NRA Statement on 2019 Election Results

NRA ILA releases statement overview of controversial Bloomberg elections — common sense trumps money. READ MORE

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The National Rifle Association released the following statement on the 2019 election results:

“As if Gov. Northam’s legacy of ineptitude wasn’t enough, Virginians are about to experience life under a distant tycoon’s thumb. Candidates who proudly accepted Bloomberg’s cash — and every voter they misled — will soon realize the cost of being beholden to a Manhattan billionaire who despises Virginians’ right to self-defense. Fortunately, many NRA-backed candidates in Virginia, New Jersey, Kentucky and Mississippi prevailed over their Bloomberg-funded opponents. As the battle continues, so does the NRA’s defense of the Second Amendment rights of all Americans.”

6 thoughts on “NRA Statement on 2019 Election Results”

  1. Don’t be surprised if these offices filled by Bloomberg, don’t rush to assault the 2nd Amendment yet. Bloomberg wants them to lay low a bit before he tries to buy the White House.

  2. Well that 2nd Civil War we all keep hearing about may be on the horizon for us all. If this does happen & I pray it don’t, I will die fighting standing on my feet before I will ever be a slave on my knees. Life as a free man with my GOD given rights is far more important than living the life controlled by a tyrant. We all have to fight to KEEP OUR RIGHTS & LIBERTIES. I WILL NOT bow down to any man. I am the only person that knows what is best for me & my life, not a politician.

  3. Who cares what the nra thinks? They squandered the last of the respect and credibility they had when they came out against bump stocks and then spent our money making sure Lapierre had a closet full of 5000 dollar suits. I can’t believe I was ever gullible enough to be a life member of such an underhanded organization. Never again…………….

    1. The only reason I belong to the NRA is I belong to an NRA
      shooting club and range. The GOA is where most of the 2nd amendment advocates are–and, yes, the NRA has been utterly corrupted by money.

      When you get another, “panic letter” from the NRA, put $5, $10, $20 in the mail to GunOwnersOfAmerica GOA.

    2. My thoughts why give a bunch of 2% ters my money ..i don’t care what laws are passed by congressmen of big shots. I’ll never give my SPORT up. And I’m guessing when the police or millitary start going door to door as in Louisiana, my opinion is some will have had enough an shoot the first person through the door. Just my opinion !!

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