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assault rifle ban

SOURCE: Various reports compiled by Glen Zediker, BLOG Editor

On November 2nd of last week I-1639 passed in Washington State. Next may be the passage of H.R. 7115 in the U.S. House, the “3D Firearms Prohibition Act.”

What that is, at its heart:

To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or import into the United States of certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits, and machinegun parts kits and the marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications, to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and for other purposes.

Notable is Section 3:

SEC. 3. Prohibition of advertising do-it-yourself assault weapons.

(a) It shall be unlawful to market or advertise, on any medium of electronic communications, including over the Internet, for the sale of any of the following:

(1) A firearm receiver casting or firearm receiver blank or unfinished handgun frame that…

(A) …at the point of sale does not meet the definition of a firearm in section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code; and

(B) after purchase by a consumer, can be completed by the consumer to the point at which such casting or blank functions as a firearm frame or receiver for a semiautomatic assault weapon or machinegun or the frame of a handgun.

(2) An assault weapon parts kit.

(3) A machinegun parts kit.

H.R. 7115 was sponsored by New Jersey Democrat Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., for “himself, Mr. Sires, Ms. Norton, Mr. Cárdenas, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Pascrell, Ms. Schakowsky, Mr. Hastings, Ms. Clarke of New York, Mr. Carbajal, Mr. Soto, Mr. McGovern, Ms. Kelly of Illinois, and Mr. Rush.” It has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Committee on the Judiciary.

Keep in mind that the Dems took back the House this election.

And this isn’t just going to affect folks who build guns. In Washington State an huge number of guns are soon to be reclassed as “assault weapons” thanks to the wording of the 1639. H.R. So 7115 will concern any and all gun owners because if it passes it’s nationwide. No more AR builds, Polymer80 handgun builds, and adios to an amount of gun rights.

Call your representative. Support a firearms advocacy group. JOIN NRA!

The anti-gunners are winning, at least in “support” from more and more mainstream entities. Enough support and the win could be outright and absolute.

We — gun owners — are “big enough” to stop them. Just don’t sit back and think it’s all just handled for us by groups like NRA or Second Amendment Foundation. We have to work together, and we all have to participate.

The fight isn’t later, it’s here. NOW!

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A short aside: From my own recent experience, my The Competitive AR15: Builders Guide book was denied a listing on eBay.  (Take a look at it here at Midsouth and see if it’s screaming “international terrorism.”) After a total of 4 hours on the phone with them they told me it was a “military manual” and therefore prohibited by their policies (despite others having sold that book for years there) because it had “AR15” in the title and nice photo of a partially-constructed A2 on its cover. Consider that, if you would, next time you’re looking for an online sales source to give your money to. Spend it here!
— GZ


  1. While it’s good to be somewhat concerned, this will never pass. Simply because the Democrats don’t have enough votes to get it through the Senate. And even if they did, Trump would veto it. Not to mention most any legislator who signed on to it would never be reelected.

    1. We can only hope that conservatives will be able to stop this. At some time in the future liberals will surely regain the senate and the problem will arise again

    2. “Take the guns first, go through due process second” -Donald J. Trump. “We’re knocking out bump stocks,” “We’re in the final two or three weeks, and I’ll be able to write out bump stocks.” -Donald J. Trump
      The current POTUS is not your 2A friend.

    3. Right, but it still doesn’t mean we should just sit back and do nothing. Join and weigh in on Bills being legislated

    4. You are forgetting that it would not be passed as a stand alone bill to be easily vetoed. It will be clumped in with dozens of other things politicians wanting re-election will never vote again! Even “republican” politicians.

    5. This will reappear as a ballot initiative on a state level now that WA won. Just sent SAF more money to help in the fight. Haven’t seen the NRA stance or any action for that matter, but they’ll get no more from me until I see more action from them.

      1. Don’t you know the NRA filed a lawsuit a couple of days ago against I-1639 in Washington State, and the Second Amendment Foundation joined in with it.

      2. yeah but probably too little too late for us. washington is California north these days. unless we get a good judge we are screwed. they should of at least put the word out in the media about all semiautos becoming assault weapons. all my 22 rifles are now assault weapons. screw them for not doing anything and hoping to stop it in the courts.

      3. that’s exactly how I feel, screw the NRA. they did nothing when they banned private sale of firearms here in Washington a few years back and that’s when I dropped them. but I am retiring in a year to the free state of Idaho and taking my guns and my pension money with me. screw Washington state, I was born and raised here. it is all the Californians that moved here in the 70’s and 80’s that ruined our state.

      4. So let me get this straight. You say, “screw the NRA”, and dropped them because they didn’t stop the politicians THE PEOPLE ELECTED, from banning the private sales of guns. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

      5. WE need the NRA and all the other Pro Gun orginizations because of stuff like this; Wayne Co. commissioner seeks ‘bullet bill’ resolution to limit ammunition sales via @detroitnews

      6. Some people may not know it, but if you use Amazon, you can contribute to a charity (Mine is SFA) with every purchase you make. While I don’t agree with everything that Amazon or Bezos do, this fact keeps me a custome.

    6. We never thought the ’94 ban had a chance in hell of passing, either. It did because we were complacent. DO NOT let that happen again.

      Also, a deeper reading of the proposed bill defines an “assault weapons parts kit” as any collection of parts used to build a MSR. That means no more selling of spare parts for rifles and shotguns in that category.

    7. Billt & those like minded: That’s it pass the “buck”, let the next guy deal with it. Look at the laws the former firearms manufacturing states (N.Y., Conn., Mass.) have passed. Individual states are where this battle will be lost as one after another restrict and ban piecemeal until the banners achieve the end game of disarming the law abiding citizens of this country. I’m guessing National Reciprocity and Safe Hearing Acts are now dead. The Republican Congress and Presidency failed to deliver on that, the Affordable Care Act and others they “promised” voters if given majorities, now tossed like the litter along our highways. The Liberal Social Progressives were pi**ed in ’16 when they lost their “destiny” to finish “Transforming America”. Realize that Organized For Action was behind the “Not My President” social unrest, class division, and now want revenge because the petulant little “kids” didn’t get their way. Continue being a couch potatoes, to let “someone else” take care of it, and soon you will be stripped of all you claim to hold dear….

      Little girl: Grandma, do all fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”??
      Grandma: No, sweetie, many more begin with “If I’m elected I promise to…”

      Remember that too, and don’t pass the buck for someone else to take care of “IT”…

      1. IT’S NOT GOING TO PASS, PERIOD. Who is, “passing the buck”? No one. It will most likely die in committee…. Assuming it even gets that far in the Senate. There is being vigilant. And there is worrying about nothing. Right now this bill doesn’t stand a chance politically, and because of that it represents no danger to gun owners. This regardless of how much dust you want to try and kick up over it. If your heart is set on worrying and carrying on, then worry about things more prevalent.

  2. It sounds diabolical to me. Take the guns out of law abiding citizens hands and only criminals will have them. If there is not a law against that there should be.

  3. Am I wrong or doesn’t a bill have to pass the Senate to become law? I am a strong defender of our second amendment rights and I think we should be presented all the facts with any argument about gun rights (or any of our rights).
    We have lost the House, but, we have more power than before within the Senate. In my opinion, if this bill (7115) appears to be gaining steam then we should be primitive with organizing against this bill if it is submitted to the Senate.

  4. Ebay, google, amazon, yahoo and others do not need or should get any support from any people whom think having freedom is important!
    Not one of these companies considers individual rights as something that matters to their bottom line! They are only looking out for themselves, feeding their top people’s giant egos and would be just as happy if we were all enslaved, while being forced to make all of our purchase and get all of our information from them!
    So pay attention and learn what is happening, happening quickly, we are living in a critical time of severe erosion of any and all rights!
    Do you really think the biggest danger is the NSA? Think again!!

    1. Amazon sells gun stuff and allows me to contribute to a gun related fund for things I purchase. I don’t believe they belong on your list. Yet.

  5. It figures a politician from New Jersey would introduce bill against guns. Say, isnt New Jersey the headquarters f the American mafia? I wonder how many mob figures are his friends? This bill would do nothing o stop crime, criminals r gang members. This is going after law abiding Americans. So you see the evil politician are really wanting to ban all guns, that’s their plan. Why do they want to ban all guns in America? Do the politicians ant to make it like North Korea here? Now we have the new Hitler youth in Florida calling for banning of all guns! A bunch f 14 and 15 year ols telling adults what they can own. They ant even drive a car or get a job. And why do the sheep in new jersey keep voting or the same evil corrupt politicians? Are they scared to vote for anyone else? We need term limits!! These gun banners are just like the alcohol banners a 100 years ago! Ban alcohol they shouted and everything will be peaches and cream. And what did they get? Booze runners, the mob, people dying from homemade booze. Of course these politicians ay they know whats best for you even to the point hat they are now trying to put Lithium and Prozac in our drinking water saying its worth it just to stop one suicide! We need term limits!

  6. What the f*** is an assault weapon,?
    I think it should be defined before making s*** up…
    Or is it s liberal paintbrush covering everything in sight..?

  7. The chickens are coming home! The NRA and other gun advocates have been turning a blind eye on the latest atrotosities with high capacity weapons. They must show greater interest in controlling such activity or face greater pushback. More regulation and confiscation,etc.

  8. The question I have is: HOW MANY OF THE READERS/VIEWERS OF THIS WEB SITE, or other firearm related websites DID NOT VOTE in the 2018 ‘mid-terms’?? Just as almost every black is a ‘reliable vote’ for the Democrat, every ‘gun owner’ should be a ‘reliable vote’ for the Republicans.

  9. After a thousand conversations at a thousand Guns shows sense 1977 , I had grown sick and tired of trying to educate the average gun owner / shooter about why we all needed to stand up and fight these unjust laws , One time at a Big Reno gun show a lady overheard me talking to another table holder , and after we finished she leaned over and said , you know what , Only 56 men started this country and only a hand full of whats here now will save it , not every gun owner but a determined and tireless few who fight in the name of whats right , Freedom and liberty loveing patriots , I was shocked but had to agree and I still think that now . So stay the course and never give up , as long as we are on the side of whats true and just , We The People will prevail , God is on our side as long as we temper our actions with his truth and love . Sorry to say but all the rest of the group is just tire kickers . Johm 3:16

  10. After a thousand conversations at a thousand Guns shows sense 1977 , I had grown sick and tired of trying to educate the average gun owner / shooter about why we all needed to stand up and fight these unjust laws , One time at a Big Reno gun show a lady overheard me talking to another table holder , and after we finished she leaned over and said , you know what , Only 56 men started this country and only a hand full of whats here now will save it , not every gun owner but a determined and tireless few who fight in the name of whats right , Freedom and liberty loveing patriots , I was shocked but had to agree and I still think that now . So stay the course and never give up , as long as we are on the side of whats true and just , We The People will prevail , God is on our side as long as we temper our actions with his truth and love . Sorry to say but all the rest of the group is just tire kickers . John 3:16

  11. Patriot Gun Owners need to weigh in when these bills are introduced and you can do this by signing up with Every Bill and all Legislation goes through popvox, you can pick and choose what’s important to you. Just Do It

  12. I would suggest joining the GOA (Gun Owners of America) as opposed to the NRA. The NRA has rolled over and cooperated with the Leftists on a number of key issues, so sending money their way is not the best way to spend it. GOA is the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington DC, and it’s been THEIR push that has short-circuited these traitorous laws more than once.

    Whichever one you choose, watch them to see how they react to the psychopathic Leftist onslaught. If they cave on ANYTHING you pull your support. There is no “compromise” with the Left. Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao readily demonstrated what “compromise” will get you.

    1. While joining GOA is not a bad thing, they don’t possess 1/100th of the political muscle the NRA does, and never will. Most liberal Democratic politicians have never heard of the GOA, and do not fear it. They HATE the NRA! There is a very good reason for that. The NRA has done more in stopping gun legislation than any or all the other pro gun organizations combined. No, they’re not perfect, but liberal politicians HATE them. And the more they hate them, the more I like them.

      1. Just a reminder they hate the second amendment not for all the killings or hunting but it’s because we the people were given this right so we could forcefully remove those who don’t follow the Constitution and replace the government with those who will,that my friends is why they hate guns.

    1. OK, I’ll play. If the NRA is so “bad”, who has prevented the passage of more anti gun legislation? Let me know because I’ll send them a check today. As I said, the NRA is far from perfect. But no one, repeat NO ONE involving gun legislation is feared more by liberal politicians than the NRA.

      If you don’t believe that you are only B.S.’ing yourself. Ask yourself why do they hate them so much? Why do they devote so much negative press to them? It’s because THEY FEAR THEM. The same way they do Trump. Both are their worst nightmare come true.

      If it were not for the NRA, you would have lost your Second Amendment rights decades ago. Who would have stopped them? GOA? CCKBA? Whatever state rifle and pistol association? Doubtful. As I said the liberal Democrats don’t even know who they are. Nor do they care, because they lack the political muscle to be any kind of determining factor in stopping them. The NRA has destroyed all but countless Democratic politicians in their never ending quest to destroy the Second Amendment.

      While there is nothing wrong with joining these other pro gun organizations, don’t be foolish enough to think they’re better, or more powerful than the NRA. So yeah, you can come back with, “what about this”. Or, “What about when they did that”. And in several cases you might be right. As I said they’re not perfect. No one is. But it doesn’t change reality. And that reality, like them or not, is the FACT the NRA was, is, and always will be the most powerful political force that we as gun owners have in dealing with these freedom robbing socialist gun grabbers. And to think differently is thinking like a fool.

  13. Do you want to stop gun banning politicians? In 2020, go to your county offices or city hall and pay the fee to have you name put on the ballet for county commissioner ( they usually have 5 or 6 people) and pay to have your name on ballot for city counci. This way you can stop any local gun banning measure.
    Gun control = people control = you locked away forever in a concentration death camp!
    Dont forget that the USA had concentration camps back during WW2!

  14. HR 7115 is only going to be the first round in this fight. The gun banners are juiced up after taking control of the House, and they will see this as an opportunity to make some headway. Don’t just donate a few dollars; contact your senators and representatives at both the state and federal levels. Get on or a state website, get their email address, and let them know that you will not accept anything less than total defense of the 2nd amendment. If history teaches us anything, its that when you support political candidates that are weak on 2nd amendment issues, you will see your rights whittled away a little bit at a time.

    1. You can weigh in on any Bill or all Bills to your Reps, both on the Federal Level and State level at Remember the squeeky wheel gets the oil… You can take the slow route and call them too, if you like.

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