NASCAR Chooses Anti-Gun Stance

Unbelievable news folks! NASCAR rejects gun ads, cites “gradual shift” on attitude toward guns. READ MORE

nascar crash
Looks like this is where NASCAR might be heading with gun owners.

SOURCE: article by David Dolbee, and other sources

One of the largest professional sports organizations on the planet, and one of the most popular, is risking losing the faith and support of a large segment of their fan base.

Nascar’s “Gradual Shift”
In March and April 2019, several firearms retailers and manufacturers were contacted by National Event Publications, official media sales agent for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA, NHRA, and USA Today Lifestyle. The pitch was to buy advertising in the official program for the last 26 races of the season. K-Var, a well respected figure in the firearms industry, opted to advertise, as did at least 16 other manufacturers or retailers including CZ-USA, Beretta, Daniel Defense, and others. The deadline to have artwork submitted for approval was April 19, 2019. Then, on August 19, 2019 (four months later) K-Var was contacted by National Event Publications with the following message:

“We just heard from NASCAR on a number of gun related ads and unfortunately, due a gradual shift in NASCAR’s position on guns, these ads must be edited/changed — especially those that are depicted as assault-style rifles/sniper rifles. NASCAR is still open to some of the less controversial gun accessories, concealed carry, or classes.”

nascar banned ad
Here’s the ad that K-Var had banned by NASCAR.

Did you know NASCAR was going through a “gradual shift on guns?” What does that even mean? NASCAR has allowed ads from firearms manufacturers for several years. AK-47s, AR-15s, and scoped rifles have all been featured in the past, so, by that statement, it can only mean that NASCAR is marching toward a complete anti-gun stance — it is just slow rolling it for some reason.

We can only wonder what NASCAR might be thinking, or if they’re thinking at all. We don’t have figures in hand, but one can only imagine that a good percentage of their fan base are gun owners, it might be 50 percent, 80 percent, 20 percent, more, less, but it’s bound to be enough that this “gradual shift” will backfire beyond their imagination. Winston Churchill said it many years ago: ‘Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’ Do they not know the ramifications, the fervent uproar and boycotts the pro Second Amendment supporters have waged against the likes of Dick’s Sporting Goods or Yeti Coolers? All Yeti had to do was state it was cutting ties with the NRA for political reasons to earn the ire of the pro firearms forces, which expressed their displeasure in rather spectacular fashion. What will they do with NASCAR?

Gander Outdoors sponsors the NASCAR Truck Series. Does NASCAR realize all that is for sale at Gander? Bass Pro Shops sponsors a car. Has NASCAR checked out what Bass Pro is selling? This all happened after the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Reports now say Henry USA is vying for a new NASCAR sponsorship. The mixed messaging leaves many scratching their heads.

Whether or not you are a NASCAR fan, do you think the majority of its fanbase is pro Second Amendment or pro gun control? Does anyone really believe an overwhelming majority of NASCAR fans are not going to rebel at NASCAR’s “gradual shift?”

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18 thoughts on “NASCAR Chooses Anti-Gun Stance”

  1. NASCAR fans are pro USA which also means pro gun. Proud American citizens aren’t going to stand for this. How could NASCAR have been infiltrated by such stupidity?

  2. NASCAR has been circling the drain for some time now. This just continues the trend of abandoning the culture which created it in favor of becoming just another second rate reality TV show. Hopefully someone will put NASCAR out of its misery soon.

  3. NASCAR fans walk away over ignoring guns??
    Wake up!! They won’t walk away until there is no more racing fuel available…EVER!!
    They are right there with “hunters”. Most hunters I know don’t even care about gun rights. After all, “They’ll never come after my hunting rifle”
    Followed right up by, “You don’t need all those crazy guns”.
    Sadly, we gun enthusiasts (not just hunters) are a shrinking minority.

    1. Cea, I seriously doubt we are a minority. After all, there are 150 million gun owners in America. Dick,s Sporting Goods didn’t learn a lesson when they quit putting sporting rifles on their shelves. Now they are saying they are not having any hunting rifles or accessories at all. They lost money the first go around, I hope they go bankrupt this time. Yes, I think the fans will start dwindling away from Nascar just as Nascar is stepping away from firearms. Just saying.

      1. I was thinking of the 150 million gun owners in America too.
        Again, I believe that most are “hunters”. The NRA has somewhere around 5 million (give or take…) members. The other gun rights organizations probably account for another couple of million members, with a good part of them belonging to multiple gun rights organizations. I personally believe that those gun owners, the members of GOA, RTKBA, SAF and the NRA, are those that believe in, and care about, gun rights.
        Why, of those 150 million, are there only 5-7 million rights activists? Of course, not everyone has to do something. But if you cared enough, or believe in something enough, you most probably would become an activist, or support activists groups.
        Because the remaining 145 million, don’t care about (or don’t believe there are threats against) gun rights ENOUGH to become active. If any of them were concerned, even a little, they would (I believe…) do something, anything, to help preserve the rights of gun ownership. I think that the majority of gun owners, are completely ignorant to what is going on. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. So, MOST gun owners do nothing.

      2. So, what I forgot to say is this, as gun owners concerned about our rights, compared to the total number of gun owners in this country, we are certainly, a minority. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need to have these conversations.

  4. Easy to walk away. After COT and trend towards minorities in the sport we should have seen this coming. I am done as of today. Bristol and the NEW this year was a dud.

  5. Its very sad to see how these simpletons who become famous or positions of power monopolize by discriminating against freedoms of law abiding citizens and corporations to make their own statement or political correctness because they do not have the back bone to be their own. Instead they cave to the propaganda and lies of the liberals and their vile agenda.

    I guess NASCAR will be another industry to be put on the black list for me. They are getting to big for their britches. They must be special to feel like its okay to step on American tradition and freedoms. Its been smeared by a few sick individuals that go out and make their point by killing people, then these simple people who become famous or powerful then use it for a excuse to blame law abiding Americans and their companies then infringe on their freedoms.

  6. Does anyone remember the story about Bill France, Sr., repelling a drivers’ coup attempt with a gun? This ain’t your daddy’s NASCAR. I’ll be doing something else on Sunday afternoons, after nearly 40 years of faithful NASCAR watching.

  7. Yawn. NASCAR is about as exciting as watching golf or bowling. If it went away intelligent Americans could care less.

  8. Inevitable. The progunners are going to have to more about the proliferation of military style weapons before the pendulum swings the other way. We’ll see more DICK’S and NASCARS in the meantime.

  9. I pledged to boycott all who turned against gun owners and guns. Most recently, Starbucks, even Wal-Mart have jumped on the bandwagon. Now NASCAR? I’ve always been an avid racing fan since my teenage years now until my 60’s. NASCAR jumps on that bandwagon, I’ll watch INDY or sleep, but not watch or support any whom advocate ending the 2nd amendment or gun control, or whom blame gun owners for the problems of a morally deficient population whom allows those who have become soul-less to participate in gun violence without due punishment.

  10. I guess now nascar will ban fast cars because they might hurt someone. Race Cars Don’t wreck themselves. The driver does. Gun vilolence isn’t caused by the Gun. It is caused by felons. I’ve never seen a firearm convicted in court for harming anyone but the courts are full of sick people who want to harm others These sociopaths use other means of harming humans ie- rocks, knives, bats, poison, bombs etc…not just guns! So NASCAR don’t Shoot yourself with this lunacy!!!

  11. This has gotten out of control. There are four places where people pay to hunt its odd that all four places are up for sale! And all this b.s gun control. Some business giving in to these control freaks. And all you gun owners that do not say or get involved. This time its getting bad this anti gun nonsense. To all gun owners it time to make your voice heard or we are going to not only lose our gun rights we will lose this country period. These anti gun anti freedom control freaks want to destroy our country. Not on my watch.

  12. This is another example of the minority controlling the majority. All the press seems to go to the radical agenda, gun control, gay rights, eliminate our constitution, etc. I have personally stop patronizing many places because they decide to go against the very things that made this country and I will now stop supporting NASCAR just as I have stop shopping at Dick’s and others. One positive in all this is more patriotic Americans are finally stepping up and voicing their opposition and stance, including me. The silent majority needs change to the loud majority in a positive way.

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