MSNBC Accidentally Stumbles On Defense Of 2nd Amendment Over Gov’t Violence In Venezuela

What it looks like when you’re ‘mugged by reality.’ At :30 in it gets serious… READ IT ALL

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SOURCE:, Carlos Garcia

Viewers of the progressive cable news network MSNBC were stunned to hear a justification for 2nd Amendment gun rights after violence broke out in Venezuela by the government against their unarmed citizenry.

MSNBC news anchor Andrea Mitchell was speaking to their correspondent Kerry Sanders when he made what sounded like a common gun rights argument.

“This is taking longer than they thought,” said Mitchell of the U.S. efforts to unseat Venezuelan dictator Maduro, “despite the sanctions, despite the pressure, with the help of Russia and other outside forces, Maduro is hanging on.”

“Not only hanging on,” agreed Sanders, “but he appears to still control the military. You have to understand that in Venezuela, gun ownership is not something that is open to everybody, so if the military have the guns, they have the power. And as long as Nicolas Maduro controls the military, he controls the country.”

Sanders was unwittingly making the argument for gun rights in order to secure the liberty of the people against what often veers into government tyranny.

“And Juan Guaido and his supporters have tried to peacefully protest,” Sanders explained, “they have gathered in large numbers. What we saw today when he met early this morning and stood there in front of those wearing uniforms, appear to be rank and file members who have switched their allegiance. We have seen over the recent months, those who have switched their allegiance, but not en masse.”

The surprise defense of gun rights from a network that often defends and advocates for greater gun control was widely celebrated on social media by proponents of the 2nd Amendment.

Here’s the video of MSNBC becoming gun-woke:


9 thoughts on “MSNBC Accidentally Stumbles On Defense Of 2nd Amendment Over Gov’t Violence In Venezuela”

  1. I don’t see why any viewers would be stunned. I don’t see anything that justifies a correlation between the violence in Venezuela and the U.S. Constitution. I certainly can’t understand why proponents of the 2nd. Amendment would have anything to celebrate. My question to you Glen. – Are you suggesting that if the Venezuelan public had guns and got into a blood-bath shootout with the other side would somehow justify the rights of Americans to do the same?

  2. They likely never even comprehended they in fact gave support to the 2nd amendment. And of course their counter argument would be , “it would never happen here”, all the while pushing the socialist ‘Democrats” that would take us down that same path in a heart beat.

  3. MSNBC did not have to tell Americans that firearms are a necessity for a balanced society. Neither did they have to tell us that firearm restrictions are an important element of a SOCIALIST society.

  4. Yea This is an all to common occurrence in others countries that have taken their citizens rights and guns from them. Whoever then controls the army then can do what they want to their people without recourse. AKA, the American Revolution That’s why people protest them taking our guns and second amendment rights away from us. The Germans used GUN REGISTRATION to find and disarm their people so they couldn’t fight back against tyranny.
    Why do you think they want ours, not because of the mass shootings. That isn’t the cause , they don’t want to address the real cause they just want to keep everyone from being able to stand up against there abusive power grabbing

  5. The left in America need to pay attention as this will never happen on American soil because we have the 2 nd amendment . Our forefathers saw to this and the left needs to quit trying to take this right away. Thier actions can lead to tyranny and turn them into subjects with no rights.

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