Levi’s Teams with Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to Attack Gun Rights

Abandoning their “Wild West” heritage, Levi’s now advocates radical gun control. READ MORE

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Levi Strauss & Co. established its brand in the mid-19th century by selling durable clothing to working-class Americans. As Levi’s signature jeans gained popularity amongst a wider set in the middle of the last century, the pants came to symbolize American freedom. As Stanford Historian Niall Ferguson points out in his book, Civilization: The West and the Rest, during the Cold War, the American pants were so desirable behind the Iron Curtain that citizens would break any number of laws to obtain them. At one point the company even celebrated America’s armed heritage in a circa 1950 advertising brochure, “Levi’s Gallery of Western Guns & Gunfighters.” It’s with some irony then that Levi’s has abandoned this rugged image to team up with a billionaire oligarch in an effort to empower the government to trample upon the fundamental rights of the American people.

On September 4th, Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh announced that the San Francisco-based clothing manufacturer (which also owns Dockers) would openly advocate for gun control. As part of this campaign, the company will donate more than $1 million to radical anti-gun groups, including Michael Bloomberg front-group Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords, formerly Americans for Responsible Solutions and the Legal Community Against Violence. The company will also match employee donations to these groups and is encouraging its staff to devote their time to anti-gun activism.

Further, Bergh stated that the company has joined the Everytown Business Leaders for Gun Safety. The business wing of Bloomberg’s outfit is dedicated to leveraging member companies’ “market footprint… employee networks, [and] public communications platforms” to diminish Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

In a repulsive insult to the nation’s 100 million gun owners, Bergh likened Levi’s campaign to restrict the rights of law-abiding Americans to previous company efforts aimed at combatting pre-Civil Rights Era racial bigotry.

Among gun owners, Levi’s intemperate foray into the world of gun control politics has been met with the disgust it deserves. However, it shouldn’t be met with surprise.

Since the late 1990s, Levi’s has used its name and resources to attack gun rights. In 1999, the company gave $100,000 to gun control group PAX, followed by a $250,000 donation in 2000 and another $100,000 in 2001.

PAX was founded in 1998 by Dan Gross, who went on to become president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. PAX would go on to change its name to the Center to Prevent Youth Violence and later merge with the Brady Campaign.

Much like Bloomberg’s Everytown, PAX placed an emphasis on attracting corporate partners to their gun control efforts. As part of Levi’s relationship with PAX, in 1999 the apparel company teamed up with the band Goo Goo Dolls to attract support for the anti-gun group during the Levi’s Fuse ’99 summer concert tour. Concert goers, and visitors to Levi’s website, were encouraged to sign the PAX Youth Petition. Moreover, the denim company donated a percentage of all Levi’s Fuse ’99 t-shirt proceeds to the gun control group.

The PAX Youth Petition endorsed a variety of severe gun control measures that have repeatedly been rejected by the American public through their elected representatives. The document called for the “licensing and registration of guns, like automobiles.” The petition also demanded the “elimination of assault weapons and other weapons of war.” As the 1994 Clinton “Assault Weapons” ban was in place at the time of the petition, this imprecise demand appeared to call for prohibiting the sale of the remaining lawful semi-automatic firearms, confiscation of the firearms grandfathered under the ban, or both.

Given the majority of Levi’s 165-year history, Bergh’s decision to use a formerly-quintessential American company to attack a quintessential American right is a particularly sad episode in the current surge in corporate virtue-signaling. We can only assume that Levi’s accountants have determined that resulting skinny jeans sales will be enough to offset the permanent damage to their once-cherished brand.


54 thoughts on “Levi’s Teams with Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to Attack Gun Rights”

  1. Well I am done with Levi Co to many other choices to give my hard earned money to the Liberal Left. Maybe Levi Co should take a look at Dick’s Sporting Goods before they go to far.

  2. There is a reason they are starting to show up on the lower priced retail store shelves. I’ll add this to the list of “No more, I’m done with you ” corporations! We as gun owners need to find this corporate offices that support gun rights .

    1. AMEN… and lets not forget CITI GROUP, DICKS SPORTING GOODS, YETI and others. It is up to us to retain our rights by saying NO!!! Look up ANTI NRA Corporations and we need to boycott them.

    1. I did too when they first started supporting gun control back in the 90s. Been a Wrangler’s wearer now for many years.

  3. I don’t know how many hundreds of levi’s I have had in my 66 years, but there will never be any more in my closet! What the owner of levi”s does is his business, but I’ll be damned before I aid anyone who sides with one of George Soros’ puppets, read Michael Bloomberg.

  4. I loved Levi pants long ago but I will never buy any today. I don’t think they are made in this country anymore. I am one of those gun lovers, military and protected your rights to open your mouth. But you cross the line to insult Americans.
    You will be hit in the pocket book in the end. Levi was the soul of the west and working man but you chose wrong. May your company turn tits up.
    Join me and never buy from them again.

  5. Wranglers, the jeans of choice by actual cowboys. They are as durable and more comfortable than Levi’s. I haven’t bought Levi’s for 40+ plus years, long before their out-of-control spin to liberalism on multiple fronts.

  6. Levi’s has been doing this for years. I emailed them about it years ago and they responded with some crap about empowering youth to make social change.

  7. levi’s I’m done with you, I’ll add you to the list (nike,target,nfl,bank of America,citigroup) of companies I refuse to do business with. Wrangler is a better quality jean anyway. Good riddance.

  8. So levi’s sold out, moved out of the US to countries where they could use slave labour, prision labour, child labour. Workers get a couple or three dollars while management rakes in millions.
    Now they are attempting to bring their views of what should be back.
    They take their business out of the country and then try to instill civic virtue to the youth of the US.
    May haps a better idea is to repel the 25th amendment to the constitution.
    Levi’s is making a run on out constitutional rights. Stop them short now rather than later.

  9. Life is starting to sound like dumb and dumber has worked it’s way into real life without a clue about what they’re doing.

  10. They are encouraging their employees to become politically active and donate $ the anti gun cause. I wonder what would happen if you wore an NRA or GOA hat to work? Would you be fired if you made it know you are a gun owner or a part time firearm instructor? Is this policy of anti gun activism in the employee handbook or part of the indoctrination into the fold?
    I hope an employee bring a lawsuit against Levi Strauss.

  11. I have wondered if micheal Bloomberg lawyers put pressure on companies to join the gun banning groups. What ever happened to keep America strong and number 1? Now it seems like its make America gay and stoned on drugs. Ive seen on TV where they interview people and they say that if there were more laws that crime, shootings, etc wouldn’t happen. But when told that there is already laws they can’t understand why the bad guys dont obey them. So now they say if all guns were banned all crime would stop. Back when electric street lights first came out they said crime would stop too. I often wonder if some or many foreign countries and America’s enemies are behind and funding the gun banning movement! Durning WW2 the japs were worried about invading the USA because Americans owned guns and would fight them. Also during WW2 England(because they had banned guns) asked Americans to send them guns to help protect their country from invasion. If guns are banned here, whos going to stop a foreign country from invading us? Remember the movie “Red Dawn”? (1984 movie). Also many of these gun banning groups now hire actors to wear t shirts and carry signs (so do many politicians running for office) . i guess these gun banning anti-America groups want to make the USA like North korea or Iran. These stupid fools have no idea what they are doing. Some of them even say Americans ave too many rights and the Bill of Rigjts shoild be banned too. Maybe the U.N. is behind the gun banning groups too. A 100 years ago these same people wanted to ban all alcohol in America and look what that did. Sky rocketing crime, the mob, people dying from home made booze. Now a 100 years later these same mis guided fools want to ban all guns and The Bill of Rights!

    1. IF they can crawl over the bodies, they can pry my gun from my cold dead hand anytime, I am ready to go be with Mama and Daddy and the best of my family anytime. I am broke all up from a fall after a wrongful arrest, no medication for 5 days!! The law is you are supposed to be treated, medically just like you we at home and they pay for it !!!! Let’s enforce the laws we have first! This CDC OPIOID epidemic is completely illegal. A doctor licensed in your state must examine you in person to control your controlled medication.MY 2 diseases are arthritis, diabetes, and since they took my xanax last Sept.my ears ring constantly and my balance is almost gone.I developed diabetes and ear ringing since they”ILLEGALLY” helped me.I want to be compensated and some people are given a free vacation, I’ll be glad to make the arrangements. COME ON AMERICA, IT IS TIME FOR ” WE THE PEOPLE TO TAKE CONTROL BACK” I DO NOT REMEMBER THE EXACT WORDS OR YEAR, BUT SOME OF YOU DO. HE MADE THE STATEMENT”WE WILL REGISTER OUR GUNS AND HAVE THE SAFEST COUNTRY, THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW OUR EXAMPLE”I THINK IT WAS 1934 AND A MAN YOU MAY HAVE HEARD OF ADOLPH HITLER!! THE U.S.A.IS FOLLOWING IT A LOT OF HIS TRACKS!!

    2. How appropriate wisdom from experience
      Yes sir you have lived it or studied your history books. Either way you speak the facts of truth
      Judge Tom from Texas, “ where the men are men and the women are respected!”

  12. May levis go down in flames along nike and dicks.
    Several years ago k-mart started using rosie o’donnel as their spokes person AND stopped selling firearms. Look what happened to k-mart.
    May the come to those who trample on our rights.

  13. I stopped buying Levis, Dockers, and Nikes back in the ’80s because they took away american jobs and sent them overseas, which didn’t make them any cheaper to buy at all. And I’ve never shopped at Dick’s either.

  14. I got my first gun ay age 7″ how shocking my father a history professor would do such a thing, to make it worse, on my 8th birthday I got a 20 Ga. shotgun!!!”I was also taught at age 7; all guns are always to be treated as LOADED; not only think about hitting your target, but also think about what you might hit if you miss! I have never hit anything I did not intend to, none of my guns have ever once, got up and attacked me or anyone else. Teaching children about handling, firing, taking care of weapons, should not be the wrong thing to do! You would not have the accidental killing of people because a child found a gun and thought it was a toy! Guns should be kept somewhere children can not get to them. Gun safes are fine, but you better keep a couple easy to reach,it would be awful; TO BE KILLED BECAUSE YOU WERE NERVOUS AND DID NOT GET THE SAFE OPEN IN TIME TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My Uncle bought me my first gun, THE DA Y I WAS BORN. 9/1/1960, A daisy BB gun,(STILL HAVE IT!!). I too was taught treat all guns as if they were loaded, and to never touch one without permission. My TWO sons were taught and raised the same way. Pappy(my Father) Backed up everything they were taught. I haven’t bought a pair of Levis since 1975… Too pricey! Now this? Talk about Biting The Hand That Feeds You!!! REST IN PEACE LEVIS!!!!! No BURN IN HELL!!!!!

  15. I have always preferred Lee jeans. Sometimes Wrangler So I will keep on buying them until they backslide. Never had any Dockers or Nike so never will. What a shame to see an old American company like this go against the very people who built them up. Sad.

  16. Levi’s are NOT MADE IN AMERICA. Levi’s capitalizes on third world country labor while the elite officers of Levi’s live on Nob Hill and in Atherton, Ca. Oh yes, the Levi officers champion the poor, as long as the poor workers know Chip Bergh is their “betters”.
    Levi’s are overpriced and the colors fade, just like their patriotism to America.
    BOYCOTT LEVI Products.
    Remember, Buy Levi and you finance anti-gun agendas
    Not me.

  17. It is disgusting when a proud American company folds into just another sheep when they could be a watch dog. Strauss is likely turning in his grave.

  18. This is merely a restatement of their longstanding attitude toward firearms and the Second Amendment. I quit buying Dockers at least fifteen years ago due to anti-gun statements put out by Levi Strauss corporation. Wore Levi’s since the ’50’s, bought em in the basement of the Emporium in SF (because Levi’s were “American”, and local, they were made just up the street in SF; I don’t know if the off-shoring or the UnAmerican-ness came first).

  19. Ok, so why don’t these anti-gun individuals lead by example?
    They personally may not have firearms, but their body guards sure do. Or politicians, with secret service etc. Get rid of those guns, set an example for us to follow. Don’t even get me started on Hollywood actors. “It’s their job”, to show guns on the screen. Way too many two faced make believes there. Oh wait, it’s a do as I say, not as I do mentality. Sure, ban all guns. That will stop crime dead in it’s tracks. Sure it will. Let’s hope for a strong republican showing in the mid terms .

    1. Liberals are all hypocrites. See, they are so much smarter than all us deplorable. We should all just shut up, do as they tell us, and we would be much better off. That’s what they think, anyway. All liberals are are hypocrites, all Democrats are evil. They lie, steal, cheat and worse(Seth rich) to achieve their goals. The end justifies the means, in their minds

  20. I haven’t worn a pair of Levi’s in decades. Aside from the higher cost of the product there are plenty of alternatives that are just as good. Lee, Dickies, Carhart, Wrangler, etc. I have effectively been boycotting them since the 80’s.

  21. I am 64 and in good shape , I race mountain bikes and still have my gorlish figure , LOl. I noticed a friend at church who was also on our security team , and asked him where he got his cargo pants as we / our team carries our EDC at all times , he told me that was all he wore and so I went shopping , that was several years ago and I have been wearing cargo’s ever sence they, allow me to move , kneel , sit with such compfort , I just gave away my last three pairs of Levi’s which I now realize were stylish but making me feel like had to always be standing . Remember boys , A good Boycott Go’s a long way over time they will feel the “pinch” , Pun entended

  22. Stupid expenditure. Levi’s is fighting yesterday’s war. The trend is MORE states permitting concealed carry. Communist zealots like Bloomberg don’t understand their one-time loyal audience is getting up and leaving the theatre in mid-show. Slowly but surely the 2nd Amendment awakening continues.

    And Levi’s? You can give me the $1 million and I STILL wouldn’t buy your slipshod jeans. You’ve become a used-to-be in the market. Adios.

  23. Read the article three times and still haven’t seen anything to support ” empowering the GOVERNMENT to trample peoples rights”. Stings a little when the same techniques are used on the other side?

  24. I understand that levi moved their operations to china a few years ago. BOYCOTT LEVI AND DOCKERS and any others that are anti-gun. This includes the NFL and all of their sponsors (advertisers).

  25. While we’re at it, it occurred to me this afternoon that along with doing ones best to avoid purchasing Chicom goods, people who support the constitution should try to avoid purchasing any goods made in Comifornia. Reduce their braggadocio and clout about having the worlds 7th largest economy. My condolences to any right thinking, 2A supporting companies that still operate out of that tyrannical, by the will of the voters, part of North America. Some enterprises have already bailed out bailed for friendlier pastures, same to the east. Go or spend your hard earned
    where you are appreciated and supported.

    1. Levies, ha…. they have become cheap, flimsy, overpriced garbage! Made in another country no less. This just tops the cake. Who needs them? Not Americans!!!!

  26. I stopped wearing Levis when they moved out of the country. They took jobs from Americans and gave them to children for 1/10th the cost. I have worn Wranglers for years. They are better quality and fit better. Levi and the rest can give all their money to Glommberg and the rest of the Socialist Elite, I’ll buy from companies that back the U.S. and the Constitution as it was written. Levi I hope to see your name listed in Bankruptcy Court very soon….

  27. I work, pay taxes, and live in the greatest country in the world!! Our forefathers had more common sense than these librils today!! That is why we have our CONSTITUTION AND ALL THE RIGHTS WE ENJOY!!! If the librils want to change our way of life let them leave the U.S.A. and go make their own country and leave the rest of us alone!!!

  28. Gave up on them over a year ago. When the leg seam runs up over your knee and twists around the front of your leg(I’m not talking skinny jeans here either, 505’s) and you are trying to work in those damn things it just didn’t work for me. and when you buy a new pair and you look at the tag inside the jeans and it says “Made in Mexico” That was enough. And Bloombergs’s affiliation just put the cherry on top. Wranglers and Carhart for me!!

  29. Well, so much for levi products. I don’t spend my money on people who have no common sense. Self defense and the defense of others is a GOD given and mandatory right. History has ALWAYS shown that unarmed people are easily attacked, unarmed nations get defeated. Hitler registered guns “for a kinder,gentler nation” Most of us know what happened next. Stalin, Pol Pot, Obama bin Ladin (pun intended) all have the same thing in mind–domination– where people are not citizens anymore, they are just subjects and subject to whatever sick whim they have going on. Anyone, ANYONE who purports to disarm the public is no better and no different from any other terrorist–they are just using different means. What is there to look forward to if this goes through? Human crap in the streets, used needles in playgrounds, dirt bags smoking weed and driving under the influence etc…Maybe California SHOULD secede from the union and take all the non GOD fearing, commie bastards, give me everything I want for free because of my color or up bringing people with them. As for me, I am and I am going to stay—armed.

  30. I have purchased Levi’s for myself and my children for over 40 years. I have purchased my last. I can only hope they go bankrupt. This is another company that is NON American. If this is their feelings please move your company to Russia. I don’t think they have a constitution you’ll fit right in. Oh by the way take Bloomberg with you.

  31. Well, I won’t be buying Levi’s anymore. I confess, I’m not burning the ones I have, nor am I throwing the ones I have out. They won’t feel the impact from us immediately, but we will get our message across. Too many liberals wear Dockers to put them completely out of business.

  32. Has anybody else read the article about the nun group from (Canada?) that has put pressure on S&W and Ruger to make “safer” handguns? (Huh?) what exactly is a safer handgun? What you have here is people who hate all guns and hate all gun owners and now they are suddenly experts on the manufacture of handguns! What next? Just more and more regulations and accomplish nothing. Just more crap until they accomplish their New World Order plans to BAN all firearms!

  33. Doesn’t it leave you baffled and laughing when some talking head gun banner is being interviewed on TV and they are suddenly ‘experts’ about the functions of semi auto rifles.when they say one can convert any semi auto into a full.auto by just.inserting a paper.clip or bobby pin into the receiver!! Wow! Really? I’d like them to show me how they do that?! These.are the.same people who say one.can open.handcuffs just.usimg a paper clip.or bobby pin. I guess the ATF will rule paper.clips and bobby pins.’machine gun parts’!!

    1. Most people do not know that Levi-Strauss, got their big start as a result of a mistake in the first place!! They loaded up with canvas and rivets and stuff to make tents. When they got to California in the middle of the gold rush, there was very little demand for tents anymore.STUCK with all this stuff they found there was a demand for extremely tough work pants, hence the rivets, now near 160 years later they forgot it was the working man” WHO ALMOST ALWAYS HAD A GUN!!”. That gave them life, I personally do not think all good gun owners, do not have to burn their levis. BUT IF none of us buy anything with that word on it this holiday season, starting last week!! They will see a year of sales that will get their undivided attention. I have found Carhart, Big Smith, Wrangler, and Arizona more than up to the task! For those who think they need Dockers, Visit Dillards, Daniel Cremuicaux, does very nicely. I am sure there are many others, I just a Redneck Southern Country boy! RIGHT IN THE HEART OF THEIR SALES SINCE 1970 FOR ME!

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