In Memory – Jeff Quinn Limited Edition Ruger

One of the unfortunate hurdles of 2020 occurred in July and we wanted to take time to pass along our condolences along with news of a fitting memorial in his name.

On July 27, 2020, Our friend, neighbor, customer and longtime business partner Jeffery W. Quinn passed away. You may know him better as the founder and editor of his popular gun review website and vlog Jeff, being a family man incorporated his business with his brothers helping make his passion and love for guns, shooting, and our country into an informative and entertaining southern style format. His family is present in so many aspects not only on camera, but off as well. Jeff was known throughout the shooting industry as a straight shooting, common sense fixture at events and his presence was always welcoming.

Ruger Firearms is honoring Jeff by offering a limited edition, memorial revolver with a portion of the proceeds going to another of Jeffs passions, Bikers Who Care. Bikers Who Care is a motorcycle club located in Clarksville, Tn who’s main mission is kids. From Toy Runs that raise money and gather toys for less fortunate children to raising money for children with physical challenges and serious illness. It’s impact is huge on young lives and the families that are challenged with them. It’s fitting that such a down to earth, family man would be memorialized by the American Icon, Ruger.

The Jeff Quinn Memorial GP100 Revolver is a .44 Special with a 4-inch barrel and five shot, unfluted cylinder. Engraved on the hardwood grip is Jeff Quinn’s autograph along with his likeness, featuring his signature double braided beard. Only 500 will be made.

We were lucky enough to be sponsors of Gunblast for many years. In 2015, Jeff and his brother, Boge came in and visited with our owner and toured our facility. Boge is carrying on Jeff’s vision and is writing and producing new videos and reviews regularly. We recommend taking some time and scrolling through some of not only the past videos, but subscribing to the current YouTube page. Great information, well produced, no non-sense and some of the best music you’ll hear. Like all things Gunblast, the Quinn’s did that as well (Boge specifically).

Many friends and fans were curious about Jeff’s vault and reloading room that housed his lifelong collection of firearms. This video is to share a brief tour of Jeff’s collection to to those many who made inquiries about the THE Vault.

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  1. We are All into this together, we just don’t remember that when we go buy supplies, There’s a lot of ( I’s ) thrown in their, I worked in a Gun store and saw this attitude on a Dayly basis, I T/T my customers and asked straight out, How much of this purchase do U have stocked pilled up ? Most of the time it was more than we could get in our inventory in a Year, Then they would tell me were to go and at what time to Stock up for me Personally. Now times that by several hundred ( friends and family) and you will know why we as Individual reloaders cant get Anything. Just like the gasoline shortage of the 80’s and 90’s when I was a police officer in Fla, odd and Evan tag numbers would be able to buy 10 gallons of gas, lines around the block, and yes the same people were back in line the next day, same car Different tag ( just ( 1) screw holding the tag on. Easier to change with you neighbor, and sense the buyer wasn’t working or the owner of the car, the 10.00 dollars he made several times a day, well. Same mind set today different products. Me- Me-Me

  2. I have known Jeff and Boge for a number of years now as fellow SHOOTISTS and Christian brothers and have read many of Glen’s articles over the years also. They will both be missed beyond measure We need to continue to pray God’s greatest blessings upon both families and strength for the coming days and stand in the gap for all our shooting brothers and sisters. Thanks Midsouth for reminding us of these two who have given so much to the shooting community.
    God Bless and shoot safe.
    Rev. L.D. Little aka Gripmaker

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