SKILLS: 5 Tips To Avoid Printing With Your Concealed Carry

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The word “printing” has a whole different meaning for those with a concealed carry permit… Of course, it refers to “giving away” the fact you’re carrying because of an obvious gun outline or shape glaring away. This is one of the major mistakes you want to avoid and can land you in some pretty sticky situations if you fail to follow certain practices. Instead of taking a “let’s see what happens” approach, it’s best to spend time practicing specific forms and techniques.

There is somewhat of a debate among firearm owners and those with concealed carry permits. What constitutes a concealed carry firearm? For example, does it have to be a small, pocket-sized firearm? Or, can it be a larger model that is still hidden from view? While concealed firearms are generally considered to be “small,” the reality is that it just has to be hidden from sight. Regardless of whether you have a small or large firearm, hiding it from plain sight requires that you avoid printing.

As said, “printing” refers to the visible outline of a firearm underneath an individual’s clothing. Regardless of the size of your firearm, printing is a very real possibility. To avoid this, it’s important to consider the following solutions:

ONE: Wear the right clothing. The number one cause of printing is a poor choice of clothing. While it’s fairly easy to conceal during the winter, it is more difficult during the hot summer months. Consider buying loose shirts and tucking in when possible.

TWO: Choose the right holster. Everyone’s body type differs, so it’s difficult to claim that one holster is better than another. For best results, try out multiple types — including over the shoulder, waist, and ankle holsters — to see what works best for you.

THREE: Pay attention to movement. The way you move is just as important as what you wear. When concealing in your waistband, try bending with your knees instead of your waist. When wearing an ankle holster, avoid situations in which you are required to stretch or reach.

FOUR: Ask for advice. Before leaving the house, ask a friend, spouse, or family member whether they can spot the outline of your firearm. If they know what they are looking for and can’t immediately find it, this usually indicates that it is concealed well.

FIVE: Consider size. While there are ways to conceal large firearms, some select a smaller size. No matter what size of firearm you decide is the best fit for you, be sure to use the correct holster and clothing to conceal it.

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3 thoughts on “SKILLS: 5 Tips To Avoid Printing With Your Concealed Carry”

  1. 20/20 Hindsight: I wish that 10 years ago I had bought stock in a company that makes bowling shirts. That’s still the best CCW shirt I know of. Some people are happy with “itty bitty skinny” pistols. I’m not. I love my G26, hated my wife’s G43. Love my 4″ bbl 1911, can’t stand my sister in-law’s Micro 380. It’s inconvenient carrying a “standard” width pistol, but it’s whatever you are comfortable with.

  2. We have both concealed carry and open carry in my state. Though I have seen a very few openly carrying, they are in the small minority. Opinions are like noses and elbows, most have at least one. Mine is that I would be uncomfortable walking around looking like Roy Rogers, even of the single rig type. To the article’s point, I was in line at FedEx or UPS behind two fellas; one was attempting to “conceal carry.” Problem being, his shirt was either too small or, he failed to check if it had snagged on his rig, exposing his gun. Thought, at the time, had I some evil intent, I could have taken his gun before he could have turned around. It was a Glock, and I already had at least one of those, so I did, or say, nothing. Had this happened in some whacky, snowflake, state, some wag would have been hyperventilating, while screaming for the police! 😉

  3. It’s simple, you have to dress to provide for proper carrying of a concealed firearm. My son and I, both licensed, like to point out people obviously carrying.
    In addition, every time I see someone carrying in the small of their back I have to laugh because the video of that FBI agent doing the back flip at the dance and his pistol flying out, landing on the floor and him shooting a person when he picks it up, all because it wasn’t in a proper holster.

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