Boulder’s AR-15 Certification Ordinance Sure Sounds Like A Test Run For A Gun Registry

Boulder, Colorado calls for nothing less than an out-and-out registry to allow “grandfather clause” possession of AR-15s. READ MORE

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Remember when Boulder, Colorado banned the ownership of AR-15 rifles? They also banned high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, giving gun owners with such magazines until July 15, 2018 to either sell them or dispose of them –whatever that means. Most likely, you’ll have to turn them over to the authorities. Now, there is a grandfather clause allowing residents who already owned AR-15s to keep them as long as they get a certificate by the local sheriff’s office. Well, that date is rapidly approaching. AR-15 owners have until December 27 to certify their weapons. If owners fail to do this, they won’t be allowed to own their rifles within city limits. So far, only 85 rifles have been certified (via Denver Post):

“Boulder police have certified 85 assault weapons to residents with less than a month to go before all such firearms will need to be verified or removed from the city.

A ban on the sale or possession of assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks was passed unanimously in May by Boulder city council. Guns already owned by residents were grandfathered in; council gave residents until the end of the year to obtain a certificate.

Certification is not a registry; the department keeps no records or paperwork of any kind. The only information they have is a handwritten count, said Boulder police Sgt. Dave Spraggs. Eighty-seven certificates have been issued to date. Two of those were redundancies, for the same weapon shared between a husband and wife.”

This is nonsense. And yes, it may not be a registry, but it sure sounds like a test run. We all know that the anti-gun Left wants to shred the Constitution, ban firearms, and confiscate them by force if necessary. How can one do that efficiently? You need a gun registry, which is why the universal background check push is such a fraud. We have enough laws on the books that prevents criminals and nutcases from committing heinous acts. In recent months, we’ve seen that such laws are not enforced all the time, however. Just look at the Navy Yard Shooting, Dylann Roof’s preventable hate crime in South Carolina, and the Sutherland Springs shooting in Texas, where an Air Force veteran, who served a year in jail after a 2012 court martial for domestic violence, was allowed to purchased an AR-15 because…the Air Force did not inform the FBI of his conviction. The recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Broward County, Florida was also preventable.

I’ll let Tom Knighton at our sister site Bearing Arms sign off on this one:

Councilman Brockett thinks he wants to see these guns gone, but he doesn’t understand what that world would look like. He doesn’t get that with every gun unavailable to the law-abiding citizen, there’s another gun the criminals can use without worrying about whether their victims have a way to respond.

That way lies chaos. It leads to horrific crimes that no one can stop, crimes like the gang violence plaguing Mexico where the average citizen is essentially disarmed. You’re deluded if you think the disarmed populace doesn’t play into the cartels’ plans.

I’m not saying it would happen overnight, but it would embolden criminals.

As it stands, Boulder will still have people with these rifles. It’ll have them, and that will keep the worst of this kind of thing away. It’ll let the gun grabbers live in the delusion that they’re somehow safer, at least for a little while.

But it doesn’t change the fact that this is wrong, stupid, and immoral.

Wrong, stupid, and immoral — excellent words to describe American liberalism.


10 thoughts on “Boulder’s AR-15 Certification Ordinance Sure Sounds Like A Test Run For A Gun Registry”

  1. All freedom loving gun owners need to remember that the left in this country will NEVER give up their goal to confiscate guns! It has been estimated that 267 million people lost their lives in the 20th century because they did not have a gun to defend themselves or their families. Despots are not only in 3rd world countries! We are going to see them in the next election with the
    policies of the socialists that are within the progressive movement. Get ready!!!

  2. If folks from Colorado are incensed with this idea, then why don’t they recall politicos involved ???
    Or do gun owners prefer to take position of victim and whine and wimper in corner ??
    Getting off butt and recalling might actually involve some work for a good cause.
    Or are Colorado gun owners closet Democrats ??

    The citizens of Colorado are granted the authority to perform a recall election by Section 1 of Article 21 of the Colorado Constitution.

  3. This is wrong on so many levels and unconstitutional on even more. The Boulder city council needs to educate itself on The Bill of Rights especially the Second Amendment and the “shall not be infringed”” part. I hope the NRA’s ILA will take this to the SCOTUS and put a stop to this nonsense before other cites follow suit.

  4. Boulder has been over run by former Cali residents and/or the Holywood crowd who own summer/winter retreats. They have brought with them the infectious disease “liberalism”.
    And lots of people thought it was cool imitating Cali’s marijuana policy. Maybe not so cool now, huh?

  5. This is the camels nose under the tent, the first step of many to completely disarm Coloradans. Where is this coming from lets start with chickenpooper banning high capacity mags, then bloomberg using his millions to bring anti gun lawsuits all over the country. Then you got all of these California socialist moving to Colorado because they screwed up california so badly that they cant afford to live there, so they want to move to Colorado and spread there socialism and screw Colorado up just like they did in california. I lived in Colorado for 62 years and i saw the writing on the wall and now i will live out the rest of my life in Kansas. God help you Colorado republicans who have to watch the whole state turn into the republic of Boulder now a suburb of California.

  6. With 10-plus million illegal aliens already in the country ( a US Census Bureau admission ), and nothing being done to deport them ), along with 20,000-plus let inside the country every month to await ‘US court asylum hearings’, owing AR-15’s is necessary for the US middle class to properly defend itself as the US system nears an economic day of reckoning.

  7. I actually considered Colorado as a place for me to retire. Lots of places with land there reasonably priced. I love to shoot distance, and found a few I could build a nice range on. However, with the onset of these laws-no way in Hades will I live there, ever.

  8. Boulder police have certified 85 assault weapons

    Idiots! There’s no such thing as an assault weapon. There are only assault people. Left to themselves any weapon will sit there until they rust away if left untouched. Let a person use ANY object with criminal intent to assault someone and a person can assault someone with it, be it a gun, a knife, a bat, a car, a gallon of gasoline, a stick. a chain, a kitchen fork, a wine bottle, a jar of acid. These are jsut a smattering of items that can be used to assault someone.
    I find it interesting that the word “assault” begins with the word “ass”, because that’s pretty much what people who assault others are.

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