NRA’s Number Two Resigns, NRA Shuts Down NRA TV

No shock, Chris Cox has resigned his position at NRA. Here’s more in this developing story that’s now taken NRATV off the air too. READ MORE

Chris Cox
Chris Cox

SOURCE: Tactical Wire

Chris Cox, the former head of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) has resigned his position. Last week, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre placed Cox on leave and accused the man many believed to be his evenutal successor of having aided in a failed “coup” attempt against LaPierre by former NRA President Oliver North. In the announcement of Cox’s departure to NRA employees, LaPierre thanked Cox “for his service to the NRA.” This latest development follows the announcement by LaPierre that the NRA was shutting down production of its online streaming network, NRATV. The Outdoor Wire has also acquired a communication between the NRA and its former agency Ackerman McQueen in which the NRA’s Andrew Arulanandam “demands immediate delivery of all materials by Section XLC of the Services Agreement, including all Confidential Information (as defined by the Services Agreement).” The letter also says that “if AMc damages or converts the NRA’s property, or if the NRA perceives an imminent risk of the same, the NRA will pursue legal recourse.” The acrimonious parting of the ways has been accompanied by a myriad of charge, counter-charges and lawsuits between the NRA and Ackerman McQueen.


19 thoughts on “NRA’s Number Two Resigns, NRA Shuts Down NRA TV”

  1. great!! just what we need. Some power hungry people to SCREW up an organization and RUIN it!

    1. Glad to see this compromising, neocon orginization on it’s way out. It’s membership would be welcome at GOA, but we do not compromise our God given rights like the NRA has done in recent times.

  2. Cox is a good guy who has served the NRA faithfully for years. I have no comment about NRATV, but it seems to me that there were legitimate concerns about LaPierre’s $5 million salary and profligate spending on clothes and travel which Cox and Oliver North tried to address.

    Maybe they could have handled it better, but I think the questions need to be asked. Now LaPierre is cleaning house of all “disloyal” members, which isn’t good. Loyalty should be to the organization, not the highly paid figurehead.

  3. I have had to drop out of the NRA in the past because of week positions, is it time to repeat?
    With the balance of freedom in our great country on the line this is no time to have internal strife.
    I have never been much of a fan of LaPierre and this latest reinforces my position.
    LaPierre has seemed to use his position for questionable perks for years. I have sent letters regarding some of this in the past which he did not answer.

    I will be glad to give full support to the NRA again, when LaPierre is gone.

    1. No wonder we get so many requests for money from them. $239,000 for Hollywood clothes for LaPerirre? I have been a Life member since 1962 and they won’t get another dime until he’s gone.

      1. The NRA would have been a lot better off with Neal Knox running the NRA. The LaPierre/Hammer team has cost the NRA all credibility. NRA Benefactor, Life member since 1967!

        No more money until LaPierre/Hammer are GONE!!!!

  4. When LaPierre is gone….

    Mighty Men Of Valor serve in the interest of the people who support them. LaPierre surves himself as he has focused on his advancement and not 2A . Seems LaPierre has studied Willam Agee’s path to success while destroying the “Host” (MK). Way past time for him to go.

  5. I’m so sorry to see this quarreling over what is said. After all we the people do have free speech. Listen to what is said and take it into the interest of the NRA. Suggestion may be wrong when all is not known of a situation, but don’t go off the deep end and start firing folks for their thinking. This worries me to no end. if this bickering keeps up, then I will stop being a member.

  6. I like Ollie North, Chris Cox, and Wayne LaPierre. I am sorry this has happened but I am sticking with the NRA. There are things that happen at the top of all big and great organizations and at times like this there is no place for quitters.

  7. We are the NRA Family. We will work through this. Last thing we need is members dropping out. That is exactly what “they” want. We must remain strong and keep our objectives in sight. None of us like to think our money has been misused , but leaving the NRA isn’t the answer. The NRA knows we want this issue resolved…and I feel it will be. Hard to recruit New Members, and GROW, when established Members are jumping ship. Just a little bump in the road, lets stay strong !

  8. Five MILLION (5,000,000) members? We’re doing something right! Will everyone just hang on till the smoke clears and we can see what actually happened, please?
    Thank you.
    DOUG out

  9. Chris Cox was a driving force behind several states removing “shall not be infringed” from the state constitutions gun rights. In my opinion Cox leaving is the best thing to happen to NRA. For an in-depth study of this situation search “strict scrutiny” vs. “shall not be infringed.”

  10. I finally went for a lifetime membership hoping the begging for more funds would subside but it just takes on a different face. My problem is that with having to be a frugal individual due to a fixed income, I find it interesting to see how the NRA can offer all these contests and prizes when they are constantly asking for money so the NRA won’t “shut down”. Come on now, we’ve been fed this same kind of nonsense for years now and they are still around. when I heard that Mr. North was gone and now Mr. Cox it reminded me of similar times in the past when power struggles have taken place. There is always someone who thinks they can do a better job than the rest and the true meaning of the organization takes a beating. I think they should have to think more like I do and make the best of what you have and appreciate it too. If Mr. Lapierre is spending so much on clothes and travel to impress everybody, why doesn’t he find somebody to take care of his hair instead of looking like he just ran his fingers through it before coming on camera.

  11. I think of Oliver North as an American Hero. To find out he was asked to step down because he inquired about excessive spending was very disappointing. Now I understand what all the fund drives are about. Yes, there are always administrative costs involved when running a large organization like NRA. However, a quarter of a million dollars for Wayne’s wardrobe. Horse Hockey! This is precisely what is wrong with our country today. Washington is full of narcissistic want-to-be dictators intent on securing their wealth and power at the expense of the people they are suppose to work for while, slowly but surely, taking away our constitutional rights. It is time for Wayne to leave and the NRA to get back to what it does best, “Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights”!

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