NRA Names Jason Ouimet to Head NRA Institute for Legislative Action

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The National Rifle Association’s executive vice president and CEO, Wayne LaPierre, has named Jason Ouimet to serve as executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). The NRA Board of Directors unanimously affirmed Ouimet’s selection at its recent board meeting.

“Jason is a principled leader with tremendous field vision and political savvy. He has a strong campaign background and more than 15 years playing pivotal roles in all the NRA’s legislative accomplishments and victories. Our five million members and America’s gun owners have the strongest ally and the best advocate in Jason,” said LaPierre.

On his permanent appointment, Ouimet said, “I thank Wayne and the NRA leadership for entrusting me with a post so crucial to America’s freedom. Backed by millions of patriotic NRA members, NRA-ILA is the foremost defender of our Second Amendment, the safeguard of freedom itself. To every NRA member and gun owner in this country, I pledge that our defense will never waver on my watch.”

Ouimet has embraced increasing responsibilities and higher-profile roles during his time with NRA. As director of federal affairs at the NRA-ILA since 2015, Ouimet was responsible for overseeing and implementing the NRA’s federal legislative and political agenda. Between 2010 and 2015, Ouimet served as the deputy director of the NRA’s federal affairs department. Ouimet began his career with the NRA in 2005 as a federal affairs lobbyist, where he was responsible for the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New York and New Jersey.

Prior to joining the NRA, Ouimet served as a legislative assistant for Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia.

Ouimet also worked as a senior research analyst at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Prior to that, in 1999, Ouimet moved to Washington D.C. for a job at the Republican National Committee where he conducted field research for President George Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign.

Ouimet earned his Bachelor of Arts from Kent State University in 1999.


5 thoughts on “NRA Names Jason Ouimet to Head NRA Institute for Legislative Action”

  1. Is he getting an unreasonable salary like Wayne? Wayne needs to donate 90% of his salary to NRA political fund. The NRA members are being coerced to keep giving and see the excess money going for salary. Many of us have decided not to renew our membership because of this.

    1. Have you ever contacted a board member about your complaint? I dare say you have not, what you complaint is about is what you have read is from the anti-NRA news media. And their goal is to destroy the NRA, of which they have got you and other on board.
      Here are some question I have for you and the other person that has made a comment. Are you and the other writer even a NRA members? Your answers are probably “NO”, but you are members of one of the other organization that are pro gun. I am also a member of organizations that do not constantly complain about the NRA. But lets face it, these other groups may be somewhat effective but have you ever heard of them being vilified as the NRA? Does that not tell you something? Oh have you not had another pro-gun organization ask for money? Since you are complaining about salaries at the NRA, have you complained about their salaries as well?
      Here are some more questions for those that are making comments about a salary, you actually do not know, is your salary overly excessive? What do people say about you?
      Do you want cheese with your whine?
      Larry Schillinger
      Benefactor Life Member

  2. So, the “toothless tiger,” aka the nra board of directors has “unanimously affirmed” clothes horse Wayne Lapierre’s puppet, Jason Ouimet, as nra-ila executive director, (don’t you just love the grandiose sounding titles these jerks give themselves). So what does this mean? It means that a board, with absolutely no power, did exactly what “Chief Many Suits” told them to do.
    The nra is a joke, and will continue to be so until Lapierre and all of his cronies are swept into the dust bin of history. Unfortunately, the membership can’t get rid of him and his toadies because Lapierre has arranged the levers of power at the nra so that only he has control. The “board of directors” of the nra is nothing more than window dressing; a bunch of mannequins put in place for the benefit of the comatose membership, ( I used to be one, a “life member”, no less), that still think they are actually protecting the 2nd Amendment by sending the nra a check every year.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! The nra exists to perpetuate it’s own existence!

  3. I lived in Oregon in the mid 80’s when their house speaker said she wanted to pass several gun control laws , after Patrick Purrdy bought an AK 47 from a shop in Portland , the NRA came to her and said let us help , and when it was over they helped pass one of many gun control bills that they have passed , By adding a ccw into the law , Dumbed down , And blinded by false patriotism NRA’s member ship looked the other way , Oregon got a 15 day waiting period , where there was none before , and had to be fingerprinted every time they bought a gun and ran through a background check , where there were none before . I had been a voting member of the NRA since 1968 . Upon this law HB3470 passing the NRA lost over 200,000 members in Oregon and other states , I wrote the NRA several letters asking them what the hell they were doing and tried to call Wayne Lapierre , and Chris cox whom I had talked to before and never got a response to this day. I was not just a member of the NRA I and My brother had handed out personal letters to homes all over CA in our effort to defeat prop 13 in 1982 , Etc etc etc , I explained to them that what they had done was the equivolent of finding my wife with another man . I wish I had all that money I sent to them in between Member dues , you know when the send those letters begging for more money , yes I was that stupid . I quit them 1989 , and have yet to understand their tactics , There support for red Flag laws and the Bump stock ban should have woke the members up, BUT … Most NRA members are unaware that they dont need the NRA , Just one million gun owning voters could more than turn any election of any President . Something to think about when your arguing with the Govt about your 2A rights is , Why is the US govt ignoring Federal Drug laws by allowing states to sell POT , yet trying to strip , the federal Constitution of the 2nd amendment . How are we supposed to take the serious !!! Wake up gun owners !!!

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