Trump Will NOT Support Universal Background Check Bill

The latest (early this week) reports indicate that President Trump will not support H.R. 8. READ MORE


SOURCE: Brietbart, AWR Hawkins

President Donald Trump is reportedly not planning to include House Democrats’ universal background check bill as part of legislation he supports in response to mass shootings.

The Democrat gun control bill is H.R. 8.

Politico reports that a source familiar with the White House “conversation on guns” indicated that Trump is not going to rally behind H.R. 8.

On September 9, 2019, Breitbart News reported that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asked Trump to support H.R. 8, thereby giving “political cover” to allow other Republicans to support it.

Schumer said, “President Trump has an historic opportunity to save lives by indicating his support for the House-passed bill [H.R. 8]. Speaker Pelosi and I have repeatedly and personally asked him to do this.”

He added, “[President Trump] can lead his party to support something that the NRA has prevented Republicans from supporting for years. That is why Speaker Pelosi and I sent the letter to him today, urging him to give his party political cover to pass … [the] background check legislation.”

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) spoke in favor of Trump’s reported rejection of universal background checks, saying, “The things that [the Democrats] are proposing just aren’t realistic and they know that and so it’s designed more to talk to their political base and it’s a lot more about that than I think an actual solution.”

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13 thoughts on “Trump Will NOT Support Universal Background Check Bill”

  1. I’m sure Chuckie and Nancy have our interests at heart (yeah, right). All they want Trump to do is sign on to gun confiscation so they can take away ALL our guns. The purpose of the Second Amendment is not to allow us to have “muskets and flintlocks” ( like the picture in the email shows), but ensure our ability to fight a tyrannical government, should that ever occur (which the DEMONcRATS are attempting to install with their SOCIALIST ideas). I hope Trump keeps up the good work he has been doing. Get out and vote the idiots (DEMONcRATS, SOCIALISTS, PROGRESSIVES, COMMUNISTS, FASCISTS, or whatever else you want to call them) out of office. WE THE PEOPLE don’t need their kind of “government” here in the United States.

    1. CGA – I’ll see their muskets and flintlocks and raise them Puckle Guns and Girandoni air rifles – as well as being able to obtain Letters Of Marque for armed commerce raiders. The musket crowd has no clue what “arms” denoted. Period.

    2. For those who believe the second amendment was for muskets and flintlocks, I submit the first amendment was made for quill pens and parchment.

  2. Not to rain on anyone’s tirade, but back when the Second Amendment was incorporated into the Constitution, Flintlocks, and Muskets were STATE OF THE ART! They were used by both civilians and military, in fact, some of the surrendered Brown Bess muskets were later sold to civilians for civilian use.
    Please, show a little more sense when you attack the Second Amendment, so far all you’re displaying is your ignorance.
    Sheesh, some do-gooders are painful to encounter…

  3. Trump needs to quit playing word games, and with unmistakeable clarity state that while he is president, gun control, as usually and currently proposed, is about as dead as Custer was, after the battle at The Little Bighorn. Legislative proposals that would hit criminals, not the law biding gun owner hard, as hard as is possible, could well work, but remain unmentioned, unproposed, how come. Indeed, how come?

  4. What does a government do once it disarms its people?
    Anything it wants!

    If you want to see what the democrats are going to do to gun owner, just look at what ANTIFA is already doing, when they’re afraid of gun owners.

  5. Civilians are to have access to common military arms of the day. This means full auto, suppressed, caliber of your choice and these rights are NOT TO BE INFRINGED!!
    The next civil war is only one event away. This could be a natural disaster, earthquake, hurricane, sun spot, or man made, dirty bomb, civil unrest, scandal, gun confiscation, ect.
    The treason and sedition expressed by the communist democrats/media is bone chilling and will not go unpunished in some way.
    I will not comply and if gun confiscations become reality so will civil war.
    Have Americans forgotten world history? Has socialism ever worked? Or, has free market capitalism led to greater prosperity and freed more from poverty than all other governments combined.
    Communism is responsible for over 150,000,000 deaths in the 20th century alone! Let that sink in!
    The new green raw deal is just a way for government to control every aspect of your life and is a last desperate attempt to grab power. When government fears the people you have liberty, when the people fear the government you have tyranny. MOLON LABE

    1. The problem is the children today are NOT taught history. The LIEberals want us to forget history so they can control the government and take over everyone’s lives. Their only endgame is power. Socialism, progressivism, fascism, communism, etc. has never worked and never will because it is a few at the top who get ALL the wealth/power and the rest of us get nothing but taxes and poverty.

  6. Muskets and flintlocks were the weapons of war for that time period. With that logic we should be allowed to have M4’s and SAW rifles without paying the Gov a fee. Which is exactly what the intent of the 2A is all about. So the citizenry could keep its government in check when the other checks and balances have failed to do so.

  7. I would not put much stock in what Trump claims. He is no true friend of the 2nd Amendment. He talks the talk but waffles the walk. What DOES cause him to walk the walk is political pressure brought on by voters, especially with a Federal election just around the corner. ‘When I feel the heat I see the light’ – Former U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen.

  8. The 2an Amendment give ordinary people the right to KEEP and BEAR ARMS. Doesn’t matter the arms.
    You have to remember the muskets in those days were assault weapons. We have come so far in the last 3 years we don’t want to go back. Please people get out VOTE we need these idiots out of office. I’ve been a Democrat for over forty years and I’ve had enough of their politics.
    Democrats hear this WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.
    I’m 1776% sure you WILL NEVER TAKE MY FIREARMS.

  9. Trump is a TRAITOR , If you think he will not vote to strip OUR rights if it becomes politicly in his favor to stay in power your all Crazy . Quit expecting Man to be your savior . our Fathers / Grandfathers were asleep years ago when the time to throw off the chains were ripe . I know its a gut punch to even read the truth anymore but we need to MANUP and deal with it , And NOT hang our Rights on a Lifelong Democrat who had the money and power to run for an Easy position , Because everyone was afraid if the Wicked Witch . Folks , Trump signed the Patriot act , and the NDAA bill Massive spaying on Citzens, as some of his first acts in office , Banned a gun Part [ Bump Stocks ] that gave presidence that the Left was trying to get for the last 40 years . He will NOW or LATER in his second term sign your rights away . [ see NDAA above ] And now for the Mindless Jerks who have nothing to say but , “He was the better choice ” , Is that going to be our Legacy on our Tomb stones .. Not mine , I say vote for the Good Guy or dont waste your time, and have your Grand children curse your name while fighting with the Chains of Tryanny wraped around them . And STOP asking for permission [ Permit] to use your God Given Rights in the first place. Good Luck Boys. Eph 6: 10-20

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