Colorado Student Banned From School For Going Shooting With His Mom

Dang. When I was a kid in Colorado I used to go shooting with the School Superintendent and his kids… This is insane! READ ABOUT IT

loveland high school

SOURCE: by Lesley Hollywood

Justine Myers is your pretty average northern Colorado mom. She loves her kids, supports the troops, praises our first responders, and owns firearms. On Wednesday, Justine picked up her 16 year old son Nate early from school for some mother-son bonding time — she took him shooting, a common northern Colorado hobby.

After a fun afternoon, they return home and get settled in — and the police show up. Nate had posted on his Snapchat that he was going shooting with his mom along with a video (for those who need a little help translating the slang kids use these days “Finna be lit” basically means “Going to be a good time”)… See that HERE

And there’s a VIDEO of him shooting with his mother, who can be heard instructing him.

A report had come in to the police department about the video and they were told Nate was a threat. After showing the videos to the police officers and explaining that they’d simply gone on a mother-son outing to train with their legally owned firearms, the police stated that they had done nothing illegal and were well within their rights. They also determined Nate was not a threat to himself or anyone else, and went on their way.

But it wasn’t over.

The next Justine woke up to a voicemail from Thompson Valley School District where Nate is a junior at Loveland High School in Loveland, Colorado. The voicemail informed Justine that a report had come in claiming Nate was a threat to the school and he was not allowed to return until further notice. The report presumably came through “Safe 2 Tell,” which is essentially an anonymous “red flag” reporting outlet. There are reports that a schoolwide email was also sent to parents about the “threat.” Justine immediately contacted the school assuming she could easily clear things up, especially since the police had already assessed the situation and realized no one had done anything wrong or made any threats. She was wrong. The school not only refused to provide her with more information about the “threat,” but they refused to provide Nate with schoolwork so he didn’t get behind. A “threat assessment hearing” has been scheduled for Thursday morning at 10am at the school admin building where Justine will be allowed to defend her son against SEVEN school officials who will be in attendance to, as she was told, “make their case.” Make their case of what? That Nate’s outing with his mother to train using firearms with her somehow makes him a danger to the school?

I spoke with Justine, as well as two different attorneys who specialize in Second Amendment issues. The bottom line is the school is legally within their rights at this time. According to the attorneys, the school has a protocol that must be followed when a report of a threat comes in through Safe 2 Tell or other means, even if the report is completely false — and there is nothing parents or students can legally do about it, even with a lawyer. If the student is charged or further action is taken, that changes. This is why students have dubbed Safe 2 Tell as “Safe 2 Swat,” referencing the act of “swatting,“ a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service into sending a police and emergency service response team to another person’s address. The person who will face no repercussions? The false accuser. As for Nate, he has aspirations to join the military and is now worried this incident will go on his permanent school record with far-reaching implications.

If this happens to you or your child, what should you do?

1.) Don’t talk to the police.
2.) Be prepared for a visit from CPS.
3.) Consider moving your firearms to safe place until it is cleared up.
4.) Contact us for lawyer referrals and moral support. HERE

We’ve had some people accuse us of this story being fabricated. We don’t fabricate stories. The mother is a member of our organization [Rocky Mountain Gun Owners] and we reached out to help her. We have both email and voicemails from the school but chose to not publish them out of fear of readers doxxing the school employees (something we’d rather not be held legally liable for). The story is breaking. Click HERE for another source.

Additionally, Complete Colorado, a news and commentary source in the state, sent Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams the Snapchat with no context to what was happening and asked him how he would interpret the post, he said it appeared to him someone got a new gun and was excited to go shoot it.

When told of the outcome, Reams could not believe one person’s fears were causing such a shakeup for another. He said this is the perfect example of the damage a Red Flag Law can do.

“People base their apprehension on their own paradigm and their own fear of guns and gun culture,” Reams said. “One kid is totally excited to go out and train on how to use a gun responsibly, while another kid is totally freaked out about seeing a gun.”


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  1. Yes, and California wants to extend red flag laws beyond family members and the police, to co-workers, schools and students. I work with people that don’t even think the _police_ should be armed, let alone a private citizen. They think that merely owning a gun is a sign of mental illness.

    “Hello, Police Department? My co-worker said he has a GUN! and is going to the range, probably to PRACTICE KILLING PEOPLE!! He’s CRAZY! Come get him!!”

    Gee, what could go wrong?

    1. Red Flag Law is Unconstutionel The President and the Supreme Court needs to get involved in this Law, ASAP,

  2. This is frightening. As a California teacher I already have to keep my hobby to myself and remain quiet whenever the topic of “gun control” and “red flag laws” come up. I can easily imagine a student or parent “feeling threatened” simply because they know I support Second Amendment rights and losing my job and/or pension with an assumption based on someones misinformation and media based fear. I can recall when students would bring in a shell from their first deer hunt in order to share their pride in their first harvest. Those days are gone, and they were only a few years ago. This insanity has got to stop.

  3. As we saw in the Judge Kavanaugh hearings, the libs have changed the rule of law to “guilty, now prove you’re innocent.”

    1. You forgot part of that. You are guilty until proven innocent UNLESS you are in lockstep with their liberal policies and ideals, or you are a politician of that same ilk. Either one of those qualifiers makes you “innocent until proven guilty”. Take Virginia’s Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax as a prime example. Two credible women made accusations RIGHT AFTER THE KAVANAUGH hearings, but all we heard was “we need to wait and see”. Hypocrites at their finest.

  4. Social media is something to shun. I have a face book account that I use to keep track of old classmates. Never post anything else. PLEASE do not expose yourself to they trolls that are out there looking for excuse to jump on you. Twitter and facebook are destroying the moral fiber of this country.

    1. No, Twitter and Facebook are REFLECTING the moral fiber of this country. To believe otherwise is like claiming mirrors make you fat.

    2. I originally was going to come on here and comment about the lesson to be learned from all this is? Don’t let your kids post shit on social media… Even better, get them off of it.
      But you basically beat me to it.

      Been trying to say that for a long long time now.
      Social Media is one of (if not the) biggest contributor to many of the problems that we have today. Sure, it can be a great thing if used correctly but many cant use it correctly and get pulled in to the downward spiral that they (social media outlets) create.. All sorts of mental ailments have been on a rise over the last dozen or so years and not so ironically, they have followed trend lines with social media usage.

  5. This story needs to be updated. The student has been reinstated and the schools policy is under review to prevent this kind of situation from happening again.

    Phil in TX

  6. As Phil in TX says, it is disappointing that the whole story is not included in this article, as the school did later come hat in hand to correct this travesty, and by now every article on the subject should be able to add that fact. Nonetheless, it is beyond corrupt that, in our country, things like this are allowed to happen, creating injustice by the very snowflake mindset that pretends to care so much about justice. It is time for Americans to wake up and start thinking about how “good intentions” do not measure up to truly responsible thought and action. Believing you can fly around on a winged unicorn is not nearly as effective as designing and building a functional aircraft. Reality needs to start coming into the picture, alongside all the supposedly lofty, actually freedom destroying ideas that have been progressively ruining our country for decades.

    1. Actually, what is needed is some good old common sense. DON’T post your personal behavior on the internet or social media if said behavior could be viewed as controversial. Pretty simple.

      1. So much for free speech. Just curl up and die, rather than say anything that society might judge you for. And, boy, is society ever out to judge people these days! Obsolete saying: “It’s a free country.”

  7. Worst advise ever…..When your child is being investigated by Police as a reported possible threat at school “don’t talk to Police”…. The Police “finding no evidence of a threat” is the only defense you have in this instance and the only way to fight back when the Libtards try to turn a Constitutionally protected act into a so called “threat”.

  8. the constitution says we have the right to look at our accuser.
    there for any law that protects the identity of the accuser is unconstitutional. but even more so its sets a precedent for gross abuse by accusers for personal gain or to damage someone else!!!!!!

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