2 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader: 300 Blackout PLUS”

  1. I have found that the 300 Blackout with subsonic loading should have a pistol gas system and a 1:7 twist barrel. The problem is most barrels are 1:8 and don’t stabilize a 200 + grain bullet at less than 1100 fps. I have one such barrel with a 1:8 and shooting my load of Hornady 208 gr. over 9.8 gr. of IMR 4227 will tumble the bullet and not give accurate results at all. So I had a barrel that was 1:7 with a carbine gas system and it wouldn’t cycle the sub loads but shot supersonic load quite well, bullets less than 150 gr. So I converted it to a pistol gas system and all is good. It’s accurate and functional with all my loads. So we need manufacturers to produce a barrel that will work for all the loading of the 300 Blackout, 16″, 1:7 twist, and a pistol gas system.

    1. Wilson Combat barrels. Have pistol gas system and 1/7 twist.
      On sale right now. And no, I don’t work for them. But, I have several barrels. And they are shooters.

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