How Do You Protect Your Guns at Home?

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Jason Hanson

A few months ago, police in Las Vegas, Nevada, released a troubling report —

Three hundred guns were stolen from homes in a period of 40 days!

Obviously, Las Vegas is a big city. But the scary thing is there are 300 more guns in the hands of bad guys who might be willing to use them to commit more crimes. According to Officer Larry Hadfield, “People get their firearms stolen, and the same people that are committing these crimes commit other crimes.”

The sad fact is most people don’t think about locking up their guns until it’s too late. Another factor is that many states (Nevada is one) have no gun registration. So when a firearm is stolen, it’s difficult to track or verify if it ends up being used in a crime.

As gun owners, we are responsible for our firearms whether they are on our person or stored in our home. I’m a big fan of home security systems that include cameras and other layers of added protection.

But here are some more specific things you can do to protect your firearms — in addition to the security measures you should already have in place for your home:

Rapid-Access Safes
This type of safe typically uses RFID or similar technology to open quickly when you need to access your firearm. They can be opened with biometric technology, a card, bracelet or key fob and are a great way to keep others from getting to your guns.

Rapid-access safes are the perfect size for a nightstand or dresser. In fact, my home defense pistols (a Sig Sauer P226 and Springfield 1911) are stored in a rapid-access safe on my nightstand. I recommend looking at Hornady and Gunbox rapid-access safes.

hornady rapid access

To keep a criminal from walking off with the safe, secure it with a cable that runs down the back of your nightstand and is fastened to a large piece of furniture. Even if a criminal goes straight to your nightstand, they won’t be able to take the safe with them because the safe is anchored and the cable can’t be cut.

Gun Safes
You might think this is obvious. However, there are several factors to consider when it comes to gun safes — I can assure you all gun safes are not created equal. Plus, a gun safe is something you don’t want to go cheap on because it’s so important.

A large, quality safe will run you a few thousand dollars. A large safe will be difficult to move unless you have the right equipment and a number of people to lift it. The majority of criminals won’t even try to move a massive safe.

In addition to being heavy, safes of this caliber are very secure. They are extremely difficult to break into — unlike what you see in the movies.

Generally, most thieves who break into a home want to grab as many valuables as they can and quickly leave. They won’t spend hours trying to crack a large gun safe. Safes made by Winchester and Liberty are great options.

Wall Safes
This might seem like another obvious choice for secure firearm storage, but the fact is wall safes are a perfect way to store guns because they are easily concealed. You could install a wall safe behind a picture, mirror, clock — basically anything you can hang on your wall.

Even if a criminal uncovers your wall safe, they most likely won’t have the time or tools to pry it out. One wall safe I recommend checking out is made by Console Vault. Their Wall Vault sells for around $270.

Hidden Safes
These days, more and more companies are selling furniture with hidden compartments for firearms — beds, dressers, bookcases, clocks and more. In my opinion, this isn’t the most secure way to store firearms, but it is an option many people prefer.

tactical walls safe

One reputable company that makes this type of furniture is called Tactical Walls. This company sells everything from tables to clocks to lamps to stash concealed firearms. Most of their products utilize RFID technology to open the storage compartment which keeps your guns instantly accessible in an emergency.

Like I said, this isn’t necessarily the most secure way to store firearms, but I know many people would rather have an extra piece of furniture in their home instead of a massive safe. Plus, how many street criminals are smart enough to recognize a piece of furniture designed to store a gun and then be able to figure out how to open it?

The Bottom Line
Ultimately, the best thing you can do to lower the chances of your firearms being stolen is to have multiple layers of home security including an alarm system, cameras, a dog AND a safe. If you have children or grandchildren, please take the extra steps to ensure all guns in your home are secure and inaccessible to kids.

Even if you live alone, I highly suggest using some type of safe or hidden storage area for your firearms. If you have a plumber or an electrician in your home, you don’t want them to see guns lying around. Even if they’re honest, you never know who they’ll share that information with.

Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. To get a free copy of his book, visit

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3 thoughts on “How Do You Protect Your Guns at Home?”

  1. While I agree with gun safe idea (and all my mine are secured that way). I disagree with gun registration being used to track stolen guns. A friend had his guns stolen several years ago and they were registered under the Clark Country Blue Card system (a handgun registration system put into effect during the mob years in the 1950’s to stop mobsters from carrying handguns). Several years later during an inquiry he asked about his guns. The officer did some checking. They had found the stolen guns a couple of years after they stolen, but never notified him and the guns were destroyed as untraceable. He was pretty pissed. At first they told him they had notified him, but he wasn’t at the right address (he’s been at the same house his entire time in Vegas). Then they told him they had put an ad in the local paper per their policies and he didn’t respond. Yea like we all read the notices section of paper. Yet in the Blue Card system, it had his address and current phone number with no changes. Later on during the attempts to get rid of it, three different sheriffs over several years couldn’t tell the state legislature how the program cost and how crimes they’d solved using it. The State Legislature finally got rid of it. Now a bunch of Democrats have put in place a Universal Background Check System, which all the Sheriffs across the state have said they will not enforce.

  2. You CAN NOT kid proof your guns. You need to GUN PROOF your kids. And I will bet a new nickel those criminals who ripped off the firearms in Nevada have been arrested MULTIPLE TIMES and released AGAIN AND AGAIN by a worthless, lenient criminal justice ‘system’ that coddles punks who need to be INCARCERATED for LONG sentences (with no parole).

  3. My firearms stay locked up. Other than my defensive firearms, all my guns are double locked. My daughter knows how to handle firearms, and that she is not allowed to touch firearms without me there.
    I also have pictures of every single firearm I own , a wide shot and a serial number shot. I have those pictures available to me so that I can send them to LE should an incident occur and the need arise. This is in addition to a video walk through of the house once a year where everything gets recorded for insurance. Other than building a genuine Burt Gummer rec room, I figure that’s about all I can do. Lord help them if they come in while I’m there.

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