Gun Control Advocate Assures Americans: There’s No Need to Buy Guns ‘Cause “the Zombies” Aren’t Coming

Giffords delivers sarcastic comments to those trying to protect their family and property. READ MORE

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The FBI performed a record-breaking 3.7 million firearm-related background checks last month. According to an April news release from Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF), March 2020 estimates of firearm sales show an increase of over 85% from March 2019 – single handgun sales jumped by 91%, and single long-gun sales increased by over 73%.

In an interview with Cheddar news earlier this month, David Chipman, a “senior policy advisor” for the anti-gun group Giffords, was asked about his “biggest concerns” regarding the “coronavirus gun sales spike.” (If the name rings a bell, Mr. Chipman, formerly a “senior advisor” with Bloomberg’s pre-Everytown group MAIG and an ex-ATF agent, has, among other things, advocated that AR-15 rifles should be regulated “just like” fully automatic machine guns.)

During the interview, he claimed that first-time gun owners may think “in their [own] mind they might be competent.” However, they were really “putting themselves and their families in danger” based on whether these guns were being “stored safely” and properly in the home. Sitting in what appeared to be his own kitchen, Chipman advised “those people who were first-time gun owners” to “secure that gun locked and unloaded and hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky that you’ve stored in a cabinet and only bring that out if the zombies start to appear, and I don’t think they are.”

Of course, following this advice means that the firearm isn’t readily available for defensive use should the need arise. (Hiding firearms among the kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator’s vegetable drawer or in the flour bin also isn’t consistent with the Giffords philosophy of mandating that all unattended firearms be kept unloaded, with a lock in place, and secured in a gun safe or other locked container.)

The real issue — apart from why anyone would take the advice of someone who thinks beef jerky comes in cans — is Chipman’s apparent incredulity at the need to keep guns in the home for self-defense. Even with law enforcement stretched thin due to sick or quarantined officers, and hundreds of inmates being released from jails and prisons (here, here, here and here), this former ATF SWAT team member assures us all that there’s nothing to fear because, well, “the zombies” aren’t coming.

Chipman, quoted elsewhere, had expanded on his jerky-zombie theme. “If we can imagine how horrible this crisis is … the people who hoarded the guns might decide six months from now – once they see no zombies around but they’ve run out of tuna and beef jerky – that they need the money to buy food.” The “horrible” part, apparently, is not just running out of food, but the more disturbing possibility of the private sales of these firearms.

In contrast to the weird pointers on how to store guns in the kitchen, the NRA has launched new online gun safety courses to address “the growing number of first-time gun buyers during the coronavirus outbreak.” Joe DeBergalis, executive director of NRA General Operations, says “[t]hese courses will provide an option for first-time gun owners who don’t have the ability to take an NRA certified instructor-led class at their local shooting range at this time. While there is no replacement for in-person, instructor-led training, our new online classes do provide the basics of firearm safety training for those self-isolating at home.”

The zombies aren’t coming, but regardless of how gun control advocates depict this recent, unprecedented affirmation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, law-abiding Americans — now as ever — are putting their money on the Second Amendment to keep themselves and their families safe.

23 thoughts on “Gun Control Advocate Assures Americans: There’s No Need to Buy Guns ‘Cause “the Zombies” Aren’t Coming”

  1. The “zombies” may not be coming , but the PRISONERS that many DEMOCOMMUNIST-CONTROLLED STATES (like N.Y.) continue to release prisoners form the jails so they can continue their “trade”, sure as hell are. ALSO, never trust the DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS in “government” because they too are LUSTING to remove everyone’s second amendment RIGHTS, so a “takeover” will be easy if the “subjects of the crown” are disarmed and helpless for abuse, or “elimination” if the “rulers” succeed in their quest to “depopulate” America.

  2. The Zombies are here in Washington DC> called congress,whic is a group of baboons.. Look it up folks..

  3. the zombies aren’t coming, but the agents of the big blue state governments are.

    1. That’s so true and as Americans and Patriots of the country and constitution we need to stop them on all fronts and in November

  4. The zombies aren’t coming. They are already here! And they are, indeed, eating us alive, and far too little is done to stop them.

  5. No worries about Zombies…….But democ-rats are something entirely evil.

  6. Zombies , Zombies , Folks the Red coats never left , they just stayed and figured out what short memories we Americans have , Due in most part to , too much Football , cheap beer , and letting the other guy deal with the Governments lie’s . There are hundreds of books writen by our founders , and forefathers who warred us of letting the elected officals gain too much power and a standing Army . taxation and waste and Power are the only things evil men crave , And “We the people have fed them well . Good Luck Subjects, er uh people . Enjoy your vaccine with the tracking chip in it most of you deserve it , after all you paid for it . Have a nice day !!!

  7. As a retired SWAT Team Commander, Sniper Team Commander and current firearms instructor, may I say I am ashamed of this lame quack, who should know better than to say stupid things. Sigh.

  8. Hey there, there never were ZOMBIES. There are however CRIMINALS, who prey on the helpless, spelled the unarmed. This last mention are and remain a real threat, which is a whole lot more than can be said of, for, about Zombies. By the way, the police are not there to protect the individual. Should you doubt me, try reviewing court decisions on the subject.

  9. Zombies have already taken over our government. They have abused the power we the people have given them, they have installed unelected communist, anti and unAmerican bureaucrats to control the FBI, CIA, NSA and any other alphabet agency!
    This has always been a problem but under Obamanation the brain damaged media only reported the news that fit the communist DNC’s narrative.
    Now that Trump is POTUS the media has gone full on retard and full on communist! This will not last as I refuse to believe that Americans will give up their freedom for the insecurity these imbeciles offer and if it continues to escalate it will only take this “pandemic” and the resulting market crash, overreach of power, food shortage, to set it off.
    WAKE UP AMERICA!! QUIT LIVING AS A DEBT SLAVE!! QUIT BELIEVING SOMEONE ELSE IS GONNA SAVE YOU!! You are responsible for yourself and family. You are responsible for putting food on the table and you can’t do that if you live paycheck to paycheck!!YOU ARE THE ZOMBIE!!
    If you can’t save at least 10% of your paycheck, your living beyond your means! This is a hard reality that most Americans won’t get until it’s too late because they have only ever known that a new car means borrowing money instead of saving money before they need one. How many people do you know that can buy a new home with cash?!! This is the story of most Americans. Few will ever know the freedom of living debt free, but it’s a beautiful feeling!!
    I had to have a near death experience at the age of 35 to understand just how f::cked up my life was! We all have our problems but it’s up to you to solve your own problems. Read the Bible, the federalists papers, the constitution and STOP BEING A ZOMBIE!! MOLON LABE!!

      1. You are correct , they are in charge of our government from the very top down. And orange idiot keeps sliding them in right under your noses. This type of goings on is just why we have a 2 amendment

  10. It’s not surprising that these people don’t recognize a zombie when they see one…when they look in the mirror all they see is themselves.

  11. You folks are crazy. If you continue to place people into one or two groups like has been happening since idiotboy cheated his way to the WH , we will probably have another civil war. Is this what you really want? If you feel the need to kill go in the Army and be paid to kill. I am neither a Democratic or a Republican I vote for who will do the best job for all of us, and it ain’t the Orange One.

      1. Not sure what you mean by red. I am an educated , informed , thinking human being I make decision once I have evaluated the information I then make decisions based on my morals and ethics, unlike you. I have been to war for this country and I hope to never have to kill another person. So let’s all try to keep a lid on the crazy and avoid yet another war. Hint there is nothing civil about war

    1. And there was no cheating we just didn’t want a treasonous liar and murder in office. Someone who her and her husband spent time on Ebstein’s fantasy island with all the under aged girls they bring in for them and their celebrity friends

  12. Ive seen firsthand some of these fools buying firearms. It is scary… i can’t help but wonder what the rate of NDs will be this year. Although, once things settle down a little, i will be looking on Armslist and the pawn shops to pick up what the hipsters sell.
    While i certainly have no love for the Giffords group, (i have to contend with her husband this year in a close race) , i think Chipman was pretty clearly being sarcastic. This article is a literal take on what he said and shows inflexibility in thinking. Inflexibility is a sure sign that someone is less intelligent. Are we really nitpicking because he said “cans of jerky” ??? Which,btw, jerky does come in cans. Its this kind of drivel that makes 2nd supporters look petty and stupid.
    We are better than this…

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