Wisconsin: Gov. Evers Calls for Firearm Confiscation & Criminalizing Private Transfers

New Wisconsin firearms legislation reveals “Democrats’ real agenda” — total government control over all firearms and firearm owners. READ MORE

Wisconsin gun laws


On September 19th, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, Attorney General Josh Kaul, Representative Melissa Sargent (D-48), and Senator Lena Taylor (D-4) held a press conference calling on the Legislature to violate the Second Amendment by: 1) allowing confiscation of firearms without due process; and 2) criminalizing private transfers. If the Legislature does not quickly comply with these demands, Gov. Evers threatened to push for a special session. Please urge your state legislators to oppose Gov. Evers’ threats against Wisconsin’s law-abiding citizens and our Second Amendment rights.

Fortunately, Second Amendment defenders like Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos were courageous enough to highlight the Governor’s true intentions, saying “today in a partial answer to a reporter’s question Governor Evers revealed Democrats’ real agenda: taking away firearms that are lawfully owned, which is unacceptable. Wisconsin laws already say if you’re a felon, you lose your right to own a gun. With Governor Evers considering confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens, it shows just how radical Democrats have become.”

As NRA members know, most so-called “Extreme Risk Protection Order” laws—the kind of scheme that Gov. Evers would like to impose—seek to confiscate firearms while suspending your Second Amendment rights. This is why lawful gun owners who would otherwise defend themselves are often excluded from the very hearings where the gun-grab is ordered. If Gov. Evers gets his way, every Wisconsin citizen would be vulnerable to such orders, which do not rest upon a criminal conviction or adjudication of dangerously mental illness. Under Gov. Evers’ approach, your Second Amendment rights would be usurped by uncorroborated third party allegations.

Similar flaws permeate the Governor’s effort to criminalize private transfers. Contrary to the Second Amendment, the Governor wants to force law-abiding citizens to obtain the government’s permission, at their own expense, before transferring firearms; this even includes any gifts or trades between family members and close friends. Unbelievable.

Laws that insert the government between the Second Amendment and lawful transactions are fundamentally illogical and inconsistent with our U.S. Constitution. Existing studies of these laws—even when conducted by anti-gun researchers—confirm that such laws are ineffective at reducing homicides or suicides. Criminals who are already prohibited from possessing firearms and who already illegally obtain firearms through unlawful methods (such as theft or straw purchase) will not be deterred by one more law. And don’t be fooled: because such schemes are ultimately unenforceable without a firearm registry, they are the precursor to the registry itself.

Your action is needed. Please take a brief moment to contact your state legislators—stand up for the law-abiding citizens of this State, and protect our Second Amendment rights by refusing the politicians’ efforts to violate fundamental due process rights and criminalize private firearm transfers.


8 thoughts on “Wisconsin: Gov. Evers Calls for Firearm Confiscation & Criminalizing Private Transfers”

    1. “Swasticker”. I like that. I’m going to steal it.

      On a serious note, this is the kind of policy that gets people killed. The state will use overwhelming force, and the people will see the state as the enemy. The governor and AG need to seriously rethink such a policy.

  1. Apparently this man is willing to endanger both private citizens as well as civilian law enforcement personnel. Not that most police personnel would even entertain the notion of knocking on someone’s door and announce they are here to take your weapons,there are unfortunately some that would. Those who are willing to do this will set lose a chain reaction that would force a mass confrontation between citizens and law enforcement resulting in the beginning of a second civil war. I hope these politicians are smart enough to see this.

  2. We need more clubs, groups or some sort of organization for the average working joe to be able to join without paying a arm and leg every month that will create petitions calling for the halt of the Democratic partys attack of the 2nd amendment. Something that will send out pamphlets or emails to members informing them of their latest schemes country wide. They could send out the petitions for members to get signed. I guess what I really want is a way to show the government the real opinion of the right minded American people. You know that thing that the NRA is suppose to be doing. Whatever it is would have to be nonprofit. I for one would do my part by helping any way possible. If there is such a thing and anybody out there knows about it, I would greatly appreciate finding out about it at tnwelder38@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  3. Those little Hitlers are Wolves in sheeps clothing hiding behind any excuse to protect them selves because they are up to no good and scared! I think those wolves are unsure of those sheep…… or are they unsure they are sheep?

  4. No gun group will actually DO anything about these tyrants though. They need to be physically dragged from office and never allowed back and never receive another cent from the taxpayers.

  5. These are Wolves in sheep clothing… the only problem is they are afraid of the sheep that’s why they are trying to disarm law abiding sheep….or are they really sheep?

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