Kentucky lawmakers approve NRA-backed concealed carry bill

Kentucky lawmakers have approved a bill to allow people to carry a concealed handgun without a permit or training. KEEP READING

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The Kentucky bill, backed by the National Rifle Association, won final House passage Friday and now goes to Gov. Matt Bevin.

Under the measure, Kentuckians able to lawfully possess a firearm could conceal their weapons without a license. A gun-carrying permit now carries a fee and training requirement.

If the measure becomes law, The NRA says Kentucky would become the 16th state to allow adults statewide to carry concealed firearms without permits.

Supporters in Kentucky said the bill is a recognition of gun-ownership rights.

They said Kentuckians already can carry weapons openly without any training. But if they carry a gun under a coat, they currently need a permit.

Opponents objected to dropping the training requirement.


3 thoughts on “Kentucky lawmakers approve NRA-backed concealed carry bill”

  1. i really like the current wave of states going to constitutional carry. im a retired gunsmith and have been doing this for 45 years.
    i have always felt if i carry and dont need the weapon, nobody will ever know i have it. if i do need it, ill take my chances in court. nice to have the law behind me now instead of possibly against me in an emergency.
    im not real crazy about not having some type of training requirement,but im not sure how you could enforce training if you conclude owning and carrying is a fundamental right.
    i also am not real fond of the open carry aspect of these laws as i feel we are just tweaking the noses of anti gunners. i understand some people are uncomfortable around guns and walking around with an exposed gun could cause un do stress in many situations, like walking into a bank or being provocative as in a nightclub or bar. i like that the person carrying can no longer be arrested for someone seeing a concealed gun because the wind blew your jacket open.
    i hope florida gets into the trend soon

  2. I agree with the concealed carry laws for all law abiding citizens, a simple background check to determine if the applicant does not have any reason for rejection, and definitely do away with the “training” aspect of the license to carry concealed. I live in PA and have had a CCW permit for several years.

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