Breaking! Canada Moves to Ban 1500 types of Military Style Weapons

Just when you thought Trudeau couldn’t neuter Canada much further, he goes and does something like this. Read On!

Trudeau announces ban on 1,500 types of 'assault-style' firearms ...

Nearly two weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in Canada’s history, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday introduced an immediate ban on what he described as “assault-style military weapons.” The 14 hour Nova Scotia shooting spree left 23 people dead, including the gunman.

“These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time,” Mr. Trudeau said. “There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada.”

The killer did not have a firearms license and many of his guns and rifles had been smuggled into Canada from the United States, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, highlighting one difficulty Canada may face in enforcing the new measure. The gunman’s “arsenal” included two models banned on Friday, said Bill Blair, the country’s public safety minister.

Mr. Trudeau said the government will introduce legislation to buy back the rifles, another part of his campaign promise, at a future date. Until then, owners have been given two years to keep their rifles although they can no longer use them, trade them or sell them except to buyers outside Canada with a permit. Gun shops can return any of the weapons they now have in stock to manufacturers.

The leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, once again spoke out against any ban or buyback of military-style weapons, noting that many mass killers, including Gabriel Wortman in Nova Scotia, and other criminals use illegal firearms brought in from the United States. “It’s easy but lazy government to ask the people who follow all the rules to follow more rules,” Mr. Scheer told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He also criticized Mr. Trudeau for introducing the measure through a cabinet order while Parliament is not meeting in normal sessions because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Follow this link to read the full government declaration for yourself:

31 thoughts on “Breaking! Canada Moves to Ban 1500 types of Military Style Weapons”

  1. What do you Canadian citizens expect when you elected a COMMUNIST, that cares more for illegal immigrants and criminals more then the citizens? (common right here in the U.S also when the States are controlled by DEMOCOMMUNISTS) so do not feel “alone” ..Just vote more wisely next time if you intend to retain any rights you thought you had.

    1. Cliff, I’ve seen this illogic a hundred times here in California when people from other states who have never had to worry about their rights being taken, tell us “what do you expect!?” when anti-gunners like Newsom and Feinstein and Boxer are elected, as if the pro-gunners outnumbered 4:1 at the polls by illegal alien voters made the decision to put someone in office that would take away our rights.

      The obvious point being if the States or the Country is _controlled_ by the “Demo-Communists,” then you CAN’T “vote more wisely,” because you’re outvoted. Right? So, good advice, but kind of useless really.

    2. Well said ! can’t argue that at all , we basically have the same Issue in the USA, California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, name a few ! To our Government in the USA, come try and take it !

  2. For as long as I can remember the left has worked hard to disarm potential victims. Canadians will not do anything to stop this so it will continue.

  3. Time to stand United, make your voices heard. Resist, Resist, Resist. Get proactive, recruit others to stand with you. Protest if Neccessary, march if Able, Email Politicians, the Police, the Neighbors, Tactfully, and show them Canada dont support these Drastic, Damaging Gun laws.

  4. At the risk of pissing of the trumptards , of which i was the first time around , When all the choices are “Their” choice , You dont have a choice . I cant count the times my friends have told me , “well trump was a better choice than hillery or the others ” , Thats not the point , will we keep choosing “Their Choice” or get off or lazy American Ass’s and put put our own canidate in the race , I remember telling all my friend about Ron Paul when he ran for POTUS , and they all got excited , but after talking to their friend they came back with , Well I would vote for him if I thought he had a chance , My reply was always , If you vote for him he will have a chance . Are Americans getting dumber or are we babyboomers just dying off and not leaving any common sense behind . Sorry but after seeing how easy we have been monipulated into surrendering our civil rights and rolling over every time trump or one of our Governors sign an EO , I dont have any hope , And thats after having hope for over 50 + years as a conservitive voter , and being very active in my state / local politics. SHAME ON US !!!

    1. Trumptards? Is that the best you can do? Immature name calling? And the chances of you being a Trump supporter at anytime is zero to none. I’m sure the last three years of the Democratic machine trying to strip Trump supporters of their votes made no real impression on you. And you think somebody actually cares what you think? You can’t even spell conservative. You’ve exposed your idiocy Mr.. go back to sleep phoney.

    2. Its the media brain washing evryone into thinking that guns are bad. Cars kill people too, they should ban them also, right? Also they dont even teach kids these days of the real history, they have no clue on history what a socialist governed state is like. They think its the new new. add that all together plus the votting sham to get illegal alien to vote. I mean come on they have no right to anything in this country. zero rights . Dems offer them incentives to come on over like giving your dog a treat to do something. Thats how these officials get into office. And think about this, even if we get someone like us in there, you have to worry about the deep state that says f@#$ this guy and try to oust them with their crooked ways. So you see we just going to have to stand up and a stance because they little bitches work for us they forget that. They think they are untouchable. Add all that up and there is your problem.

    3. Man, I’m with you. Ron Paul was a true alternative, both as a Libertarian and as a Republican. But he was too early for his time, first running in 1988, (I worked on that campaign for Paul against RINO GHW Bush) and it’s only when Trump runs that people finally break away “because he’s paying for it!” I voted for Trump, that is, I voted against Hillary. But Ron Paul is a true conservative and would have done a better job ten times over. Trump talked a good talk, he was going to shrink the Government, stop the 16 year old war and bring our troops home, build a border wall, but he did none of it. Only Paul talked about shutting down the unconstitutional Fed Reserve, and ending the Welfare/Warfare state, as well as ending things like the War on some drugs and the unconstitutional Patriot Act. But your point is well-taken, no one has the guts to vote their conscience, so we end up with one of two halves of the same statist coin who only know how to wage continuous war, spend us into ruin, and maintain the status quo, all the while issuing EO’s to bypass the will of the people.

      Trump has a huge plus, he’s not Hillary and he’s not Biden, but we deserve better. I’m going to go with Libertarian Justin Amash, even though I know the rest of my state will go far left. At least I’ll know I tried.

  5. Like all countries, Government is trying to rule its people. To a point of an Iron Fist.
    Attacks on weapons is their way of denying honest citizens of their right to own whatever weapons they choose.
    Always these gun laws come out because of some Person who uses weapons illegally. I never hear the government saying a thing about the good we are doing by owning weapons.
    To me creating laws to ban weapons is the most idiotic thing they can do. Regardless of what they put into effect, its always Illegal weapons in the hands of people who use them. Not honest citizens.
    Always the government punishes the million people who own weapons just because of 1 persons actions.

  6. I am retired Army and I happen to have the opinion that assault rifles have no business being in civilian hands.
    I guess the people who never had the balls to serve are going to ball me a communist now.

    1. Not me. Army vet. The M16A1 I used was a weapon of war. It stayed in the arms room when not in use. The right to use such a weapon was earned through service and discipline.
      As a civilian shooter I use lever, bolt and pump long guns and revolver handguns. They actually take more skill to use than your average autoloader. They also can’t be used to kill large numbers of people with no real training.
      Autoloader do not belong in civilian hands. If you can’t afford the time to become proficient with manual arms, give it up.

      1. A semi-automatic sporting rifle is no more deadly than the other arms you stated. The M16A1 you used was selective fire, with full auto capability. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Real pro-freedom shooters would call you a “Fudd.”

        So, a bolt-action .30-06 with a 10-rd magazine shooting a 165 grain bullet generating 2650 ft lbs of energy is “good,” but a semi-auto .223 with a 10-rd magazine shooting a 55 grain bullet generating 1100 ft lbs of energy is “bad.” Got it.

        Like I said, you don’t know what you’re talking about. On the plus side, at least you didn’t embarrass yourself by giving your full name here! 😉

      2. That’s BS if I ever heard it. My AR-15 is not an assault weapon. It is not fully automatic, does not select to a three shot burst. Who decides what constitutes what makes an assault weapon? I’m pretty sure that in 1774-1776 a single shot musket was an assault weapon. I’ve match shot at different ranges with veterans from WWll, Koran war and Vietnam great bunch of guys and PATRIOTS.
        Oh and by the way I to shoot very Proficient with a wheel gun, a pump and bolt action weapon. Guess what in the WRONG hands they are all just as deadly as an AR. So don’t even give me that crap that only in the hands of trained professionals.

    2. They’re not army “assault rifles” Rich. They are semi-automatic sporting rifles. And “AR” doesn’t stand for “assault rifle,” it stands for Armalite, the original manufacturer.

      The rifles you used in the service were selective fire assault weapons. But, I’ll play: go ahead and ban every AR and AK and AR and AK clone; all gone overnight. That just leaves 1000 identically functioning models of semi-automatic sporting rifles. Oh, you want to ban those too? Ok, done. That just leaves 1000’s of pump action and lever action and bolt-action rifles, many with extended magazines, most with far more powerful cartridges than the .22 caliber bullets AR’s fire.

      So, this tells me that despite your stated military service, you really don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to this subject. No shame there, there are lots of jobs in the military that don’t involve any knowledge of firearms.

      I didn’t serve Rich, and it wasn’t because I “didn’t have the balls,” (by the way, people who _were_ drafted have more balls than people who _weren’t_ drafted? Interesting idea there!)

      My trick knee that required multiple operations kept me from serving, so instead I worked for the DoD for five years as a Government civilian supporting our troops.

      And I certainly won’t thank you for your service by calling you a communist, but will say instead that you’re just uninformed on this particular subject.

      1. While I will not bandy words with someone who is willfully obtuse, I will ask you one question. Did your momma never teach you anything about internet security?

    3. No your an ignorant ex servicemen. My AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Your like the politicians. Don’t know what your talking about. Who determines what classifies what features to call it an assault rifle? It’s not full automatic. It doesn’t have three shot burst. Whop de do it has a pistol grip and a detachable magazine. So what . In 1775-76 a single shot musket was an assault rifle. You’d make a great politician, they don’t know what there talking about either. I match shoot with mine made many many friends there veterans from WWll to Koran to Vietnam it’s a fellowship of Americans that enjoy their freedoms.

  7. There’s is no need for ARs or AKs in the United States. If you don’t want to outlaw them, then restrict their use, in public, by imposing licensing and background checks.

    1. Please tell me Lars what is licensing and background checks going to do? Nothing!!! Criminals don’t follow the laws anyway. DUH people…The only thing is does is impose more restrictions on law abiding citizens. Let me ask you something, are you a communist? Because as an American citizen I have the “right” to keep and bear arms…Not for hunting, but to protect my family, my country, and to protect all the people (including you) from a tyrannical government. Do I want to have to do any of this, NO. But it is my right and that right shall not be infringed. Period…

    2. Classic idiot who is not thinking through his comment. “no need” huh. Suppose I am a elderly man with my wife at home in the country. Because of a recent pandemic, food supply lines have been disrupted and food shortage are everywhere. 10 guys have formed a group to go search for food for their wives and children. They show up at my house, break in looking for food. Would I rather have a single barrel shotgun or an AR 15 with a 30 round magazine to defend myself. Your answer dumb S**T?

      1. Not stupid, “if you can get to a gun, then you can get to a phone!” After all, when seconds count the police are only hours away! Besides, why are you so full of hate and VIOLENCE !? You should let the home invaders steal your stuff, beat you within an inch of your life, and assault your wife! It’s sad that you’re so unevolved.

        Personally, like Lars, I arm myself with the big stuffed teddy bear I got from the “toys for guns” turn in program. Although I’m thinking maybe I should’ve got the Ninja Turtle, might scare the bad guys more. .

    3. Lars, there is no need for communication satellites 22,300 miles up beaming 1000 channels of content to the world. You have free speech, just get on a soapbox on the corner like the framers and founders intended.

      If you don’t want to outlaw them, then everyone needs to be licensed and undergo a background check before they can use social media. After all, it’s just “common sense!”

  8. Lars,
    Illinois has background checks for all firearms, and licenses all legal firearms owners. It requires them to have a FOID (firearm owner’s id card), for all firearm possession, and purchase and all ammo purchases. It hasn’t brought down crime rates one bit, because gang members in Chicago could care less about laws. The laws only affect the law-abiding.
    People want to actually shoot at a shooting range. The cost of shooting an AR or AK is significantly cheaper than other centerfire rifles, with less recoil, & ammo availability everywhere. AR-15s are popular, because they are the most modular rifles ever made. Any accessory imaginable can be put on them to personalize them. Try that with other rifles.
    Should we ban pickup trucks because someone in gov’t. says we shouldn’t have them? We should only own what the gov’t. officials say we should?
    Ban cookies, because they have too much sugar?
    This is a right, and that’s what a lot of people like former Chicago mayor Emmanuel didn’t understand, when he supported the (now passed & implemented), IL state dealer licensing law. He thought gun dealers should be state licensed like hair salons, auto owners, & other business owners. The difference is though, owning a firearm is a specifically guaranteed constitutional right. That’s a big difference.

    As far as this happening by a dictator in Canada, it’s a shame. Canada is by far a rural country, where this type of nonsense shouldn’t be tolerated by it’s citizenry. Obviously, everyones’ sympathies to those who lost love ones there at the hands of a savage criminal, but that criminal does not represent Canadians.

  9. Classic idiot who is not thinking through his comment. “no need” huh. Suppose I am a elderly man with my wife at home in the country. Because of a recent pandemic, food supply lines have been disrupted and food shortage are everywhere. 10 guys have formed a group to go search for food for their wives and children. They show up at my house, break in looking for food. Would I rather have a single barrel shotgun or an AR 15 with a 30 round magazine to defend myself. Your answer dumb S**T?

  10. I am not a veteran but served with DOD for the first two Gulf Wars. I was a special education teacher and firearms instructor before retirement. I am a Hi-Power shooter, having completed for the last 20 yrs. on various military and civilian teams. My rifles of choice has been NM AR platforms. They are NOT assault rifles but precision based firearms. So to say they have no place in the civilian world is wrong. When seniors graduated and went into the service, my group trained them on basic marksmanship, it kept many of them alive… OH, and give me a Marlin lever action in 45-70 and I can demonstrate how deadly that rifle can be in the right hands. Here in the US we need to fix the mental health problem and enforce the current firearm laws.

  11. Lots of comments on here, about “Needing” a firearm. Need, has nothing to do with the firearms debate. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, is the key argument here. Self protection, of one’s self, is an inherent right. No one has the right to restrict your self protection. The Bill of Rights stipulates, that this right (which is not given, by any government) is Natural law.
    Now, we look at WHY the 2nd Amendment was placed into the Bill of Rights. We had just cast off, an overreaching government, that as its first act, against the colonists, was to attack the armories, at Concord, and Lexington. So as to deprive the colonists of self protection against an overreaching government. Armaments were similar. Both sides having black powder, muzzle loaded arms. Today, we have morons, that suggest, that it is only legal, to have the same arms, the colonists had. Since firearms, have come a long way since then, that would be akin, to suggesting the colonists defy the best army in the world, with slingshots.
    This is the one thing, that makes America different. We, the People, have the right, to reset our government, if it becomes so burdensome, and tyrannical, that it is no longer, for the People. But, for the elitists. We can see this, in the disconnect, with members of our government, and the people who are struggling, under this quarantine. As in Pelosi, showing off her $11,000 freezer, fully stocked with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. While ordinary Americans, who are footing her lifestyle, are going hungry. Does the phrase, ” Let them eat cake” come to mind?

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