NRA’s Statement on Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The NRA releases a statement regarding recent red-flag laws.



As the Nation’s oldest civil rights organization, we recognize civic engagement as a virtue not a vice. Liberty is reliant upon the participation of free people, and this includes the vast number of citizens and communities who are lawfully exercising their rights under the First Amendment to defend their freedoms under the Second. It is the tyrannical nature of politicians that triggers sanctuary, not the other way around. The NRA has steadfastly defended freedom for nearly 150 years, and we have no intention of suppressing virtuous voices against governmental oppression—censoring is what our opponents do.


10 thoughts on “NRA’s Statement on Second Amendment Sanctuaries”

  1. NRA Go Pound Sand , You had our money, attention and support until we found out your true colors . You screwed Americas gun owners sooo long they woke up , Only lazy ass Gun owners support you from now on , Yes you know who you are , your the ones who even after being told for years not to support all the Anti gun companies with your money , i.E. COSTCO , AARP, AT&T , SPRINT , LEVI’s , etc , etc, etc, You think just sending in your NRA membership money, you no longer need to take part in anything more to protect our rights . Yes I was a member , From 1968 Gung ho till the late 90’s when they Screwed Oregon with their HB 3470 bill , I was so shocked I sent letters to the top Brass in 1991, asking why , Guess what, still waiting for my reply . Dont you think they could have cleared it up with a simple letter of how I misunderstood how things worked , and that they were doing things in my best interest , Or whatever the story was , After all , All those years of my blind devotion , And money should have been worth a simple letter / Phone call … Still Waiting , meanwhile supporting Pro gun Orgs that DO NOT USE ANTI GUN PAYPAL !!! Yor milage may very … Good Luck Boys

  2. Fighting this anti gun battle and defending that second amendment would-be futil unless there was a force to be dealt with,. Any suggestions?

  3. If this threat of the Virginia democrat controlled state government of activating the VA National Guard ever actually materializes, Trump could stop the them. Trump could federalize the VA National Guard and order the Guard to stand down. All the Army and Air National Guards in each state can be federalized by the Executive Branch and have been in past times. While each state’s Governor has command of their state Guard in normal times, the President can usurp the Governor by federalizing the Guard in times of war, or in extremis domestic scenarios that are federal issues.

  4. Concerning all the bitching about anti gun legislative proposals in Virginia, how did it happen, what changed there, and how did this change come about. Were Virginia gun owners and pro gun rights people asleep at election time?

    1. What happened is that northern Virginia is now populated with govt workers, govt contractors, academics and immigrants who vote democrat. The population vote is about 90 % democrat. That also speaks to the Norfolk tidewater area and many major cities in the state have large universities that are mostly liberal. The situation, as in California is that the rest of the state doesn’t have enough votes to counter that. You can expect it to continue indefinitely.

  5. Virginia needs an Electoral College. Northern Virginia, Richmond and Norfolk Tidewater area are dictating the politic’s for the rest of the state.

  6. The NRA can’t seem to understand its members and ex-members have drawn a line in the sand and will not accept any further erosion of our God given right to keep and bear arms!
    Shall not be infringed means just what it says! If I choose to increase the rate of fire or suppress a rifle, it’s no ones business. To abrogate your personal responsibility for your safety and depend on government by giving them a monopoly of violence is insane!!!!
    The people who would give this over reaching power to a group of politicians should move to Cuba or Venezuela.
    American exceptionalism means we are free to act by Gods law and bow to no man!! Our founding fathers would have already put an end to government over reach almost a century ago when the federal reserve was created or in 1934 when the NFA was created or during prohibition.
    I pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor that I will no longer comply with this criminal conspiracy to destroy America from within. Where do you stand and what do you stand for? A man that will not defend his family is not a man, he is slave and I have no obligation to relieve his suffering, but to put him out of his misery.
    Socialism means we all suffer equally unless you’ve been born into the ruling class. You have already witnessed a two tiered justice system when the criminal Hillary Clinton destroyed 33,000 subpoenaed emails or when the FBI, CIA, DOJ, collaborated to destroy the Trump presidency!

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