Dick’s Spends Big on Gun-Chopping, Virtue-Signaling Bonanza (But It Will Still Sell You a Firearm)

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Ed Stack, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, wants you to know he’s committed to keeping AR-15s “off the street.” But he’s also committed (for the time being) to selling other types of firearms.

That’s the genius of Ed Stack. He’s perfectly capable of holding two contradictory opinions at the same time. He’ll take one sort of gun buyer’s money and then lecture another on the evils of firearms.

We call that being a hypocrite.

But for Ed Stack, it’s just being Dick’s.

Recently, Ed took to the airwaves to explain in an interview with CBS News how he made his decision upon finding out that the criminal responsible for the Parkland attack had previously purchased a shotgun from Dick’s. If you tried to follow the “reasoning” of the conversation (if not the words actually spoken), it went something like this:

Ed: We sold the bad guy a shotgun. And I said, “We’re done.’”

Reporter: But that wasn’t the gun he used.

Ed: But it could have been.

Reporter: So you were done with shotguns.

Ed: No, we were done with AR-15s.

Reporter: So you sold the bad guy an AR-15, too?

Ed: No, but we could have.

Reporter: So you’re not selling AR-15s or shotguns.

Ed: No, we’re just not selling AR-15s.

Reporter: But you said he could have used a shotgun.

Ed: That’s right.

Reporter: But you’re still selling shotguns.

Ed: That’s right. But we’re not selling AR-15s.

Ed went on to say that he figured at the time his voluntary gun control policies would cost the company about a “quarter of a billion dollars” in losses. He turned out to be right, or pretty close, he noted.

And he continued by explaining that after removing $5 million worth of perfectly good, perfectly lawful semi-automatic rifles from Dick’s inventory, he turned them into scrap metal.


Because, according to Ed Stack, “If we really think these things should be off the street, we need to destroy them.”

We don’t think Dick’s ever considered just leaving the guns out on the street.

But even if Ed believed that the federally-mandated background check process was an inadequate safeguard to keep the semi-automatic rifles “off of the street,” he had options other than destroying valuable company property at company expense.

He could have, for example, donated the guns to cash-strapped law enforcement agencies across the country. Then they could have been used to help round up real crime guns from real criminals on the street and elsewhere. Maybe Dick’s could have even qualified for a tax deduction.

Instead, for all Ed knows, the scrap metal might just be melted down and repurposed into new semi-automatic rifles for sale by a competitor who defers to the choices of its law-abiding customers, not to the choices of gun control advocates who don’t shop at firearm retailers.

Ed Stack told CBS News the future of gun sales at Dick’s is under “strategic review.” So far, he’s removed all firearms from more than 100 of the company’s 720 stores.

Meanwhile, many gun buyers and Second Amendment supporters have removed all of their business from all of the company’s stores. As Hot Air reports, “Three years ago the company’s stock was trading at 60 bucks per share. This week it’s hovering around 38 dollars.”


9 thoughts on “Dick’s Spends Big on Gun-Chopping, Virtue-Signaling Bonanza (But It Will Still Sell You a Firearm)”

    1. Not that I’m a friend of the “democrat,” I think they’re insane low down belly crawling snakes. But republicans are no better when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights. We have republicans to thank for a large portion of the gun control laws that have been passed in the last 40 years. It wasn’t Clinton that banned the importation of semi-automatic military styled rifles from overseas, it was little Georgie Bush. In addition, it wasn’t Obama that ran for President as a major supporter of the 2nd Amendment and then turned right around and stabbed gun owners in the back by banning bump stocks, that was the orange menace, old “grab her by the *ussy” Donald Trump. And don’t forget Ronald Reagan selling us gun owners down the river when he lobbied intensely FOR the 1994 assault weapons ban along with that stumbling idiot, Gerald Ford. In addition, if you want to know why it’s almost impossible for the average guy to afford and own a machine gun today, yep, you guessed it, the republicans. Don’t think that just because there’s a republican in the white house that you’re gun rights are safe, because they, most assuredly, are not.

  1. what a stupid reporter. i dont care what your stand is on gun control but if you are not capable of distinguishing the difference between a 2 or 3 shot hunting shotgun and a 30+ round semi auto rifle than i really hope you are not a gun owner.
    could you use a single shot shot gun in a mass shooting? of coarse you could. i wonder why these mass shooters choose the high cap semi auto rifles and handguns instead of a single shot shotgun and a break open contender pistol. hmmm. puzzling!

    1. There are conversion kits you can install in a shotgun so they can take detachable magazines and then you can use a 25 round drum with your shotgun. What about if you are in a state that limits rifles to 10 round magazines? Then using a 30 round magazine in the rifle would be illegal. So making something illegal will stop it from happening. We should make murder illegal…

    2. I think that the reporter was pointing out the hypocrisy of destroying AR15s after selling a shotgun to the mass shooter. Ed wasn’t getting the point.

  2. I just hope the IRS audits DIck’s in that the cost of the rifles is not a legit deduction from income. Similarly the ATF should ask Dick’s to show proof each rifle on their books was destroyed.

    And for consumers – boycott Field & Stream stores as well. They are owned by Dick’s.

  3. Giving the government a monopoly on violence is ignorant!! The administrative state has taken over our government and is hard at work stripping your natural rights!
    The founding fathers of our country would have already marched on the capital and hung these traitors for everything from creating the fed to the NFA.
    Now they want to socialize 1/5 of our economy and ration healthcare. They want to confiscate your property! Where’s the outrage? Why are we lying down for this treason!
    The biggest lie the devil ever told was that the constitution was a living breathing document! Your natural rights are not debatable and the time has come for this sedition to be eliminated!
    Democrats are your biggest enemy and republicans are a close second! They want to create this drama over Trump so you quit looking at the corruption and greed that creates these career politicians.
    What dicks does is their business and because they are pinko communist fags, I won’t shop there. I won’t shop at target either because they believe in a perverts right to go to the bathroom with your wife or daughter!
    These policies would have destroyed a business just 20 years ago. The greatest generation has passed away and we’ve replaced it with freedom hating fags! The fact that I would consider not using the word “fag” because some soy boy may find it offensive is proof of the shaming, self censorship dictated by the left!
    Man up America, when these traitors can impeach the president because he’s draining their swamp and threatening their power we have reached a breaking point.
    We are one recession, natural disaster, dirty bomb, away from war! Our shared history, culture, and language is being diluted everyday the border is open to these illegal aliens.
    Rant incomplete but over……for now.

  4. I don’t shop at Dicks any more simply because they don’t sell AR type rifles but do sell Niki junk. Enough said.

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