How a Democratic House Will Affect Gun Rights

How will a Democrat-controlled House affect your Second Amendment-protected freedom? HERE’S HOW!

gun rights

SOURCE: NSSF, by Larry Keane

Democrats voted overwhelmingly for U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to become Speaker of the House in the new Congress. She promises to make gun control a priority. The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Larry Keane told the Washington Times what we can expect.

Republicans do still hold the Senate by a slim margin and President Donald J. Trump could veto legislation, so gun-control bills passed by the House aren’t likely to become law. Instead, they are more likely to be passed to create political talking points for 2020.

“Expect hearings on taxpayer-funded gun violence research, magazine restrictions, ammunition bans, age-based gun bans, and attempts to outright ban entire classes of firearms,” says Larry Keane, senior vice president and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for firearms manufacturers.

“Virginia Democratic Congresswoman-elect Jennifer Wexton defeated Rep. Barbara Comstock on a platform that included banning AR-15 modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines. She’s just one of several newly elected members of Congress who will be looking to make good on their campaign promises,” says Mr. Keane.

6 thoughts on “How a Democratic House Will Affect Gun Rights”

  1. The US Ivy League ruling class openly fears armed middle class whites from the Hillary Clinton- labeled ‘deplorable’ population states.

  2. This will be a terrible year for the 2nd amendment. Red Flag laws will be introduced in most states as well as in the US House. Magazine capacity and outright bans on AR-15 style rifles will also be on the table. The Republicans can’t be trusted if they figure they’ll get mileage out of siding with democrats.

  3. The danger is in how many squishy Republicans remain in the Senate. Flake and Corker have retired but I don’t know if their replacements are dedicated enough to 2nd Amendment Rights. The wild card, of course, is President Trump. If the Dems come at him with a deal more important that gun rights, he just may sign legislation he deems more important. Time will tell.

  4. Before passing or voting on ANY gun control legislation, our Members of Congress should be required to read Dave Grossman’s book “Assassination Generation”. Grossman goes into detail utilizing scientific and medical evidence showing the effects that violent video games have on people . Of course, the anti-gun crowd would find it inconvenient that guns are only the tools, that the real issue with mass shootings is the “training” that the video games have provided.

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