Washington: New Lead Regulations Would Target Shooting Ranges

Stricter regulations could mean great expense for shooting ranges and retailers. We’ll keep up with this one, but here’s where it starts… READ MORE

lead on ranges


The Washington Department of Labor and Industries Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) has released an updated draft of the lead rules they originally released last year following stakeholder meetings. These proposed regulations will impose complicated and expensive burdens on shooting ranges and retailers, potentially making it difficult for some to continue operations. DOSH will be holding additional stakeholder meetings to discuss these proposed regulations. Shooting ranges are vital to the safe practice and exercise of our constitutionally protected Second Amendment right to self-defense, and maintaining access to shooting ranges is a top priority for NRA.

Existing federal and state law already provides extensive regulation of lead in the workplace. In addition to the federal requirements under the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Washington also has regulations in place regarding workplace lead exposure and has enforced these regulations through inspections and citations. This draft regulation proposes new and much more demanding requirements that significantly exceed compliance under existing law without providing any clarification on their need. Furthermore, there have been no economic impact studies on the effect these regulations will have on small businesses.

Your NRA will continue to actively participate as a stakeholder in the development of these new rules in meetings with the Department of Labor and Industries. We will provide ongoing input on the impact the proposal will have on gun ranges, retailers, and our shooting community.


7 thoughts on “Washington: New Lead Regulations Would Target Shooting Ranges”

  1. One only has to look at what an mess the EPA made over lead by evaluating the restrictions placed on military training at Camp Edwards Massachusetts. The millions spent developing tungsten for bullets on baseless science that in the end was finally proved to be false. Lead does NOT migrate into groundwater as they “claimed”, while tungsten moves at the speed of light. So let’s talk about best range practices then…..another non-scientific way to stop ranges from operations….

    1. Now what? If they can’t stop you any other way, they will have you dragged into court and sue you for lead poisoning a burglar you shoot in self-defense?

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