Slow and Steady Gun Control?

In an interview with Fox News anchor Ed Henry Thursday on new control measures being decided on in the coming weeks, President Trump said that negotiations on the issue are “going very slowly.”

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“No, we’re not moving on anything. We’re going very slowly in one way, because we want to make sure it’s right. We want to — we’re doing a very careful job,” Mr. Trump said.

If you’re nudged a few inches each time something happens, eventually you’ve been moved a mile. I’ve heard this for years, and always put stock in it. In 2019 it seems the trend may continue with more measures being taken by the current administration to impose some form of “common sense” gun control.

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In the wake of two shootings in August, the Trump Administration began the process of working with warmed over gun control measures proffered in 2013 from senators Manchin and Toomey. The measures in question carry a stronger background check system, without calling for universal checks, but even this has been walked-back since it’s announcement. Attorney General Barr, and Senator Murphy are said to be in on the architecture of the new proposals expected to roll out after the United Nations General Assembly next week.

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In the Fox News interview, Mr. Trump also slammed Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who has called for a ban on assault weapons and a mandatory buyback for any assault weapons currently possessed by gun owners.

Beto (honestly, what is a beto?) said in the previous debate, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” referring to his support for mandatory buybacks of war weapons {sic}.

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“Part of the problem that we have is because of Beto O’Rourke’s statement about taking away guns,” Mr. Trump said. “A lot of Republicans and some Democrats now are afraid to do anything, to go down that slippery slope. A lot of people think this is just a way of taking away guns and that’s not good, because we’re not going to allow that.”

He went on to say “I am, if it’s not going to hurt a good, solid, great American citizen from keeping his weapon because they want that and they are entitled to that. We have a Second Amendment. I don’t want to have crazy people have guns. I don’t want to have bad people have guns, but we’re going to do nothing to hurt the Second Amendment, and what we want to do is see if we can come up with a compromise, and that’s what we’re working on.”

Here we stand, waiting with baited breath, for our current republican lead government to decide on yet another “nudge.” Until the root cause of the recent rash of shootings, stabbings, and other cruel acts of the mentally unstable are confronted, any act to diminish the rights of law abiding citizens is yet another inch we’ve been moved toward tighter restrictions on our Second Amendment right.

Is there a right answer? Is there a test? Is there an amount of freedom we’re willing to give up in order to ensure the wrong people don’t end up with a weapon capable of doing harm on a scale larger than hand to hand combat? Is it all or nothing? Keep it civil in the comments, but please feel free to discuss!

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  1. This is your, “Read my Lips.” President Trump.
    Many may not vote for any Democrat, but some may not vote at all.
    Bring on the ultimate confrontation?

  2. I voted for Trump in 2016, enthusiastically I might add. I am NOT voting for Trump a second time, however. Because Trump has repeatedly demonstrated he is for more gun control legislation since 2018. I decided Trump is indecisive, wishy washy and basically is a RINO.

    I am not voting for a Democrat either.

    I am going to rejoin the NRA when Wayne Lapierre is kicked to the curb, he’s one of the key NRA lobbyists who acquiesced on the 1994 Brady Act, that was IMO what started all this heavy gun control stuff during Clinton’s first term.

    I too decided, “I’m better off on my own than letting these idiots that get elected represent me on the 2a.” Bring it on…

    1. Your an idiot, your single voice will not be heard, you will get nothing accomplished. You have made a VERY clear decision to set on the side lines, NOT get in the fight and watch. You have to contribute something, good luck prick. Trump is our ONLY hope, if you don’t vote and/or don’t vote for him, YOU will/are part of the problem.

      1. Dear Doug,
        So you will blindly support a politician that supports part of the Constitution and Amendments but not all?
        Where do you draw the line Doug?
        How much will you give up Doug?
        Doug are you old enough to remember Nikta Kruchev stating that the US would be destroyed from within?
        Anyone that has been paying attention to the gun banners knows that there is no satisfying them until all guns are banned, and they will chip away at our rights anyway they can. Then come back for more.

        So is it a good idea to state that politicians that weaken the 2nd Amendment are in danger of loosing a vote?
        I humbly suggest that we all constantly communicate our positions with our elected officials, using firm but polite language.
        Calling someone an Idiot is a sure way to show that you are unhinged and a possible threat to yourself or someone else.

      2. That’s a bit harsh Doug…let’s not fault people with good morals….We can suggest that they vote 3rd party or help combat the issue by supporting congressman and senators that do and can veto a president…go speak with people and explain how our government works…explain we are not a democracy and why we have 2a and electoral college…fight the good flight… keep your morals …talk with your kids, nieces and nephews…they are not being told the truth in schools and media…help them understand that statics are being manipulated to push their bad ideas…just don’t lie down and let this country die…Alington Va is full of men and women that have died for the Constitution and our way of life dont let it be in vain.

      3. Wow Doug,

        Deciding to not vote for Trump a second time because he demonstrated he was lying is not “sitting on the sidelines.” It’s sticking to your principles and actually getting into the fight. I’m tired of their shit, Doug. I’ve watched this whole entire gun control thing materialize bit by bit since the late eighties and early nineties. I voted against Clinton in the nineties both times and the federal legislature passed the Brady Act. I knew old time NRA members back then who knew the deal. The Brady Act was the democrats beginning of what’s going on now. I can remember when the whole entire concept of mandatory background checks was highly controversial. Nowadays, most people have gotten psychologically conditioned by the left that mandatory background checks is normal…its not normal.

        Prolonging the inevitable does none of us pro 2a guys any good. We are getting older and closer to old age natural death and I for one do not want to die knowing this country is half socialist and anti 2a because they grew up being manipulated by a (mostly) leftist owned mass media their entire lives.

        I also don’t wanna die knowing I kept voting for RINOs every election since I was maybe 35 or 40. I ain’t doing this shit anymore.

    2. By not voting for Trump you ARE voting for a Dumbocrat. Politics is about the lesser of two evils. Jesus is not running for office.

      1. Trump IS a Democrat. Trump is a RINO. RINOs are commiserate. Least with a Democrat you know EXACTLY who you are up against.

        Most of these politicians these days, they are enemy. Both sides, GOP and Democrat. Have you not figured that out yet? Both are the ENEMY just as much as ISIS is the enemy. They are totally corrupt. Worthless individuals…get it thru your head man.

  3. I get so frustrated at these people who think they know what’s best for me…mini Mills and 3D printer will no longer make serialized guns a thing..they always say 2a is outdated…tech has outdated ATF controls …humans have not evolved..we still commit terrible acts my state is second in human trafficking. I have the right to protect myself and the government must fear me…we (us citizens)are all are part of the checks and balances that keep us from tyrannical government

  4. We all need to stick together on this. If we divide, they will win. I Don’t agree with what has happened at the NRA, but they are the loudest voice, and for that reason, I rejoined. We are at a point where If you are Pro 2’nd Amendment, they are trying to shut us up by suppressing our 1’st Amendment rights. It’s happening all over Social Media, and now I have learned of newspaper articles about businesses that sell firearms and training being pulled because of political pressure. Even NASCAR is now in focus for not allowing advertising for firearms in their printed programs. It’s not just the guns they’re going for. They want your Constitution! As I said, this is not the time time to separate. Divide and Conquer will not work here.

  5. The writing is on the wall! It eventually has to happen! It won’t stop nearly all the crazy/bad people being able to get a gun and commit mass shootings! But universal background IS going to happen! With that law will come a mandatory registration of ALL guns. With that will be the first major step that the government needs to do to TAKE YOUR GUNS! Identifying who has what and use any lame excuse to come in and grab them. That’s the day that we truly have lost the 2nd amendment with it still being part of the constitution. Universal background checks will NOT stop the “wrong” person from getting a gun because there is too many ways to get one illegally. Ultimately proving that Wayne LaPierre is right when he says “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!”

  6. Wayne LaPierre absolutely needs to go. He sold us out on the Hugh’s Amendment, and has been weak on gun rights ever since.

    1. Lapierre brought the lawyer settlement attititude to the NRA, back in the nineties. Lapierre brought a n approach of “let’s go in a backroom and talk and settle this conflict out of court and do it privately.” That private settlement approach is perfectly fine for deciding many fender bender automobile litigation cases. But the settlement approach is not appropriate for determining Constitutional issues such as the Second Amendment.

      1. I agree lawyers should not be NRAs focus…it’s important but hearts and minds is what the left is using to win this fight…There were some really great commercial s during the elections that the NRA put out…that’s what we need. Fight fire with fire…get the lawyers to go after media force them to give equal time to contitutional rights…stop YouTube and Facebook’s blocking of gun rights and 1st amendment. If we give them anything it would be a program that allows tax credits for gun safes or federal subsidized…how many NRA members have had guns stolen from them…that is our only fault as a group…give them that..nothing more

      2. I want the full time lobbyist leadership of the NRA to be Attorney’s. I just want them to be the right kind of Attorney’s. There are all kinds of Attorney’s. There are transactional Attorney’s who specialize in highly complicated paperwork law. There are trial Attorney’s of which it is claimed by many are becoming fewer and fewer in number because of the trend towards out of court private settling in litigation. There are Attorney’s who specialize in appeals who have highly developed minds even by Attorney standards. There are many, many types of Attorneys. The NRA since the nineties has mostly had settlers who prefer to stay out of the court room whenever possible. The settler psychology of law has zero place in Second Amendment law. There is nothing to be settled, but it’s been done since Clinton’s first term in the early nineties. Settling became entrenched and that must change. I settle a car insurance dispute, I don’t settle my 2a Constitutional right.

  7. Plain and simple – our Citizen’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms have been steadily eroding – at least since NFA ’34. We have always been the losers and the antis have always gained. Even the (supposedly) owner friendly FOPA ’86 was a net erosion due to the horrendous hughes amendment.
    I think the cake analogy has been overused or overstated. I liken it more to a combo pizza – we have had slices continually taken and even worse – they have been picking off toppings of the few remaining slices. We ain’t got too much left, I want the whole pizza restored. End of rant.

  8. Nothing scares me more then hearing gun owners arguing over what , ” Little Bits” We could give them in order to save the Rest . The last time I read the Constitution / Bill of rights [ Yesterday ] , there was still NOTHING about compromising to keep our rights . Just the fact that we have so many times before , IS the reason we are here now cowering down and hoping that another so called elected offical will honor their pledge “Remember Trumps” I have seen this happen for almost 50 years of voteing for the Repubs , This folks is what YOU and I get for voteing for the ” Lesser ” of the two evils , Well as Bo Gritz said , Your still voteing for evil . I was one of those DIE HARD , NRA members who Blinded by their FALSE patriotism for 25 + years , Went along with their voting recemendations , and here we are . I dont just blame the NRA , I blame US , After all their in business to make money . I will leave you all with this . Who do you know personaly that will be at your house to help defend you when they come to RED FLAG you because you spoke out against the system . GOOD LUCK GUYS !!!

    1. Politics has always been, and always will be, a choice of the lesser of two evils. No candidate is perfect and Jesus is not running for office. Here is an idea: instead of complaining, why don’t YOU run for office and show us all how it SHOULD be done?

      1. You are trying to start fights here. If you vote for Trump it means you are a communist sympathizer. Remember 2018? Trump sitting right next to Feinstein, Schumer, Blumenthal, Murphy and other low life Bolsheviks discussing how he was for “fix NICS 2018.”

        Go ahead and vote for that new York Bolshevik handshakes Trump. I dont give a flying f*ck what you do. He’s no conservative and he is not pro 2a.

      2. Clark , I dont see anything in your lame ass comment offering any new Ideas , or stating how long you have been fighting the system in order to save our rights . You sound more like a Demoncrap troll than someone “We the people ” would listen to. And Yes I did run for office , Was elected two two year terms as an Oregon Rep , And four years with the weak kneed Repubs was all it took to understand why we are at this point in time . And Oh yes , While most dumded Americans were voting for Obama , the rest of You let Ron Paul down in 08 / 12 , Just like they did BO GRITZ in 92 . Farts like you make real Patriots sick that we are breathing the same air . Who’s Complaining , This is a comments section. Stop wasting good space here , You dont have the guts to fight for your Rights , Stand aside puffy , Its about to get real in here … God Bless … John 3:16

      3. Yeah that character is just a troll trying to start fights and divide gun culture people. I’d knock their teeth out IRL if they talked to me like that

  9. I am not for any Gun Control measure that omits the SSRI class of Anti Depressants They are the correct target here and it has been ignored for far too long. Big Pharma is the real culprit here!!!

    98+% of the mass Murders in the last 30 years have been committed by people between 18-30 who were on one or more of the SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.) Class of Anti Depressants. Prozac, Zoloft and others you’ve heard of.

    The correct Target is Big Pharma and the Appropriate Remedy is to Ban the use of these drugs on anyone under 30 years old. a Simple Executive Order from the President would accomplish this. It would never get thru Congress because Big Pharma is so far up the Collective Ass of Congress there would be no action! Big Pharma makes Hundreds of Billions of Dollars every year pushing these drugs. And you thought Fentinal was the big problem?

    A simple Executive Order banning the prescribing/use of these drugs on the under 30 crowd. They are not indicated for use on anyone between 18-24 years old (per mfg recommendations) due to the high probability of acting out on Homicidal or Suicidal thoughts, but they are regularly being used on children as young as 8 years old! This has to stop !!!

    Included along with that would be the inclusion of the patients names who are currently on the stuff to the FBI’s National Background Check Data Base as well as all new patients, thus preventing them from legally buying any gun. Their names would be dropped off that data base a year after they have ceased all use of these drugs.

    This would solve the problem and you wouldn’t have to take away anyone’s guns except for the people who are already on on these drugs.

    1. Sure. Just like ‘big oil’ is responsible for drunk drivers. Or ‘assault weapons’ are the cause of mass shootings. Or ‘big tech’ forcing you to purchase their products. Grow up.

  10. I will not comply!! These green raw deal communist will never have God’s power of life and death over me! The right to keep and bear arms, to defend my life with the weapons of my choice, is a right given to all mankind by God! MOLON LABE!!

  11. Nothing in politics happens by accident, it’s all planed. Form the events that bring the need for legislation to the drafting and passage of the laws. Many times the legislation is written, now all that’s needed is a reason to enact it and get the support of the majority of those that oppose it. So the question is who is behind the need to pass new firearms control!! It seems that those that push for legislation may be those that need an event to help their case along. How far are they willing to go to promote their agenda, that is the question? And I believe we have seen the limits that they will take to achieve their goals. Remember you are just a pawn in this game and are expendable to meet an end, of total control. History tells us that the last time our guns were demanded to be surrendered it ended in the founding of this nation, not as it is now but as our Founding Fathers envisioned it and tried to keep it within that vision for ever. All the states wanted to protect their rights and demanded that it be stated in the Constitution but those right weren’t acutely add until after the ratification. “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Those words have been taken form us and may never be returned unless that special event happens that brings the need to restore THE “PEOPLES RIGHTS” TO NOT BE “INFRINGED”!!!

    1. All ‘planed’? Exactly which events were ‘planed’? And who ‘planed’ them? P.S. Plan on buying a dictionary.

  12. Absolutely Terry.

    Today it is “scary black guns.”

    — TOMORROW it will be “Saturday Night Special ASSASSIN” hand guns.

    NEXT it will be “SNIPER RIFLE” hunting rifles.

    The Left WILL NOT STOP until they infringe on ALL GUN RIGHTS.

    They have said it THEMSELVES.

    “This has to be INCREMENTAL — we can’t do it ALL AT ONCE.”

    — they have NO INTENTION on stopping with AR-15s.

    They are trying to CONDITION US into allowing our freedoms to be taken away ONE BY ONE.

    1. …nevermind the “Terry” part.

      This is copied from a response I made to a fellow patriot.

      But the INTENT of the message is still the same.

      The Left WILL NOT STOP until they have disarmed ALL THE OPPOSITION to their loony Socialist ideology.

      Gun owners — to THEM — are an impediment to their TOTAL DOMINATION of American society.

      THEY KNOW the buck stops with us.

  13. If you refuse to believe Trump is pro 2a, just look at his DOJ Barr. The guy who was Attorney General in the early nineties, Barr is famously pro gun control. All DC insiders know Barr’s position on gun control. Barr ran the Ruby Ridge screwup. If Trump appointing Barr for Attorney General does not indicate where Trump is on the gun control spectrum, then you got rocks for brains. You vote for Trump a second time where he knows he won’t have to worry about re election, Trump will sign off on every gun control legislation piece all those RINOs and democrats can pass the the legislature.

  14. This question is for Midsouth Shooters , Why dont you research what the Signers meant when the said “Shall not be Infringed ” , The question here thet should be asked is , WHO determines when we are Being Infringed on , What was the intent of that word at the time of the signing . I will bet my Stetson hat That it is NOT the GOVERNMENT who disides when we are being “INFRINGED” on . I cant be the only one who has wondered about this for the last 50 plus years . Our So called gun rights groups have never spoken on this as far as I know , and I have been on the forfront of the fight for that long. It may seem like a Given to the average Gun owner , But I am asking for us as a whole body , So someone respond if they have knowledge of this ever comeing into question anywhere. Thanks

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