Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Soft Following Anti-gun Efforts

The payback continues after this major chain chose to ignore both the 2nd Amendment and its customer’s wishes. Here’s MORE



Dick’s Sporting Goods has admitted that Chairman and CEO Edward W. Stack’s repeated attacks on law-abiding gun owners could be having a negative effect on the company’s bottom line. According to a press release reporting the company’s second quarter earnings results, “consolidated same store sales decreased 4.0%.” The document stated, “Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in any forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to… negative reactions to our policies related to the sale of firearms and accessories.”

In February, Stack announced that Dick’s would stop selling certain configurations of semiautomatic rifles in its Field & Stream stores and stop selling standard capacity magazines entirely. The CEO also declared that Dick’s and Field & Stream stores would no longer sell shotguns and rifles to young adults ages 18 to 20. In May, Dick’s announced that it would destroy the stock of semiautomatic rifles it had chosen not to sell, rather than return the firearms to the manufacturers.

Stack’s high-profile decision to target long guns revealed his penchant for virtue-signaling, but also his ignorance on policy. Shotguns and rifles are rarely used in violent crime. A 2013 Department of Justice survey of research on semiautomatic bans determined that “a complete elimination of assault weapons would not have a large impact on gun homicides.” In a survey of gun research published earlier this year, the Rand Corporation found no conclusive evidence a ban on commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms would impact violent crime. Moreover, in some jurisdictions it is illegal for retailers to discriminate against young adults on the basis of age.

Not content to lead by example, Stack also took to the pages of USA Today to demand that federal lawmakers enact a raft of gun control measures that the American people have repeatedly rejected. Stack called for a federal ban on commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms and their magazines, prohibiting young adults from purchasing shotguns and rifles, and the criminalization of private firearm transfers. In order to impose Stack’s vision on all Americans, Dick’s hired three gun control lobbyists.

In response to Dick’s gun control efforts, in May the Board of Governors for the National Shooting Sports Foundation — the firearm industry trade group — voted to expel the company “for conduct detrimental to the best interests of the Foundation.” This was followed by firearms manufacturers Springfield Armory and O.F. Mossberg & Sons, and marketer MKS Supply announcing that they were cutting ties with the retailer.

Perhaps fearing that Dick’s’ poor sales figures might discourage other corporations from engaging in anti-gun activism at shareholders’ expense, CNN went out of their way to erect an alternative explanation. According to “the most trusted name in news,” investors should ignore Dick’s own admissions regarding the negative consequences of their gun control positions and blame stiff competition from online retailers and the store’s delicate relationship with one of its apparel brands for the inadequate performance.

Spin as CNN might, Stack predicted the negative consequences the anti-gun actions would have for his company. In a post-earnings call in March, Stack admitted, “The announcement we made two weeks ago regarding our firearms policy is not going to be positive from a traffic standpoint and a sales standpoint.”

With NSSF estimating the firearms industry’s economic impact at $51 billion, Stack’s March prediction was common sense. It’s unfortunate that Stack is unable to employ that same judgment to predict the obvious outcome of Dick’s ineffective gun control policies.

19 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Soft Following Anti-gun Efforts”

  1. I have bought expensive golf shirts and other shirts along expensive golf balls. i have bought ammo walkie talkies and other items such as a game camera .
    i have never bought a rifle or an AR-15 which they never in my area.
    No more Dick’s club or shopping at any Dick’s Stores.
    Your CEO needs to be fired and i hope the stockholders see to that .

  2. As I understand it, Sportsmans Warehouse is picking up the sales that Dicks is losing. I hope the stock keeps tanking. Maybe the SJWs at Dicks will have fun explaining that virtue signaling is not what a sporting goods store should do. We’ll have to see what happens to Nike with their latest blunder. Hope it works out badly for them. When I tune in for a game I just want to see the game.


      1. I USED to buy ammo from the Dicks store. When they went ANTI-American, I REFUSE to buy one cartridge from them even if I must pay a few pennies more for each round. Happy ANTI-American day to you Dicks!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Very well said! They are still selling the ammunition happily@a 40 percent markup. Pay more to a store that supports our second amendment rights. Their grand destruction of their inventory is at a much lower lost than loss of ammunition profits! #boycottdicks

  3. Boycott DICKS!!! An appropriate and informative name for this store. DO NOT BUY AMMO FROM DICK,S AS WELL! I will never set foot in this liberal bastion ever again.

  4. I have purchased several thousand dollars worth of firearms merchandise from Dicks including rifles, shotguns, scopes game cameras, hunting attire, ammo, camping goods, gun safes and many items from other departments. I know others have done the same. It is scary when you add up all the $ you spent with a 2 faced traitor like Big Dicks. I will not ever step foot into another one of their stores PERIOD and urge others to do the same.

  5. It is one thing to stop selling certain items, but quite a different thing when you promote the destruction of Constitutional rights. This shooter will never purchase fishing, golf, hunting or the kids sporting equipment from the appropriately named Dick’s again.

  6. I have not set foot in a Dick’s since they started there anti firearms policy and discriminatory purchase policy nor will I for the foreseeable future. I have bought many things there in the past, mostly relating to outdoors use and hunting/shooting sports. I would urge everyone who engages in those types of activities to do the same. There are many other sources those products which are used in those pursuits.

  7. I hope they go out of business… I will NEVER set foot in a dick’s store ever again. They made their bed – hope they sleep well in it. scum bags.

  8. Sports Authority did the same thing . GUESS WHAT, THEY NO LONGER ARE IN BUSINESS……….Keep it up DICKS And you will join S.A………..

  9. Sports Authority did the same thing . GUESS WHAT, THEY NO LONGER ARE IN BUSINESS……….Keep it up DICKS And you will join S.A………..and i will say it AGAIN

  10. Dicks should move there stores out of Kansas and relocate in California where they would be welcome with open arms, no pun intended. We in Kansas do not need the socialist ideas that Dicks now brings to our very red state. Socialism is like a disease that spreads like the plague. If you don’t stop it in its infancy it erodes and destroys all rights we are granted by the Constitution, and as we have all witnessed in the last 20 years with the help of 2 bushes and eight years of the King of Socialism Barack Hussein Obama( Just the Name oozes Socialism) i would say the country is pretty screwed up in the head. And now that we have Trump to roll back this mess that these three prior Socialist left Presidents have made they see all that progress slowly melting away and its its killing them to the point of insanity.

  11. I have not been in Dick’s since New England played New York in the super bowl. Then a friend went to buy an AR from them. It was the demo model & showing signs of abuse. When he asked the sales person about a discount he was told he didn’t have to buy it because someone else would. Sorry but they were not the only game in town then & sure as Hell aren’t now. Your crappy attitude will be your down fall. Where they find these moron CEOs I’ll never know. But I guarantee there are stores out there that want my money & I’ll be happy to bring my money to them & give them my money

  12. I have always been curious about what qualifies someone to act as a CEO of a company. One would think that it would have to have something to do with an education in business and economics along with a strong knowledge of the products their company sells and more importantly, their customer base. It seems that DICKS failed in vetting their CEO! Why would they hire someone who decides that they will no longer sell items that almost all other sporting retailers sell, spit in the face of (now) former customers by rejecting the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, and doing all of this for the purpose of impressing a bunch of left-wing high-rise dwellers who think black angus and herefords are wild animals, and probably wouldn’t shop for sporting goods in the first place unless it could be used in the local city park or golf course? I would also think that a smart CEO would recognize and appreciate the fact that many 18 and 19 year olds have served in Iraq and Afghanistan a some have died to protect those rights that the Constitution affords all of us and that they should NOT be stripped of their 2nd Amendment rights by someone who thinks combat is a confrontational board meeting! I would also think that a CEOs’ expensive college education would have taught them how to search for facts and information which would have told him or her that rifles and shotguns constitute a very small percentage of weapons used in gun crime, that more people die from knives and blunt force trauma, some of which was caused by such things as baseball bats and yes, golf clubs! Uh-oh! Does this mean that DICKS will no longer support our national past-time or perhaps the CEOs’ favorite, golf? Maybe DICKS should just sell feather pillows. Oh, wait—there have been murders committed by smothering the victim with a feather……..

  13. All I have done in any Dick’s or F&S is take a look around to identify items, especially guns and ammo, that I would be buying from them had their moron of a CEO not made this announcement. If I see something I really want, I either buy it online, from a LOGS or I drive the 2-hours to the nearest Cabela’s.

    I hope these idiots go under.

  14. If you have a valid license you have already jumped through all the government hoops. Why should Walmart or any other store have the right to say you can’t buy a firearm you are qualified to own. That’s like telling someone with a drivers license they can;t buy a car because “insert reason here”

  15. There is a Dick’s just north of me that has a hunting department. Several years ago they opened another one south of me that didn’t have a hunting department. When I asked why, they told me that the City of Yonkers, NY wouldn’t let them sell anything related to hunting if they wanted to open the store. They caved to the City and I haven’t been back since. Now I see that they were probably happy to be able to blame the City, they didn’t want it anyway.

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