Feinstein Distorted Facts About AR-15, NRA Says

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein claims that the AR-15 is not “in common use.” Really? READ MORE

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The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action called into question the California Democrat’s assertions about the weapon and said the rifle has gained popularity in recent years.

The group cited figures from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The firearms industry trade group calculated that between 1996-2016 more than 16 million AR-15 and AK-pattern rifles have been available for sale in the U.S.

NRA went on to accuse Feinstein of distorting facts in what it described as the senator’s ongoing effort to limit Second Amendment gun rights: “Needless to say, there is nothing ‘reasonable’ or moderate about banning what is literally the most popular class of rifles in America.”

“I’m talking about your statement on ‘common use,’ she told Kavanaugh. “Assault weapons are not in common use.”

“Semi-automatic rifles are widely possessed in the United States,” Kavanaugh rebutted. “There are millions and millions. … That seemed to fit the [definition of] ‘common use’ and not being a dangerous and unusual weapon.”

Judge Kavanaugh: “Semi-automatic rifles are widely possessed in the United States. There are millions and millions. … That seemed to fit the [definition of] ‘common use.'”

Feinstein countered that the numbers of rifles in existence didn’t constitute “common use,” arguing that the term applies to how often the weapons are used.

“Common items are routinely said to be “in use” for a purpose whether or not that involves active manipulation of the item at any given time,” the NRA said.

Feinstein has been a fierce gun-control advocate since her days as on the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco. She was the first person to discover her colleague Harvey Milk on his office floor after he’d been fatally shot, according to the Los Angeles Times. A former supervisor, Dan White, also assassinated then-Mayor George Moscone on that day in November 1978.

Since then, Feinstein has advocated for tough gun reforms:

“I have been a woman on a mission to ban assault weapons,” the senator said, to applause, at a gathering of union members at the California Democratic Party convention this year. “This is not our America, and we need to change it,” she said.

That hasn’t stopped her from owning firearms. Two years before the assassinations, Feinstein was trained to use a .38 five-shot revolver and obtained a concealed-carry permit.

She attempted to reenact the Clinton-era assault weapons ban in the aftermath of several high-profile mass shootings, including the Oct. 1, 2017, shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 people dead and hundreds injured.

The NRA called it ban-revival effort a “125-page firearm prohibition fever dream [that] is perhaps the most far-reaching gun ban ever introduced in Congress.”

During the Kavanaugh hearing, Feinstein asserted that Kavanaugh’s reasoning for dissenting on the District of Columbia’s assault weapons ban was “far outside the mainstream of legal thought and it surpasses the views of [the late Justice Antonin] Scalia, who was obviously a pro-gun justice.

“If the Supreme Court were to adopt your reasoning,” she said to Kavanaugh, ” I fear the number of victims would continue to grow.”

Kavanaugh: “Semi-automatic rifles are widely possessed in the United States. There are millions and millions. … That seemed to fit the [definition of] ‘common use.'”

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12 thoughts on “Feinstein Distorted Facts About AR-15, NRA Says”

  1. and not being a dangerous and unusual weapon.”

    Can someone please explain to me where our right to keep and bear arms which “shall not be infringed” says anything about except for dangerous or unusual weapons? My weapons may not be unusual but I certainly hope they are dangerous. If they aren’t dangerous what good are they?
    BTW, maybe some of my weapons ARE unusual, LOL, Estwing makes this really cool little one handed double bit axe that I could certainly kill someone with if I had to do so. Eewww! It would sure be messy though. Yuck.

  2. Dianne feinstein hates all gun.owners and.all guns. First she singles out Ar 15’s then.she’ll.go aftermall guns. During the Brady bill era she.said she.wanted the police to go hpuse.to house.in.America.kicking.in your front.door and using metal.detectors to search for guns. She is a un.agent! Why.do these stupid fools.in.Kalifornia keep votimg.for her? Or has she rigged the voting booths? Isnt Feinstein like 80 years old? How long is she in.office? Many of these gun banning groups are funded by americas enemies and foreign countries who want to ban all guns America to make it easy.to inbade the USA. Tell dianne Feinstein o take jer gun.banning New World Order plans and to shove them up her New World Order asshole!!

  3. It would be interesting if she knows if her body guards are armed or would tell them to disarm when on detail ??
    Allow her to go about without an armed detail and see how long can last ??

  4. DiFi has been on this rant for almost thirty years. She can’t get it done through the legislative process so she wants the court to do her bidding for her. This is why she is scared to have a conservative USC. She needs to retire into her gated community so she doesn’t have to associate with us lesser humans who actually have to protect our own home and family.

  5. Yes Die Feinstein LIED about the popularity of “common use” of the AR 15 and other Modern Sporting Rifles.
    One MUST remember that Die Feinstein also BROKE Washington District of Corruption’s law about having AR 15 rifles – – – – AND – – – – STANDARD 30 round Magazines that work in AR 15s. She had the “police” involved and helping her BREAK the LAWS of Washington District of Corruption. The “police” brought into the District and took out the rifles and magazines from Washington D.C..
    This ACTION makes those involved with the TRANSPORTATION and EXHIBITION of these UNLAWFUL weapons CRIMINALS and thus MUST be PUNISHED according to the LETTER of the LAW.

  6. Something that really chaps my behind is someone talking about banning guns when they know absolutely NOTHING about guns! If you have ever had the displeasure of listening to Ms. feinstein ranting on an on about guns you will know what I mean. The woman is dense! I know more about building a warp drive than she knows about guns. Why can’t the dumbocrats and feinstein do the math–all of the gun bans of the past have had no effect on gun crimes. Why, you might ask? Because the dumbocrats want to focus on the guns instead of focusing on the idiots who use guns to commit crimes—-you know—CRIMINALS! Why do they do this, you might ask? Because it is easier to blame guns than criminals and God knows, these criminals were mistreated by their mommies and daddies so we have to give them a break! Horse pucky! Everyone, criminals included, knows right from wrong and has the ability to make a choice to either commit a crime or not. As my father, a Marine in WWII told my brother and I, “You are responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take”. Neither my brother or myself has ever been arrested for anything. But the dumbocrats don’t seem to want to make people suffer the consequences of their criminal choices and actions. No– in their eyes it was that mean, nasty gun that shot that policeman or store clerk, not the idiot that pulled the trigger. Of course the dumbocrats will try to say that some of these criminals didn’t know right from wrong so how can we hold them responsible? Then it is obvious that they need to be taught right from wrong, which is the purpose of the courts, to either punish through incarceration or, if the perpetrator is mentally unbalanced, to get them medical and mental care—but then that would mean that those same dumbocrats would have to come up with a lot more funding for mental health care which we all know, doesn’t seem to be a big priority. Therefore, take the easy path and make the gun the criminal instead of the nut job that committed the crime. If you were to extrapolate on that thinking then we should expect to see more bottles of booze doing time in prison for DWI/manslaughter, or cars behind bars for hit and run, or how about cell phones doing time behind bars for injuries or deaths caused by texting while driving. Pretty silly, I admit. But as long as people like fienstien are willing to blame the way a gun looks for the commission of crimes instead of the criminal who used it, nothing they do will end gun crimes or even lower the numbers. Of course, there is that other 800lb. gorilla in the mix: Socialism. The democrats have been consistently leaning more and more toward the left and socialism. All you need to do is go back in history to see what was the first thing that socialistic governments did—disarm the people to stop the people from rising up against an unfair government. That is exactly why the framers of the Constitution wrote the 2nd amendment. Something to think about. I guess I’ll go back out to my shop and clean my rifles because I have no clue about warp drives.

  7. Feinstein uses emotionally charged speeches( with a few fake tears), distortion of facts and outright lies on her quest to BAN all guns in the USA! Funny that these power crazed politician’s and rich celebrities all own guns and have armed body guards but think the average law abiding citizen shouldn’t be allowed to own any type of gun! They state that if all guns were banned all crime would stop! Well as you know there are plenty of countries around the wprld that don’t allow its citizens tp pwn guns and they still have crime. Look at Japan 10,000’s of thpusands are killed every year with swords, knives meat cleavers! Ypu know why the 1968 gun control act was passed? Because southern democrats didn’t want Blacks to own guns! First the politicians wanted to ban guns to stop crime, then they wanted to ban guns to stop cocaine dealers, then they wanted to ban guns to stop street gangs, then they eanted to ban guns to stop terrorists, now they want to ban all guns to stop school shootings. What will the power crazed politician’s think of next?

    1. I’ve come to the conclusion a long time ago that politicians don’t have any creative ideas about ‘fixing’ societal problems other than to ban inanimate objects. It’s easier to just ‘ban it’ than work on real solutions. In their mind, problem solved until the next mole pops up in the ‘whack a mole’ game.

  8. Can someone tell me if DiFi was wealthy before she entered politics? Also is she now? If she is wealthy now did she become so at public expense?

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