An apology from the Shot Report Staff and Memorial to Glen Zediker

Dear Shot Report Readers,

I’d like to start by giving some apologies.  I’m sorry.  I’m not a writer by trade, so please be understanding while you read this. There, that’s the first one. The next is that I’m truly sorry that it has taken so long for us to get a Shot Report sent out to you.

2020 was a challenging year to say the least. I won’t re-hash what we all know and remember from toilet paper, to riots, elections and I won’t even talk about the virus. You’ve all heard enough from other sources, I’ll move on.  The real reason we haven’t had a Shot Report in so long was the fact that our friend and writer of the Reloading Corner, Glen Zediker, passed away last year.  Replacing that much knowledge from reloading and gunsmithing, to shooting from all aspects, and being able to articulate that knowledge in writing form has been very difficult.  We could have built newsletters loaded with politics and gun legislation, but without the basis of what the Shot Report was really about, Reloading and Shooting, it would have been just that; more politics and more gun legislation. Both of which are everywhere.

Before you jump my case about the importance of both of those topics, make no mistake – we are fully aware of the importance of both. No one understands the threat to our 2nd Amendment freedoms better than those us in the shooting industry.  But, we know that politics and gun legislation aren’t the main reasons we had such a strong readership base.  We understand that the bulk of our readers are past the beginning stages of reloading and loved Glens insights into how to hone those skills. If you haven’t read Glens reloading corner, we invite you to look back at some of the older issues.  Glen was a great writer and as I said, a wealth of knowledge.  We started last year with the hope that we could provide a place of relief and escape from all of the oddities that 2020 served us all.  Those oddities just kept coming, one after another, after another.

I would like to extend my sympathies publicly to Glens family.  I wish we could have told Glen how much we appreciated his work and the passion he put into making us look good. He was man of precision, yet had a thousand irons in the fire.  A new shooting project on each horizon.

We plan to continue producing articles and issues in the near future. Please bear with us as we work through some struggles.  We don’t want to send out anything just for the sake of sending out something.  If it goes to your inbox, we want it to be worth looking at.  I hope you’ll accept my apologies, and that you look forward to our upcoming issues.

One final note:  Please understand that our main mission is supplying shooters and reloaders with supplies and that has presented us with more challenges than you can imagine. The majority of our energy and time has been devoted to getting packages out in the timeliest manner possible for the last 12 months.  Like many other businesses through this ordeal, many hats have been worn by all Midsouth Shooters employees to help with the influx of orders.  Buyers became packers, operators became pullers, IT guys became order checkers and pallet loaders, and the next day may hold a new position.  All of us have packed, pulled, helped receiving, unloaded trucks, restocked shelves, broke down bullets and brass.  Our kids, spouses, neighbors have pitched in at times to help add to the effort. It truly has been all hands on deck approach.

Thanks for your time, and your support of The Shot Report,

Michael Ryan

31 thoughts on “An apology from the Shot Report Staff and Memorial to Glen Zediker”

  1. I am truly sorry to hear of Glen’s passing. My sincere condolences to his family.
    I have several of his books and have enjoyed each and everyone one of them. I would take them with me when I went hunting and read them in the evenings after dinner. My wife would ask me why am I reading the same book again? I would tell her, every time I read it, I learn something new. His down home style was a breath of fresh air.

    I have never met the man, only through his prose. But, I feel like I have lost a dear friend! He will be missed!! Keep them in the 10 ring Glen.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear this sad news. My condolences to the Zediker family. A couple of years ago as I was going slowly through “Top-Grade Ammo,” I emailed Mr. Zediker with some questions, and he was responsive and informative. I really appreciated his going the extra mile to explain some of the more advanced concepts to someone he’d never met. Best regards, N. Morris, Salinas, CA

    1. Thanks Norm – Dittos to that. He loved engaged readers and felt the personal mission on sharing what knowledge he could.

  3. I was thoroughly shaken when I heard of the loss of Glen. The man was magnificent in his thoughtful and thorough analysis of all things firearms. I have 2 of his books and have devoured both. People and writers of that caliper far and few between. God bless him and his family. Thank you for giving me this forum. Jack Mount

  4. No apologies necessary and, yes I will miss Glen’s articles and have saved many of them. Many of us “old-timers” know that everything down here is temporary and our enjoyment of all outdoor sports is a gift from our King. I always read the Midsouth emails and enjoy the various topics you cover, but I always read Glen’s articles first.

  5. I am very saddened by Glen Zediker’s passing. I have several (nearly all?) his books. All my reloading and High Power Shooting skills have either been through or reinforced by his writings.

    I had the chance to talk with Mr. Zediker on one occasion and exchange some messages.

    Like Jim Carmichael, Glen Zediker is a literary GIANT in the writings of shooting & reloading.

  6. Cripes,You’ve No Need For Any Apologies! This Is Yet Another Humbling Loss Of One Of “Da’ Good Guys”… It’s A Living Hell Some Days When You Find That You’ve Left Your Jesus Sandals And Your Magic Wand At Home. You Really Get The Profound Reminder That You Are A Mere Mortal! The Man’s Legacy Was Purely Demonstrated By His Day To Day Ops. He Lived,He Shared…

    Fill In,Move Up,And Be The Best Living And Working Example Of What You Genuinely Are.. He Did,And He Showed Da’ Way!

  7. Hi Michael,

    My condolences on Glen, I had no idea-I hope his family and work family are doing well…and you may not be a writer but I thought you did just fine. I had wondered what had happened to the emails from y’all and it’s good to see them again, and THANK YOU for striving to keep it about shooting&reloading-I am more than burned out on politics/2A/and the pandemic and anyone saying that those things don’t matter bc you aren’t writing about them here is A. missing the point B. has had their head buried in the sand for well over a year…you all “keep doing you”, and welcome back: )

  8. We’re losing too many passionate Second Amendment advocates !!! The “cancel culture” fagots seem to be taking over. It’s time for REAL AMERICANS to STAND UP and take the FIGHT to the weak mealy mouthed fagots. STAND TALL AMERICANS !!!!

  9. sad loss no apoligies nessary sir keep on doing what you all do the best you can and this all shall pass thanks for being there

  10. Well written Michael for a man that claims he’s no writer, sad to hear about Mr. Zediker. Things are going to get interesting in the 2nd A community, we all must stay in the fight!

  11. Jeze…2020 was one brutal year. My wife lost many in the health care field and I have noted the loss of a number of gun community folks. I also have several of Glens books. I wish his family and loved ones the Good Lords comfort. I am sure he is in a better place than down here. RIP sir…

  12. I certainly will miss Glen’s unique writing style. Easy to understand and to the point. His articles on reloading and the ar-15 platform rifle were very informative. In fact I have on my desk his spiral bound book “The Competitive AR15 Builders Guide” and highly recommend it for anyone learning to build an ar15. His articles here and at Guns Magazine in the past were something I looked forward to, as I knew I would learn something new. RIP Glen.

  13. I, too was very saddened to hear of Glen’s passing. I learned how to build AR’s primarily through his books. He wrote in a way that perfectly spoke to me…. it was as if he understood what kind of a learner I was- and wrote accordingly.
    RIP, Sir… you are missed. My condolences to your family as well.

  14. I was saddened to recently learn of Glen’s passing. I have read and reread most of his books and articles. He was kind enough to provide an answer one of my questions to him via e mail. In some ways I feel like I have lost a friend. My heart goes out to his family.

  15. Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen
    May God grant you and his family healing and peace.

  16. In a world where the only constant is change and both truth and trust have become a mirage Glenn’s writings stand out more each year…he told us how to do it…how he did it…why he did it…and how to tell if it would work for you…that is now called transparency … but Glenn simply followed a true “freedom of the press”…as I read of his absence I know the location of each of his books and one is open at the present… we are diminished by his absence and have been blessed by his presence

  17. Our deepest condolences to Glenn’s family, and he will truly be missed. While living and shooting Nat’l Match in the South (MS), I experienced a few competitions shooting besides Glenn, and when Glenn returned from CO to live and work in Water Valley, he often visited and competed at our shooting club. Strangely, Glenn returned to MS from CO, and several years ago, I left MS and moved to CO.

    As an NRA High Master, advanced and avid reloader, bullet swager, wildcatter and shooter including LR and ELR, I thoroughly enjoyed Glenn’s articles, and they always brought back those memories of competing beside him while living in the South.

    So many of those old shooters are now gone, and with them, so much experience, knowledge and great friendships.

    Delwin Lester
    Salida, CO

  18. I learned a lot from Glen’s books and was looking for new releases. Sad day for shooters.

  19. Thank you for giving us the insights into all that you and the Midsouth staff have done to keep the business going. The human interest side of the story was welcome.

  20. I am so sorry to read your commentary on the passing of Glen Zediker. My thoughts and prayers for his family. I have read and gained much knowledge on reloading and on the AR-15 from his articles. He wrote in a style that was so informative and understandable, it will be difficult to replace. Such a great loss to the Highpower shooting community.

  21. Wow. I had no idea Glenn died, what a gut punch. I love getting this email and hope it continues. Hang in there, we all appreciate what you’re going through. We have your back like you always have ours.

  22. Wow. I had no idea Glen died, what a gut punch. I love getting this email and hope it continues. Hang in there, we all appreciate what you’re going through. We have your back like you always have ours.

  23. Rest in Peace Glen

    I am a novice, just getting into shooting sports this past several years.
    I purchased a couple of his books early on that helped me a great deal.
    My thoughts and prayers to his family.

  24. This is the first I and many others heard of Glen’s passing . I ‘am wondering how and when he died .

  25. My sincere condolences to Mrs.Zediker and family. I would bet Glen and the good Lord above are talking reloading and without a doubt the Lord is sharing secrets of the universe reloading secrets . Glen you will be missed .

  26. I used his AR15 book to guide me through a successful build more than once. It is as important as my Glock Armorer’s Manual.
    I read an obit, and saw that Mr. Zediker was born in Rifle Colorado – how appropriate.
    Glen Zediker will be missed.

  27. I am shocked and saddened to hear of Glenn’s passing.

    I own and have read (numerous times) many of his books and many of his articles. I very much enjoyed his writing style and the detailed explanations he put into his work.

    Glenn was one of the good guys who will be missed.

  28. My condolences to Glen’s family and the shooting industry. Glen was a valuable and important voice in the firearms industry and will be missed by many.

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