as it is supposed to which is to break up on hard surfaces. In comparison, many duty hollow points which have been fielded in the past for Law Enforcement also have immense difficulty with the same auto glass test, due to the hardness and composition of the glass. Jacketed hollow points often separate, or break apart on the surface without doing any fatal damage.  Bonded bullets are still the way to go against auto glass if that is a concern. In our civilian self defense use scenarios, auto glass is of little concern.  To pass a FBI protocol test, the bullet must ideally penetrate the medium, and continue to provide 12-18″ penetration…When faced with a self defense or operational situation, very rarely is someone shot who is naked, making testing against light and heavy clothing important.  The wall board test is to simulate shooting in a home, and the light metal is to simulate a vehicle shooting.  In all cases, the bullet will begin to break up upon striking the medium and still provide a penetration depth associated with giving the best chance at stopping a threat.”

Aside from the obvious benefits of using the ammo you train with, you get the added benefit of helping out the Lone Survivor Foundation with every purchase of TNQ Ammo. From 04/01/15 through 12/31/15, $0.05 of every box of Team Never Quit ammo is being donated to Lone Survivor Foundation (up to $10,000.) When you purchase Team Never Quit ammo, you are helping wounded veterans and their families. The Lone Survivor Foundation restores, empowers, and renews hope for our wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.
Did we mention the brass is completely reloadable?!?! You can even purchase new TNQ brass from us by clicking here!
Better Value than MAGTECH Brass per piece. All TNQ brass comes in bags of 100 New, Unprimed Pieces:

  • 9mm Brass,               18¢ per piece
  • 380 Brass,                 18¢ per piece
  • 10mm Brass,             21¢ per piece
  • 40 S&W Brass,          20¢ per piece
  • 45 ACP Brass,           22¢ per piece
  • 300 AAC Blackout,    28¢ per piece

Please visit Midsouth Shooters Supply by Clicking Here to start Training Like You Fight today with Team Never Quit!

Free Shipping at Midsouth!

There’s much more to Midsouth offering Free Shipping than just shipping your one item for free. You get a built-in discount for any other item(s) you order along with it. How does that work? Check out the info-graphic below for a better idea.

Midsouth Free Shipping Info-Graphic

We charge shipping by weight, distance, and for the packing. All of our packing is done by hand, by a person, so that has to be factored into each package shipped out our doors. Now, when you order a free shipping item, we remove that cost from any other items that have to be packed along with it. That means those rings that would have had the packing cost added in, are now being shipped solely by their weight, making for a significant savings on your end. That same savings applies to ANY item you order along with your Free Shipping item. Got a 5000 Count box of Varmint Nightmare X-Treme Bullets on order with that VX-2? You’re only getting charged for the weight and distance those bullets have to travel. Pretty good deal, right? Check out our inventory on our website and just look for the red FREE SHIPPING label!


Hornady American Gunner Ammo

New Line of Ammo from Hornady

Midsouth is proud to carry Hornady’s new line of American Gunner Ammo, available in most common pistol calibers (380 Auto, 38 Special, 9mm, 357 Mag, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP, dependent upon availability). This particular Hornady ammo is a bit more affordable, but still has all the performance and quality of their previous offerings. Loaded for consistency, built from premium components, and made in the USA, Hornady expands their brand to give shooters another option for personal defense, plinking, and more, at a great price point. American Gunner Ammo is loaded with the Hornady XTP bullet. What makes the XTP so special? Uniform core density, for a balanced trajectory and reliable expansion, and a jacket that gradually thickens from its nose to its base; the jacket has strategically placed serrations designed to weaken it just right for superior control during expansion as well as to initiate expansion at lower velocities.

Excerpt from Hornady’s Website- The American Gunner™ line of ammunition is a collection of tried-and-true, versatile loads that are popular with shooters for their target shooting, hunting or self-defense needs. Made in the USA with premium components, American Gunner™ ammunition combines generations of ballistics know-how with modern components and technology. Preliminary offerings feature legendary XTP® (eXtreme Terminal Performance) bullets that have been favorites for decades. Designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the XTP® bullet is exceptionally accurate, and is the choice of many top competitive shooters around the world. Hornady® American Gunner™ ammunition is proudly made in the USA!

Guntec Key-Mod Handrails

Affordable Key-Mod Rails for the AR-15

Since 1989 GuntecUSA has been providing both the professional and average shooter quality products to improve their shooting. Now comes the manufacturer’s AR-15-ready, line of ultra lightweight thin key mod free floating handguard with a monolithic top rail. The all new handguards features a T6 Aluminum body. Guntec’s free floating handguard includes a proprietary steel barrel nut. The rail system slides over the barrel nut and locks up against the receiver with just six screws. Guntec Key-Mod Handrails come in the original Tactical Black, and Dark Earth, and in a variety of lengths and designs.

What makes a Key-Mod rail so great? It’s super-light-weight, endlessly customizable, and easy to use. The open sourced design allows you to place the extra rail anywhere on the handguard, giving you the freedom to choose what components to add, as well as reducing weight of the rail by getting rid of the unused rail space.

Not only is the handrail easy to install, but the key-mod rails are even easier. You never have to worry about rail covers, or hurt fingers, again. Just simply remove your accessory, then remove the rail, and you’re back to the smooth grip of the key-mod rail itself. Still unsure of how the key-mod system works? Check out the easy-to-follow equation below.

We had a quick word with our own Matt D. to get his thoughts on the GuntecUSA Key-Mod system. Matt has a wide range of experience with AR builds. Take a look at the clip below to see just how the barrel nut is set up, and how you can install it without marring your rail.
As you can see from the short clip, the design of the barrel nut makes it impossible to use most armourers wrenches. We’ve seen the results, and it’s not pretty, typically destroying the threads for the barrel screws. We used a crescent wrench, set to the appropriate width of 18mm-33mm. Each handrail also comes with shims, to ensure a super-tight fit.

American Series Reloading Dies

Coming in February 2015, Hornady Manufacturing unveils its new line of quality reloading dies at an incredible price. The American Series currently covers 5 of the most popular Rifle Calibers with a Two Die Set, and 4 of the most popular Handgun Calibers with a Titanium Nitride 3 Die Set. Each of the sets offer more value by including 2 extra de-capping pins, Basic Reloading Data and a Free Shell holder. It’s hard to find this much quality at such an affordable price. Keep reading to see all the features of the American Series Reloading Dies.

What's New at MSS Blog Banner


  • Each die set includes a FREE shell holder. Basic reloading data and two extra decapping pins are also included.
  • The 3-die American Series sizes dies feature an industry-leading titanium nitride sizing ring that reduces friction and case sticking, and helps prolong case life.
  • Select pistol dies are taper-crimp capable (9mm Luger, 40 Smith and Wesson/10mm, 45 Auto).
  • Sizing dies size to SAAMI specifications.
  • Internal spindles, expanders, and seating stems are interchangeable with other components on the market.

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