RELOADERS CORNER: Lockdown continues. So do we.

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Glen Zedikercorona

Due to range issues (not all, evidently, see themseves as “essential”) and general isolation this edition’s Reloaders Corner won’t be standard — no topic that can be handled and settled in a few hundred words. Like most folks, I guesss, I’ve kind of been thrown into pensive mode, and, mostly, find myself reacting to the daily challenges of this virus.

I also know I’m edging over into topics that have an end-of-year feel to them. And here it is not even really Summer. Reason for that is, know it or not, we’ve seen some big changes in our industry, supply side and consumer side. Anyone who’s tried to order and got put on the “be patient” list knows that. We’ve seen changes in shipping schedules, and there have been others in the logistics of promotion. We have survived. We are, from my side of my contribution to our industry, likely to see some changes that are staying around. Right here are Midouth we’re making some focus and topic-content changes in the Blog driven by some of the needs we experienced.

We’re also daggone tired of this daggone virus. Keep, however, firmly in mind that it can and will and has killed us deader than a hammer. When it finally settled into my home state I was frightned well beyond my core’s capacity to accept the toll it took. I know a lot of my competition-oriented friends have been REALLY put out that NRA ceased all tournaments until next year, that’s 2021. NRA take on it is that there needs to be a shot for it before we start shooting again.

And of course we saw some of the silliest, sadly now predictable, attempts to take advantage of the whole pandemic status and undermine gun rights. Good googly moogly. Even better was the radical (radical) increase in gun sales. My good friend Bill called me about a week in and asked me to go shopping with him for his first.

Next edition back on track with an actual reloading topic. I’ll have some to say about high-volume case prep!

Hang in there.

Finally: Please let me know more about what you’d like to see in these pages. Not only Reloaders Corner, but the whole publication.

Let’s get focused also on the “other” dangerous pandemic of misinformation. Not a whopping lot of time left to make some decisions on how some things are going to be decided on.

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  1. if you are reloading for minimum jump do you seat your bullet to oal tail to tip or tail to ogive.

    1. Just drew a Mountain Goat tag for this Fall. Thinking of taking my 7mm08 with 140 grain Accubonds. What do you think? Is it enough gun for longer shots and for putting a tough goat down?

  2. For the blog, I’d like to see an occasional post focused on the needs of left handed shooters. As for SARS CoV-2, I’d like to see a return of common sense.

    I’ve seen various theories about it being a hoax, a false flag, etc.. I won’t speak to that. Instead, let’s address a few documented facts.

    First, this virus was in the wild for at least a month before Chinese doctors realized there was something other than seasonal flu running around loose. Chinese authorities then sat on that information for at least another month after a virus had been identified before deciding to inform the rest of the world. During all that time, airlines were moving millions of people and millions of tons of goods all over the world, much of that traffic from and through China, every single day. This means that most people in the industrialized world had already been exposed before any prevention measures were implemented.

    Second, accurate (I use the term loosely here) testing wasn’t available until March of this year. Yes, there was an apparent spike in U.S. cases in March, but what else happened in March, just before that spike? President Trump suspended FDA regulations prohibiting private labs from performing tests. Cases did not suddenly spike in March; the identification of cases that were already here is what spiked. And the tests don’t tell us if someone is currently infected with SARS CoV-2, only that they have been exposed to one of the thirty six and counting strains of coronavirus at some point in the last few years. As testing continues to ramp up, the “experts” have been forced to revise the numbers as more and more asymptomatic cases have been discovered, finally being forced to admit recently that this virus is less dangerous than the seasonal flu.

    Third the “experts” have all stated that the masks, stay at home orders, and business closures (done mostly under the color of law) are not to stop the spread of the virus, but merely to slow it, to “flatten the curve.” Well, you can’t flatten a curve when you don’t know when it started, but you can certainly do a lot of damage trying. The result of these measures has been the destruction of millions of small businesses, the loss of millions of jobs, and a spike in drug abuse, suicides, depression, stress related heart attacks, domestic violence, and child abuse. Millions of people with life threatening illnesses have had their treatments delayed; many won’t survive because of this. The coming years will undoubtedly see a rise in deaths from stress and poverty related causes.

    In closing, the panicked, overblown response to the virus has already killed many more people than the virus ever could have, and caused economic and social damage from which it will take years to recover. We must keep in mind, it was not the Trump administration, but specific individuals at the Federal level, and primarily state and local officials, who caused this. This coming November, we would do well to remember exactly who is responsible for this debacle.

    1. But ‘we’ won’t remember. Never forget that half of the folks you meet every day are below average.

    2. And so the nonsense continues.

      Unless you are a virus expert with clairvoyant powers, you don’t know WHERE this virus came from, much less that “it was in the wild for at least a month before Chinese doctors realized that there was something other than the seasonal flu….” Which doctors, exactly? There is no consensus as to where it originated – other than in China – and there’s likely not to be for some time. But please help out these epidemiologists with your insights.

      What we DO know is that the intelligence community repeatedly warned DJT early this year about the incipient epidemic long before it overwhelmed places like New York and began its deadly rampage across America. He continually dismissed it until he could no longer ignore the numbers. Remember: It was a Democrat hoax, and it will magically disappear by April? Fifteen cases, then five, then zero, and very soon? All of this was recorded and is available to anyone not blinded by tribalism.

      And please name those “experts” who are “finally being forced to admit recently that this virus is less dangerous than the seasonal flu.” Some talking head sycophants, perhaps, with years of experience in talking gibberish, in lieu of medical degrees? Not only is the medical consensus that it is far more deadly than the seasonal flu, but doctors are also finding that it leaves many survivors debilitated with lung, kidney, liver, or cardiac damage. And it doesn’t just attack the elderly, as is becoming more and more tragically evident.

      No doubt, there are grave medical (aside from covid), economic, social, and mental consequences from the “stay at home orders”. Maybe legal/constitutional issues, too. But no one knows where the tipping point is, something each governor has to grapple with, whether Democrat or Republican. Only when this is over will be able to evaluate what were the right decisions.

      It’s good that we have a president who, mostly, supports our 2nd Amendment rights. But that doesn’t automatically grant that he has handled this, or any other situation “perfectly”, or even competently.

      Unless you believe in the leadership model of countries such as Russia, China, and North Korea.

      1. You didn’t cite any sources for your claims, and so I feel no obligation to do so either… but I will.

        My conclusion that the virus was in the wild for some time before discovery is based in simple analytical reasoning. The incubation period is around 14 days, nobody disputes that. Many cases are asymptomatic, nobody is disputing that either. We don’t know if or for how long asymptomatic cases are contagious. So, patient zero, whoever and wherever they are, was going about their business for at least a couple of weeks before becoming symptomatic, if they ever did. How many people do you come in contact with during a normal (pre-COVID) day? How many people do they then come in contact with, and so on? If Chinese doctors are anything like those in the U.S., they don’t normally order tests to determine which virus a person has; they just send you home to rest, get plenty of fluids, maybe prescribe antibiotics if pneumonia is present or the patient is at higher risk of secondary infections. This hit during flu season, and has almost identical symptoms. It would not have been noticed until an increase in severe cases was seen. Then, it takes days and sometimes weeks to get the gene sequencing and positive identification done. Do the math. The USS Kidd experience supports my contention.

        I lived through the Hong Kong flu. It was bad, much worse than this (there was no such thing as a mild case; I was 4, and can remember experiencing hallucinations). People who were sick stayed home if they could. We soldiered on, and survived. We didn’t shut down the country and take a wrecking ball to our economy. I never said Trump has handled this well; I said it wasn’t his fault. It should be obvious by now that most of his actions were an attempt to get ahead of and control the panic.

        I’ll leave you with these:

        If you can read through any of this material and still believe that everything we’ve been put through wasn’t a monumental waste, then I have been wasting my time in an exercise of trying to play chess with a pigeon.

      2. DJT dismissed it? Seriously? He acted quicker than any other leader by implementing the travel ban from China, to the calls of “Racist!” Or “Xenophobe!” from not only the mass media here, but other world leaders as well- Remember Italy’s leader’s reaction? Now look at Italy. He shut down travel from Europe as well, after seeing what happened there. Meanwhile, people like Deblasio and Cuomo are telling everyone to continue normal lives. Vague warnings or signs from the “Intelligence Community” is not enough to close anything. Remember 9/11? We had all the evidence, just not all in one place. Besides that, considering what the “Intelligence Community” has done, or tried to do to DJT already, what reasons does he have, or us for that matter, to believe a word they say? DJT did more to stop this pandemic than ANY leader worldwide, and is telling us who’s at fault ( China and the WHO ) and holding them accountable. Imagine the response if we had Hillary, Bernie, or Biden. We’d all be dead!

  3. I probably missed it but like your thoughts on case trimmers. I’m now on my 4th one and hope that it will be my last. It isn’t perfect and I still think someone could design one that (1) does a good job, (2) is not too complex to use and (3) reasonably priced.

  4. Hello Glen – I have read just about everything you have written, but I may have a new one for you:
    I built a MSR for a friend of mine, loaded some ammo for him with factory, once-fired brass he shot. Very long-story short, the primer flash holes were punched/drilled off-center from the primer pockets by as much as 0.02″. I discovered this after the initial factory- and re-loads shot patterns rather than groups. I used a load that I shoot for HPR competitions (75-grain BTHP-Match bullets over Varget or A2520).
    The off-center flash-hole can prevent the flash from consistently igniting the powder, depending on where the anvil of the primer sits in relationship to the flash hole.
    Have you experienced off-center flash-holes in your hundreds of thousands of firings/reloadings?

    1. Mr. Tanaka, Excellent post! I have experienced the same and worse, including a bulk order of Remington rifle brass with NO FLASH HOLES AT ALL!!!
      As a newer handloader (<20 years) I have quit taking "factory" as a breathe easy, things are should be perfect feeling. My good brass experiences have been with Starline, Federal, Norma and Sellier & Bellot. Brass inspection and preparation is the foundation, the rest of your cartridge is built on. For good results, make sure you take extra time getting this part right!

  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing some discussion of powders. Its one of the topics that doesn’t see much daylight, and when it does, it’s superficially covered. As in, “Yeah, it comes out of this factory, is double based, and here are the calibers you can load with it and a few of my favorite loads.”

    For instance, I see Varget advertised as a temperature stable powder, yet I can find online experiments where it has a coefficient of 1.0. What? Why?

    Or, why do we have two excellent temp stable powders for 6.5, H4350 and Reloder 16, and none for 5.56? H4895, 8208 XBR and AR Comp are marginally stable, but where are the really stable powders for this caliber?

  6. I’m having a hard time finding data for 300 Blackout, especially with plated bullets. I’d really like advice on this cartridge. Oh yeah, and I’m new to reloading. Thanks

  7. The Chinese flu shut down will harm exponentially more people than the flu ever would! The inflation we are going to have to endure and resultant market crash is going to be another serious challenge to overcome. The average person is over extended and will struggle to keep up.
    The media and democommunist are a united front and fan the flames in hope of destroying America and defeating Trump. We have already heard them “hope and pray” for a market crash in hope of unseating President Trump! These are evil people who can and will do everything in their power to gain more power!
    Service to country means lining their pockets with as much cash as possible while consolidating power in the DNC! Service to country means not taking a salary when your already a multi millionaire but these greedy, evil m******f***ers only serve themselves! The Obamanation that served two terms, did more damage to America than any other American president. Democrats are behind ALL hate groups from Antifa to the Klan and are responsible for ALL JIM CROW LAWS, along with ALL voting rights infringements! DemocRATS have been infected with racism, hate, division, communism, infanticide, greed, corruption and are now just plain power mad and evil!
    Republicans run a close second and draining the swamp will take many decades if it’s even possible. Civilizations will generally have a civil war, revolution, every hundred years or so. Human nature has not changed but now that every American has a car, satallite TV and air conditioning in every room of their house we have so much more to loose if we revolt, most will comply with any unconstitutional law imposed.
    Three percent is all it takes. If God is with us, who can stand against us. MOLON LABE!!

  8. With a lot more time at home, I adopted the philosophy that components were better off assembled. Since then I have assembled close to 4500 rounds from my existing stock of components. This includes calibers from .45-70 Government (380 rounds worth) to 500 of the first 9mm Lugar I’ve ever loaded. Only problem now is that I’ve exhausted key components and I’m looking down the barrel of a significant component replacement bill when I need to in a year or two.

    1. Yeah, ive had the same issue. Ive loaded 3k .223, another 4k 9mm various amounts of 10mm, .44mag, .308….on and on. Same problem, now i need to replace components. And who knows who is out there buying it all up. I suppose people like us. Although, i cant help but notice all the extra announcements on sites lately… “these are reloading components only. Not loaded ammunition ” seems to be on a lot more web pages than before. -chuckle-

  9. Always look forward to reading your blog.
    Have you ever looked into bullet run out from which bullets do best with which dies? Is a RCBS bullet seating die from the 70s the same seating die you would buy today? Some die sets came with more than one seating stem for different bullets but there are so many more bullets available these days.
    Thanks in advance.

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