Elderly NY Man Kills Repeat Burglars, Is Charged For Using Inherited Gun, Loses His Home

New York gun laws are beyond ridiculous! Folks this really happened, and really still is happening as you read this. SEE IT ALL

Ronald Stolarczyk

SOURCE: Bizpacreview.com by Vivek Saxena

Imagine being arrested and losing your home after two repeat burglars break into your house again and rush toward you with the possible intention of murdering you. This exact scenario played out in New York late last month thanks to the far-left state’s draconian gun control laws.

A 64-year-old Deerfield homeowner was charged with illegal firearm possession and arrested after he used a gun he’d inherited from his deceased father to kill two repeat burglars. Then upon his release from a jail a couple of days later, he found himself homeless because his house had been condemned.

Around 3:00 pm or so on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 28, Deerfield resident Ronald Stolarczyk reportedly returned home, only to find a burglary in progress.

“He told me that when they were coming up the stairs, that as they approached him, that he was scared to death and he thought they were going to kill him,” his attorney, Mark Wolber, said to local station WKTV, describing what’d occurred that day.

“One of the troopers said, ‘Did you see anything in their hands?’ He said, ‘I didn’t look at their hands, I just saw them coming at me and I thought to myself, at that point, that it’s either them or me,’ and he just started firing.”

Burglar Patricia Anne Talerico reportedly died at the scene, while burglar Nicholas Talerico ran to a neighbor for help, was driven by the neighbor to a nearby hospital and subsequently died there.

Case closed, right? Not in New York …

Because Stolarczyk had never registered his deceased father’s gun, he was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a firearm. The good news is that Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara doesn’t intend to also charge him with homicide, even if the Talericos had been unarmed.

“At this point in time, we have no reason to believe they were armed, but under the law, Mr. Stolarczyk, the law doesn’t require them to be armed for Mr. Stolarczyk to defend himself against a burglar,” McNamara said to WKTV.

Phew …

Update: According to police, it appeared that the suspects had burglarized Ronald Stolarczyk’s home previously and were returning to burglarize it again, adding that they found items belonging to Stolarczyk in one of the suspects’ home.

The bad news is that Stolarczyk faces up to four years in prison on the firearm charge alone. Moreover, after McNamara allowed him to be released without paying bail last week, he discovered that he’s now homeless thanks to the meddling authorities.

Speaking with The Post-Standard, McNamara explained why —
“Stolarczyk appears to be a hoarder, McNamara said, and among the items he collected were Commodore and Atari computers,” the Syracuse-based outlet reported. “The home has no electricity and no running water, the DA said. The home has been condemned due to its condition, he said.”

As a result, the poor guy’s now homeless.

“After this incident, Stolarczyk’s house was condemned, and he’s not able to go back,” WKTV reported after his release from jail. “Wolber says Stolarczyk is being provided with temporary shelter and benefits through Social Services.”

And he still has to deal with the pending charge: “He’s due back in court August 5. His attorney is asking for a dismissal of the charges in the interest of justice.”

There is a GoFundMe page.

“Ronald Stolarczyk defended his home from two intruders intent on burglarizing his home and now he is sitting in jail facing a felony charge because he used his deceased fathers revolver,” the page reads.

“This is Un-American and Un-Constitutional! People have a right to keep and bear arms and defend their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! And government shouldn’t be violating or infringing on those rights. Those rights that men and woman died for!”

The page is run by Aaron Dorn of New Hartford, a local gun rights advocate.

“This is [about] more then what happened in Ronald’s home,” the page continues. “[T]his is about standing up to tyranny, a tyrannical government that does not respect the constitution or the people. This is about sending a message to the DA and the pansies in Albany and Washington that want to take away our rights to posses a firearm, any firearm, without having to jump through hopes and pay them fees on something we already have a right to.”

The issue isn’t necessarily so much that gun owners in New York are required to register their weapons, though some believe that too is tyrannical and unconstitutional.

The issue is rather that local officials are so fanatical in their enforcement of this controversial rule that they’re willing to charge a guy who was just burglarized and almost killed.

If local officials had a heart, they’d cut Stolarczyk a break and just say something like, “Hey, we won’t charge you or anything because of what you’ve been through, but please do us a favor and go ahead and register your father’s gun. Thanks, pal.”

But it gets worse …

The Post-Standard reported that there was a third person involved in the burglary — a driver.

And because she’s been “cooperating,” McNamara’s office has chosen to not charge her …

FYI, Stolarczyk has also been cooperating: “Stolarczyk has cooperated fully, and told authorities he shot the two in the front area of their bodies as they came at him, the DA said.”

And what has he received for this cooperation? Homelessness and a potential prison sentence.

Nice …



14 thoughts on “Elderly NY Man Kills Repeat Burglars, Is Charged For Using Inherited Gun, Loses His Home”

  1. New Yawk, Californicate, Chitcago, and MinneSnowta are good places to LEAVE!
    Their laws are made by a bunch of perverts!

    1. So they must have been elected by perverts! They did not fall out of the sky into office.

    2. Minnesota has no laws like that! What the hell are you talking about dipshit? Our gun control laws aren’t as bad as a lot of other states although any gun control laws are unconstitutional.

  2. I thought elected officials took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution when entering office. If they aren’t, then throw them out of office, without delay. Get people in office that think this is a great country to live in, and that is because we have a Constitution to live by and guide us. You can’t pick and choose which articles and amendments you want to follow. The people need to hold our elected officials accountable. Too many sit back quietly and let tyranny get a deeper and deeper toehold on our country.

  3. is there a legal fund to help restore his home and reverse his conviction. Boycott New York and all its products.

  4. I think we should be able to defend our family our home and property such as a tradesman’s truck full of the tools he makes his living with against s chum bags with lethal force if we could the crime rate will drop quickly for a number of reasons.

  5. Another law abiding American hammered for no reason by a tyrannical government. God bless him! New York, please do the right thing and drop all charges and tell Lucifer to F_ck off.

  6. We have been patient. We have and continue to work within that chain-link, barbed wire fence called “The Law”. We have harnessed our “Rage”, our disgust, our overwhelming feeling of sickness as we watch the Republic we love, we honor, we bleed for, even in foreign lands at the whims of a corrupt government.
    We play by the rules, the same ones they break and subvert.
    They’ve changed the definition of Law and Order to Injustices and Deceitful. At what point do we reclaim Justice, Truth and our Nation by “Right”???

  7. This is were the NRA needs to step in and help this man protect his constitutional right to keep a bear arms! He probably had the gun so long that he thought that he didn’t need to register it! This is where government, with the swipe of a pen, turns law abiding citizens into convicted felons! Please, hire this guy a lawyer because if he gets convicted, he will be a felon and never be able to own a firearm again! And those politicians will have done what they have set out to do. Take the guns away from another American citizen!

  8. As a California native, it is depressing to discover that there are states that are actually a little worse than California; it tells me we haven’t hit bottom yet. In this case, however, it doesn’t surprise me. It was massive migration of liberals from the Northeast many years ago that began the destruction of my state.

  9. Elitists,our government and extreme gun control advocates intend to get every firearm registered and do away with any high capacity firearm. They know they can’t have their wet dream of no firearms.They will live with 5 rounds maximum or less, full registration, and the authority to tell you what firearms you can and can’t own. The government controlled media will be one of the tools used to accomplish this.Notice the female broadcaster was “sound biting” unregistered firearm as if registration were a given. Yet no attention to the issue that registration is still a controversial .They are targeting future generations by pounding registration as the norm. Very sad indeed.

  10. They were elected by perverts. The perverts in NYC, Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton, Ithaca, etc. They out vote upstate conservatives every single year. This crap is exactly why I left NY, NEVER to return. Left in 2018, now in the GREAT State of Oklahoma. I didn’t have to shovel or snowblow one inch of that wretched white stuff this past winter. Having the time of my life at Murray State College in the Gunsmithing Program.

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