Gun sales up over 200% in some states, most ‘new to gun buying’ READ MORE


Paul Bedard

Some of the top prepper advisers who rightly counseled people in the early days of the coronavirus crisis to hoard toilet paper and fuel are now urging the purchase of “defensive guns” as the national lockdown drags on through April.

Pew-Pew Tactical boss Eric Hung told us that firearms are still hot but that the focus has turned to “more oriented home-defense guns like pump action shotguns and cheaper handguns.” And with that, he added, ammunition and sights for those guns are surging.

What’s more, he said that makers of AR-style rifles are sold out. “AR-15s are selling briskly too with some manufacturers completely out of their inventory and only able to sell what they can make in a day,” he told us.

Hung, whose page is a one-stop educational, sales, and review website for weapons and prepping advice, said there has also been a surge in rookie gun buyers looking for self-defense items. “It seems a lot are beginner firearm owners as we see more searches to our intro articles and a 4x increase in our online beginner handgun video course,” said Hung, who has posted a Prepper 101 guide.

Justin Anderson, the marketing director for Hyatt Guns of Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the nation’s biggest, told us, “Most of the customers we’re seeing are new to gun buying. So, if there’s one bright spot during this crisis, it’s seeing people exercising their Second Amendment rights for the first time.”

The proof is in the surge of FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System, up 80% in March, and even higher in some states.

A new report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation shared with Secrets Tuesday showed that the checks jumped over 200% in Michigan and Alabama, which have eliminated ways to skirt the checks.


  1. I wish there were a more of an effort to strongly educate these “newly”, first time buyers to properly and safely handle their new purchases. In addition teaching MUST include proper role and responsibilities of people who possess, carry and may have to be put in the position of needing to use their new weapon for self defense…etc. There is information available, but few newbies know where it is or how to use it! I witnessed a recent lawful purchase in a gun shop and the purchaser did not know what a “caliber” meant, or what a “revolver” was, did not know that there were different cartridges for different guns AND did not even know which end to hold! Seriously, the gun dealer cringed while trying to explain these things…he made the sale and encouraged her to get training somewhere…

    Personally, I would have tried to avoid the sale, but I am not the dealer. He legally could not refuse to sell, she passed the background check, he gave her the required handgun safety brochure, etc…

    In a Constitutional carry state, CWP training is no longer “required”…

    1. As a firearm instructor, these newbies are my bread and butter. It is difficult to educate them on the importance of multiple lessons. They think a one hour lesson and they are good to go. Practice? What’s that? I understand the reluctance to want the untrained to own a firearm but the 2nd makes no distinction.

  2. Stay armed. Prevent the tyranny of the democrats. Democrats hate you, the constitution, and our free republic. They murder the unborn. They hate our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Stay armed. All they understand is death.

    1. Leave God and Jesus out of your politics, seems you have a hate issue or maybe it’s just an anger and resentment problem. See what happens when people grow up, who have been bottle fed and weren’t breast fed.

      1. I have no issue with what Dexter stated regarding the Dems and the Lord. Bumper Head, you are the one with a problem.. Try church on Sunday it a food for the soul. Have a good day!

  3. Writer Glen Zediker needs to check his sources before making a snarky statement such as ‘ to skirt the checks’, because that is not true in AL. AL’s CCW protocol was compromised several years ago by two different county sheriffs granting permits to individuals who were actually ineligible. Consequently, the permits are no longer valid for Form 4473 checks.

  4. I’ve drawn a line in the sand, Democrats be damned, I will not budge!
    Democrats and the MSM are now espousing anti-American, anti-baby, anti-constitutional, communism! The Kung flu is their latest attempt to crush, crash our economy! Their TDS means they will say and do anything to damage President Trump.
    The Russia hoax has now been exposed and yet nobody has been arrested for treason! The coup attempted by the Obamanation administration is well documented and this is treason! By the grace of God we have dodged the bullet of a criminal Hillary presidency or none of this would be known.
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    I pray for America and I pray we may return to God’s grace and God given rights enshrined in our constitution.
    Voting for communism will destroy America and I pray the shooting will start long before then. May it come in my time that I may I defend the constitution and my sons may know not of war. MOLON LABE

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