On to the Senate – The House passes H.R. 8

The first step has been taken in the expansion of the Federal Background Check passed in the House of Representatives March 11, 2021 and is now headed to the newly appointed Democrat-led Senate for approval. We feel it’s important for 2A supporters to be fully educated on the actual bill and invite you to read for yourself the measures that are being taken that will affect your future rights.

31 thoughts on “On to the Senate – The House passes H.R. 8”

  1. Has a lot of exclusions, which is good, but friends selling to one another requires a background check. Should have excluded what are defined by the Federal Government as antique firearms and even some on the Curios & Relics list. A background check to sell a flintlock firearm? Silly!

    1. Flintlocks are not considered firearms in most normal states as well as all muzzleloaders. That comes down to the State section 927 section 18 solely state law drives the definition of a firearm. These are not federally defined as firearms.

    2. A background check to sell any firearm? Silly! How much more plain is ‘shall not be infringed’?

  2. The new National Socialist Party controls the “news.” So, there was no news about this. There won’t be any news about any of the other planned efforts to disarm, and then enslave, the American People. That’s the strategy. Do it quietly and quickly, before the majority of people learn what is happening. This was a test run. Mainstream America is completely unaware. It’s smart, and anti-Democratic – just like what used to be the Democratic Party.

  3. Let me say that what I decide to do with my personal property is my business. Should I decide to sell one of my guns to an individual I will be the one to decide if they should have it or not. This is yet another bill that is a waste of time and effort. How exactly are you going to enforce it. How are they going to prove or disprove you bought or sold before or after this illegal law was put in place. What about the many states that have designated themselves 2 amendment states and refuse to enforce these laws. I for one will not comply with illegal attempts to limit my rights. The feds need to watch thier steps or the next combat scenario will be held on U.S. soil. I am a proud 24 year military combat get and I will stand by my oath in the days to come.

    1. THERE ARE MANY OF US THAT FEEL THE SAME AS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. ” How are they going to prove or disprove you bought or sold …”
      And that is exactly the point. As soon as this is passed, it will suddenly be discovered that it can’t be enforced without universal gun registration in the whole country. That’s what all those people in the “surveys” are never told. Guess what the next bill will be?

      1. I say pass all they want,I will never register any of my weapons. Unfortunately, I feel this is where the next civil war will start, when they attempt to enforce the registration process

      2. My concern is that form 4473 that a gun buyer must fill out in order to have a firearm transferred into your name. These forms must be kept by the dealer forever. If they ever close, these records must be given to the ATF&E. I think rather than give these forms to the federal government, there could be a sudden outbreak of fires in a lot of firearms dealers record rooms or their records were destroyed while moving their business to a new location. One can only hope!

      3. This is precisely the path Germany employed in the 30’s. Watch Kitty Werthermann video……”Keep Your Guns – Kitty Werthmann”….. You Tube explaining how it progressed……”For your own safety….”

      4. Some states require a seller of a firearm to retain a bill of sale showing to whom the firearm was transferred to. Illinois requires that BOS to be retained for 10 years. If you filled out a 4473 to get a firearm less than the 10 years ago, you would either still have the firearm or a BOS showing you transferred it.

      5. Who enforces said law and how many ignore it due to the fact it is unenforceable?

      6. Illinois State Police enforce it and I’m sure many ignore it, especially with older guns. But there are so many that dutifully follow the law. In addition to name and address of the buyer being on the BOS, you need their FOID card number as well as a transer approval number, issued by the ISP when you log in to their website to verify the buyer has a valid FOID card.

    3. sure you will tough guy. sure you will. one question- those past 24 years, were you on another planet, or did your oath not apply?

  4. This bill is the sort of junk you get when our (public) servants–who get most of their gun knowledge from Hollywood movies–make law. Maybe they should read up on actual gun statistics and base their “laws” on actual facts. Is that too much to ask?

  5. It would seem their are ever pushing to start a civil war! By slowly but surely destroying your rights! As we see the 2nd and first have been screwed with just since Biden got in! With their cancel culture. Soon you will have no rights! But once they get their war they feel they will be able to take everything. But what they don’t get is the people, Both sides will be coming for them! And their tax payer paid for bunkers may be their tomb! What if we decided to not wait till the next election and be like them and just drag them out of office? why should we keep a promise when they don’t?

  6. This represents another step down the road. Once it becomes law, the next step will be something to the effect of, “This was good, but for it to really be effective/enforceable we must know who has what.” They will go for total firearms (ownership) registration, which as any student of history knows is the precursor to confiscation.

  7. Given the current state of my drug-ridden metro community and the rising use of firearms to commit felonies, I personally won’t transfer any gun without an FFL holder being involved.

  8. The only way to control all these transfers is to force you to register your firearms. Then they will know who owns what so they can actually enforce the background check. The next step is to come to your home and collect all our illegal guns. Which over time, I think, will be all of them. All of this in the name of safety. One of our founding fathers wrote: When you trade liberty for safety you will have neither.

  9. This is also a major threat to our Constitutional Rights. There is no clause in the US Constitution in which the Federal Government can intercede in a personal transaction between law abiding citizens within a state. Yes they could impose a tax on firearm transfers or the state can make laws to govern its citizens but not the US government between two same state citizens.

  10. If this bill is passed into law and then proves unenforceable, it will become the gateway to really draconian laws. “We’re just doing this for your own safety. We can’t trust you to act responsibly so, like your parents we will have to remove these dangerous items from circulation.”

  11. Another step closer to socialism! It has never worked any where! Why do they think people risk there very lives on a homebuilt raft to get from Cuba to Miami? Check out Venezula the inflation is so bad people are eating their dogs! Move there if you like socialism so much or China or Russia. Then see how good it is.

  12. As for selling any of my guns, I will be honest with you; I have never sold or traded a gun that I didn’t regret. So I have made up my mind to never sell trade or otherwise dispose of any of my firearms.

  13. There should be an exception for any gun classified as curio/relic. This would protect the thousands of Americans that collect weapons that are a part of our history and heritage. I have not heard of a Colt single action or WW2 M-1 carbine being used in a mass shooting!

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