Ultimate Reloader: New Starline Brass Offerings!

If you’re a fan of Starline, I’ve got some exciting updates to share with you! An all-new website, updates to brass offerings, and new cartridges added to the Starline brass lineup! Check it out:

A new, user friendly website, several new offerings, and a few new additions to the Midsouth Shooters inventory of brass, Gavin is here to break down what’s new at Starline. Check out the full article here at ultimatereloader.com, and be sure to watch the video below!

One thought on “Ultimate Reloader: New Starline Brass Offerings!”

  1. I have been reloading Star line Brass for better than 30 years now and see no reason to change to any other brass. The metallurgy of the brass leads to shot to shot consistency that i have come to expect. Brass life is also better than some well named brass manufactures. i am now reloading for the new 350 Legend using Star line brass,(of course)Speer Bullets with Accurate Arms powder and I’m rewarded with exceptional accuracy. I hope some day Corporate Leaders will see the benefits and the need of producing 7.62X45 Czech brass. at this time i am converting 6.5 Carcano brass as fast as i can to keep up with the demand for shooters and re-loaders of that caliber. Many thanks to all those at Star line for a fantastic product at a good price.

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