Hodgdon Adds 224 Valkyrie to Load Data Site!

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One of the hottest calibers of 2018, the 224 Valkyrie keeps the hype comings and suppliers are working hard to keep up with customer requests. It continues to impress shooters across the nation, but as it’s popularity gains, more and more people are hungry for better standardized data to build their own ammunition.

Hodgdon Powders, one of the most trusted names in reloading powder, and reloading data, has stepped up to the plate with their amazing reloading web tool, and offered a full menu of reloading data for the 224 Valkyrie. Use this guide to hone your reloads!

Hodgdon Valkyrie Reloading Data

Much to the excitement of our Do-It-Yourself customers, the reloading data comes at a time when there are more component options available than ever. You can find everything you need to load your own 224 Valkyrie right here at Midsouth shooters Supply!

Will this wicked new caliber continue to live up to the hype? Have you started reloading for it yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

One thought on “Hodgdon Adds 224 Valkyrie to Load Data Site!”

  1. The problem with Valkyrie is barrel twist. Too many suppliers decided to rechamber their AR15 barrel stock and call it good. That left the market with too many “so called” Valkyrie barrels with shallow twists, eg. 1:8, 1:7. The whole idea of the Valkyrie is long, high BC, heavy .224 cal. bullets, fired to provide stability and supersonic speed at long ranges. If you want to shoot thin jacket light weight varmint bullets at long range, just get a 24″ bbl and 1:8 twist AR-15 Varminter.

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