Anti-Gun Democrat Congressman Invokes Nuclear Option Against Resistors of Firearm Confiscation

Whoa… If he didn’t mean it he shouldn’t have said it. Read about Swalwell’s “Armageddon Confiscation” threat HERE



Well, it’s just before Thanksgiving, and nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like a U.S. Congressman who raises the specter of unleashing a nuclear attack against fellow Americans to demonstrate just how darned committed he is to mass firearm confiscation.

For those who were looking for yet another reason to purchase modern semiautomatic firearms and extra magazines for yourselves and your loved ones this holiday sales season, we give you the comments of Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

Swalwell, you may recall, gained some headlines for himself earlier this year when he proposed banning various semiautomatic firearms, forcing current owners to surrender them to the government, and “go[ing] after” resisters.

Last week, he made it clear in a Twitter exchange that he meant what he said.

Responding to another Twitter user who commented that an attempt to repeal the Second Amendment and ban and seize guns would provoke a war, Swallwell stated: “And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit.” He added, “I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.”

When confronted with the obvious import of his words — that he was suggesting nuclear weapons could be used on American soil against resisters of firearm confiscation — Swalwell backpedaled and tried to reframe his comments.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” he tweeted. “No one is nuking anyone or threatening that. I’m telling you this is not the 18th Century. The argument that you would go to war with your government if an assault weapons ban was in place is ludicrous and inflames the gun debate. Which is what you want.”

Later, as backlash continued to mount, Swalwell changed his story again and claimed his reference to America’s nuclear arsenal was merely a “joke” and “sarcasm.”

So which Swalwell story are we supposed to believe?

If it’s the first one, there’s apparently no option that he would consider off the table for enforcing firearm confiscation. This includes destroying entire communities, killing untold numbers of innocent bystanders, rendering large areas of land uninhabitable, all to annihilate (and presumably make an example of) anyone who stood in the way of his plans.

If it’s the second one, he’s pointing out that the idea of resisting a federal firearm confiscation order is “ludicrous” because the 18th Century’s relative parity between the unorganized militia and the then-recognized government no longer exists, even if the nuclear option is off the table. Yet this also implies that he could foresee using sophisticated military technology other than nuclear weapons against resistors.

If we’re to believe the third story, we’re all just too stuffy and serious to recognize the obvious comedic intent the U.S. Congressman had when he referenced nuclear weapons in describing the futility of anyone resisting the government’s attempt to violate their fundamental constitutional rights. The historical basis of the Second Amendment, in other words, is but a joke to Eric Swalwell.

Whichever option you choose, it is incredible even by the low standards of modern political rhetoric that Swalwell would be the one accusing others of being “dramatic” and “inflam[ing] the gun debate. We just don’t see anything funny about politicians and reporters whose idea of a joke is threatening to bomb fellow Americans or slandering law-abiding Americans for exercising their constitutional rights.

And even if he didn’t mean what he actually said (always a possibility with anti-gun politicians), we can still give thanks that Eric Swalwell is not and almost certainly never will be trusted with the launch codes for America’s nuclear arsenal.

But it’s perhaps not surprising that he could be so cavalier about subjects many gun-owning Americans take very seriously. Despite the political left’s mantras of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion, many are proudly ignorant of and indifferent to the types of lives led by millions of ordinary Americans who happen not to inhabit America’s largest coastal cities.

Also weighing into Swalwell’s Twitter debacle this week was Nina Burleigh, Newsweek’s national politics correspondent and, according to her official Newsweek bio, “an award-winning journalist and the author of five books.”

With such impressive journalistic credentials covering U.S. politics, you would think that Ms. Burleigh would have at least caught on that AR-15s and similar guns are common and popular firearms in America, even if she didn’t know that they are in fact America’s most popular class of rifles.

But to think so would be overestimating Nina Burleigh.

As Swalwell attempted to reframe his initial tweet, Burleigh leapt to his defense with a tweet of her own aimed at the NRA’s Dana Loesch: “Almost every single person I’ve ever heard of with an AR-15 has been a mass murderer. Based on Twitter sample the rest of them are scarily paranoid. Get on the right side of history.”

And even if it’s possible that Burleigh herself doesn’t personally know a single one of the many, many millions of Americans who own and lawfully use AR-15s and other semiautomatic rifles, you might think she would have at least read about some of them, again considering she works in the media.

For example, she might have read about Stephen Willeford, who used his AR-15 to end a mass shooting in a Texas church and to prevent the perpetrator from escaping.

There’s also Sarah Merkle, who as a 15-year-old testified against the then-pending ban in Maryland on AR-15s and similar semiautomatic rifles. She explained that the AR-15 was the type of rifle she used as a member of the Maryland State Rifle Team and that her competitive accomplishments provided her with college scholarship opportunities she otherwise would not have had. She also explained that rifles of any type are used in only a very small percentage of firearm-related homicides in the U.S.

Also making the news as an AR-15 owner was U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who during the debate over the Democrats’ proposed “assault weapons” ban in 2013 noted that “I own an AR-15 and I have done nothing wrong by owning the gun.”

Of course, we cannot rule out the possibility that Burleigh was also joking and that we just aren’t sophisticated to understand her rapier-like wit.

Call us party poopers, but we just don’t see anything funny about politicians and reporters whose idea of a joke is threatening to bomb fellow Americans or slandering law-abiding Americans for exercising their constitutional rights.

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20 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Democrat Congressman Invokes Nuclear Option Against Resistors of Firearm Confiscation”

  1. Who and the hell does this jerk from a state who love drugs , people sleeping on the street and then tell me as a lawful gun owner what gun i can use to protect my family and shoot for my
    pleasure at a range. Since most of the people in government ,in dear ole California seem to be smoking something, thinking they can try to take the guns away from honest citizens . Better watch out the nukes may blow up in your face !

  2. Swalwell is an arrogant ass who thinks his way is the only way (like most “progressives”). He sounds more like he wants to be like Hitler than any conservative was ever likened to. Someone ought to take his comments and ram them up his sit-down place (so as not to offend any PC, snowflake, liberal “progressives that may read this). I’m embarrassed that I am from his state. I wish we could split the state down the middle along I-5 so the liberal freaks would be on the west side and the normal people were on the east side.

      1. Hey James, you need to go back and your history books on Hitler because he most certainly DID confiscate all weapons! He then issued weapons out to non-Jews and supporters of the Third Reich. This was done to keep Jews and dissidents/non-supporters from having any weapons to resist Hitler’s army.
        So before you start calling names, not that it bothers any conservatives because they know that name calling doesn’t hurt anyone, make sure you got your facts right, IGMO!

      2. Hi,SSG Will,USA: Apparently it is acceptable to use the phrase ” liberal freaks “but unacceptable to use ” conservative freaks” . Also in your implication “guns if you agree with me but no guns if you don’t. What do you mean
        ” Who’s biased”?

      3. You are obviously a poorly educated person with extreme ideas. As the grandson of the Holocaust survivor I can tell you that you are totally WRONG. Hitler demanded that ALL civilians be disarmed and that all firearms be confiscated. Had the Jews, Poles, and many others had their guns, the war in Europe would have ended much sooner and far less people would have died at his hands. The first order of Fascist is to totally disarm anyone who would stand against him. If I remember my history classes correctly we had a similar problem here in the 1700’s with a fricking king in England. British officers were ordered to totally disarm the population and quell any uprisings, We all know how that turned out because we have an AMERICAN flag at the Capitol and not that British Rag they fly across the pond. Next time before you make a stupid comment try looking up the facts first so you don’t sound like the moron you obviously are.

      4. Where did you read this tidbit of information? The university of F*******y? He armed his radicals and disarmed civilians!

      5. What history book did you read? Oh, yeah! They don’t teach that any more. Hitler handed out guns to the people who followed him like sheep, but he took them away from everyone else. The first step in taking over a country is to take away their weapons so they can’t fight back. Better go back to school if you can find one that doesn’t spew all the anti-whatever offends you crap. It isn’t the conservative that are freaks. Just watch the news. Oh, I forgot, they don’t talk about things like that on the news. Never mind. Go back to reading Marx.

  3. These people are sick, mass shooters, with power. No better than the people they think they are trying to fight. Are you looking for another Civil War?

    1. A civil war would be horrible but sometimes a revolution is needed to put an out of control corrupt government back in place. Guns are not the root cause of our problem. We need to work on that and just not bandaid fix the problem and hope it goes away.

  4. Perhaps Salwell doesn’t comprehend the massive damage and innocent lives that would be lost from even one nuclear explosion in a city that is nuked to kill the few AR owners. I don’t know what the ratio would be, 10 non-owners to 1 owner? 100 to 1? How many children would he kill to save them from those law abiding AR type rifle owners?
    Perhaps a demonstration on his home town while his family is there. Would he understand that? Probably not. He and his supporters seem to have a complete lack of compassion and empathy for others.
    Even Jesus, who said to turn the other cheek, told his followers to sell their cloak if they did not have a sword and to go buy one.
    Luke 11:21 When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe
    Luke 22:36 He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.
    Mark 3:27 But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. Then indeed he may plunder his house.
    The verse in Mark tells us exactly what the gun grabbers are trying to do. They wish to bind us so they can plunder our “house”.

    1. Leftist have a very real and traceable history of Mass Murder – Salwell is just another in a long list of psychopaths at the helm of Leftist ideologies. Murdering millions (regardless of innocence) to get what they want is “… just what has to be done …” – and that is how they think. To NOT realize, accept, and account for, the fact that the Left has ZERO issues with mass murdering puts any sane person at extreme disadvantage.

      When you deal with a Leftist, you are dealing with an *insane person*. Once you realize this, their actions and beliefs become much more predictable.

  5. Someone needs to remind this guy that the military swears an oath to the constitution, not the government.

  6. Good comments chris baker. I’ll bet that swalwell isnt a Christian. Now we’ve got a politician who is calling for the mass killing of gun owners! How in the hell did this crackpot get elected? How many gun owners voted for him? And why are these politicians o hell bent on confiscating law abiding Americans? First the politicians wanted to Ban guns to stop bank robbers (say, isn’t it against the law to rob banks? How come the crooks still do it?) then they wanted to Ban guns to stop all crime, then they wanted to ban guns to stop cocaine dealers ( I wonder how many of these rich politicians ave cocaine at their parties?) then they wanted to Ban all guns to stop street gangs, then they wanted to Ban all guns to stop terrorists. (do they really think terrorists are going to obey. any law?) now they want to just Ban all guns because they dont like them. It used to be they politicians would say. ‘we won’t take your hunting guns’ now they dont even mention hunting anymore! They even say that you dont need a gun to protect your family and home, if a criminal breaks into your home just cry and pled with him while he rapes your wife and daughter and your son and he’ll just leave, yeah, wave a hankie at him! These politicians sound like they want to start the third. Reich!!! First they want to go after the Jews, now these power crazed politicians are going after law abiding Americans. These gun banners are being funded by foreign governments that hate America. DuringWW2, Japan and Germany were. going to invade America but we afraid.
    of all the gun owning Americans who owned guns and would fight them off. Maybe these gun banning politicians have made deals with foreign governments! Now these gun banning politicians re calling for locking p all gun owners in special gun control concentration. camps! Dont forget that during WW2, the USA had concentration camps to lock up foreign troops!
    Gun control = people control = you locked away in a gun control concentration camp!

  7. Any politician who personally attacks its country’s citizens individual rights, needs to be shown the door.

    Any politician who voices governmental attacks upon its citizens individual rights, needs to be led through a gated one!

  8. How in the hell did this crackpot get elected? He’s from California, where all the “good people” vote for idiots like him. Unfortunately, I’m from California, but I didn’t and wouldn’t vote for someone like him or any of the other (D) legislators from here. I hope I get to see the day when they split California in half with all the “progressives” in the western half and all the conservatives in the eastern half. Then we would control the water and we could let them die of thirst.

  9. Remember readers, the democrats won only one wing of the legislature. In January, the GOP will still control both the U.S. Senate and the Executive branch. The U.S. Supreme Court is also slowly but steadily becoming replenished with pro gun Justices, such as Kavanough.

    The leftists in the House of Representatives that this Congressman belongs to have to push this bill past the House and also get it passed in the U.S. Senate. And finally get it signed off by Trump.

    That aint gonna happen…

    This H.R. bill pushed by this leftist POS might make it out of the newly democrat controlled House of Representatives in 2019, but it will go nowhere afterwards. So relax…and be sure to vote GOP in 2020.

  10. If Swalwell showed as much rigor toward efforts to clean up the feces, used hypodermic needles, and empty crack cocaine vials from the streets of his state’s sanctuary cities, perhaps he would come off as someone genuinely interested in improving conditions in his state. He is but one more tool currently in use by the same wealthy limousine liberals that have pushed gun registration for decades. They don’t like the second amendment as currently interpreted because their touchstone is “gun control” and it is more about control than about guns. They won’t stop, but neither will I.

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