SHOT Show 2020: A Deep Dive

This year, we’re taking you inside SHOT Show like never before. Stay tuned for a look at new products from the shooting, tactical and reloading world.

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Imagine you’re in the desert. You’re thrust into a sea of people (80,000 or so) and you’re tasked with finding the latest and greatest in our corner of the industry in a vast labyrinth of booths and vendors. Sounds like a grown-ups candy land of wonders, right? Well, yeah, kinda! It’s also overwhelming, and more than a little intimidating. Being my 6th year in attendance, I’m hoping I can bring you some content besides what’s new, what’s popular, and dive more into what interests you. I’ll also do my best to find some of the weirder stuff along the way. It is Vegas after all.

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So, stay tuned for more updates, press releases, and more.

Let us know in the comments section just what you’d like to see from the show this year!

9 thoughts on “SHOT Show 2020: A Deep Dive”

  1. If you see the Marlin people at the Shot show , ask them to TIGHTEN THE TWIST RATE ON 44MAG AND 45 COLT RIFLES. The 1-38″ twist needs to be 1-20″

    1. I borrowed a 44 magnum Marlin 1894 from a friend to hunt bear in Canada back in the 80’s after working up a load at 50 years I found that at 175 yards the bullets were starting to yaw when going into the target.
      Marlin would probably sale more 44’s if their guns didn’t have a round ball twist in them! I’ve never owned because of it and never will!

  2. If you see Dillion Reloading at the show, tell them it’s time to release a “state of the art” press. Not just a new model number for the old designs.

  3. I’d like to know when savage is going to start shipping the 110 elite precision rifle especially in 300 PRC……and all things 300 PRC (new rifles and ammo offerings?).


  4. I’ll be there too, but tell Winchester to make the 1895 Hi-Wall again and offer it in modern center fire calibers. With a heavy barrel model in a few popular varmint calibers. Maybe if enough people tell them they will do it.

  5. Tell revolver manufacturers to make adjustable rear sights standard on short barrel models, including CCW and EDC guns.
    The old reason that such sights hang up on holsters is no longer true with modern holsters.
    We want to adjust our sights to match our ammo, not buy/test lots of ammo hoping to find one that shoots straight with our guns.

  6. See if Taurus will reintroduce the Models #65 and #66 with 3 inch barrels. A .357 with a 2 inch barrel is too loud and ineffective.

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