8 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader Overview: Forster Co-Ax Quick Change Jaws”

  1. I can’t help but laugh every time he call it a Forester Co-Ax. There’s no middle E in Forster!

  2. Co-Ax press is nice, but nothing beats the spent primer catcher system and the automatic case ejector from Inline Fabrication on the Lee Classic Reloader. I’ve never seen an automatic case ejector for the Co-Ax. I own both presses, and always choose the Lee Classic for single stage reloading.

  3. I bought this press in 1979 when it was manufactured by Bonanza. The precision is excellent. It has worked great for years. I have reloaded thousands of rounds of rifle and handgun ammo through it. I’ve loaded with buddies who have RCBS, and Lee. They’re good machines, but I prefer my Bonanza. However, I have purchased parts and accessories since Forester took over, and the quality isn’t as good. It’s not bad quality. It’s just not as good.

  4. What a joke! Did the engineers actually think when they were designing the press? The mechanical engineers (idiots) who designed this did not think about simplicity first. I will stick with my RCBS or Lee presses.

    1. This comment was made by someone who never used one. If already have another press, don’t try one of these. If you ever do you will spend your next several reloading sessions wishing you had one of these.

  5. “Foresters” are made by Subaru.

    “Forsters” manufactures re-loaders.

    Get it right!

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