Texas Gun Control Advocates Deride Actual Firearms Safety Efforts

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Gun control advocates are not concerned with gun safety. This reality was brought home once again by the anti-gun reaction to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and the firearm industry’s work to ensure Texans have free access to gun locks.

Following a high-profile shooting in Santa Fe, Texas in May 2018, Gov. Abbott released the School and Firearm Safety Action Plan. As part of the plan, the governor called on the state to promote the voluntary use of gun locks.

To carry out this goal, Abbott partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Under the plan, Abbott created a $1 million grant from the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division to help fund NSSF’s “Own It? Respect it. Secure it” and “Project ChildSafe” campaigns.

As explained in the governor’s plan,

The NSSF “Own It? Respect it. Secure it” initiative was developed to promote and encourage firearm safety and safe storage. It also supplements ongoing firearm safety and education campaigns such as Project ChildSafe, which has distributed more than 37 million firearm safety kits that includes a cable-style gun lock, lock-installment instructions, and a safety booklet. Project ChildSafe firearm safety education kits are free to law enforcement agencies.

NRA opposes mandatory storage laws. Such restrictions can leave gun owners defenseless at the critical moment that they need a firearm most. Moreover, American gun ownership is diverse. A one-size-fits-all approach to gun storage doesn’t consider the varied needs of law-abiding gun owners.

However, like NSSF, NRA encourages gun owners to take the appropriate steps to voluntarily secure their firearms. Through its Education and Training Division, NRA has taught millions of Americans how to safely own and handle firearms. NRA’s gun safety rules teach firearm owners to store firearms so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the first of the grant money was delivered last month and the first batch of firearm safety kits are now making their way to law enforcement agencies. The full grant is expected to fund 625,000 safety kits.

Gov. Abbott’s efforts to provide more than half-a-million free gun locks was not enough to please so-called “gun safety” group Texas Gun Sense. The Chronicle reported that Texas Gun Sense Executive Director Gyl Switzer expressed doubts about the program. The paper noted,

Switzer said free gun locks “are always a good thing,” but said she would evaluate the project with skepticism “since NSSF is the lobby arm for gun manufacturers.”

Why would a purported “gun safety” group care about how free gun locks are provided? Because their goal isn’t gun safety, it is gun control.

When it comes to gun control advocates, unless a measure encumbers honest gun owners, who they view as their political rivals, then it is not worth doing. Gun control isn’t about gun safety or public safety. Gun control is about controlling law-abiding Americans and indulging ugly political and cultural prejudices.

Gov. Abbott and NSSF should be congratulated for their efforts to promote gun safety while respecting the rights of gun owners.


3 thoughts on “Texas Gun Control Advocates Deride Actual Firearms Safety Efforts”

  1. 625,000 safety kits. How many firearms are there in Texas? I’m guessing that it’s a number greater than 625,00.

    “Brenner and colleagues found that the mortality rates of unintentional nonboat infant (children up to age 1 year) drowning increased from approximately 2 per 100,000 infants to 2.5 per 100,000 infants over the period of 1971 to 1988”
    With a 2019 population in Texas of 29.44 million, you do the math. Are they offering bathtub safety kits too? Yes I know that it’s a national number but you get my point that there are other things far more fatal than firearms to our children and we need to address all of them. But to blame a tub or firearm is not the solution. It’s about control and not safety!!! “Those that give up freedom for safety shall have neither safety or freedom.”

  2. As usual, the “gun controllers” aren’t about safety or guns. They’re about “control”. Control of ALL the guns, from airsoft to BB and pellet guns to firearms of all types. They want to be the ones you must ask “permission” of to own or use firearms of any type. They will not be satisfied until they achieve their ultimate goal of ending civillian firearms ownership/use for ANY reason. And speaking of reason, one cannot reason with them. They are all zealots, exactly like ISIS and their minions and other similar groups. We must stand rock solid against their assaults on our birthrights as protected by the U.S. Constitution and in my case, the Texas Constitution.
    Many thanks to Governor Abbott for his work on this program.

    Phil in TX

  3. There is no Such thing as a Safe Gun , only safe people , There is no such thing as gun violence , Only Violent people . Example , Last summer while visiting from CA two of my grandchildren and my son in law wanted to go shooting for the first time in their life , Girls are 12 and 15 y.o , We loaded up and went to the range . Had one AR 15 , one 44mag , and two 22 pistols , and some 3d Zombie targets taped to cardboard box’s . First thing is a Firearms handling class , I placed all the unloaded guns on the tailgate and asked what the guns were doing , ” Nothing” they all said , and I said the sun will be going down an about 6 hours and these guns will still be there doing nothing , After which we learned how to hold and load and shoot , and keep our fingers of the triggers until were were ready to fire . And yes we had conversation about what bullets can do to a body. I must report that Fun was had by all . Oh yes , the girls did shoot the AR 15 as well as the 22’s , guess which one they liked the most . These girls go to school in Commifornia and wont be telling their classmates how awful guns are . Grandma in Buying them their own 22 rifle for when they come to visit .

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