Educational Institutions: No NRA Members Need Apply

“Being an actual, admitted communist … is less harmful to one’s career prospects than being an NRA member.” Whoa. READ THE WHOLE STORY

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Like most people, we understand that educational institutions and staff tend to lean left. The degree and intensity of the bend varies across universities, but a leftward orientation is actually expected today.

We’re aware that some — perhaps even many — academics look upon the NRA and gun owners with disdain. We always hoped this didn’t extend to the individual level, that the disdain was limited to the aggregate, and that personal interactions could be open-minded or — gasp! — even cordial.

The thought that academics would consider NRA members the bottom of the proverbial barrel never occurred to us. We never imagined that more college professors would be comfortable with an avowed communist than with an NRA member. It sounds like a joke, like an appeal to extremes to call attention to the absurd, but that’s precisely what a new study has discovered. A sociology professor at the University of North Texas found that political biases in academia peak with NRA members.

Professor George Yancey wanted to investigate possible hiring discrimination in higher education. He asked professors across the country how their support for a job applicant would change if they knew the applicant was a member of certain groups. Of all the groups Yancey tested, “NRA membership was ranked as the most likely to hurt an aspiring professor’s chances of getting hired.”

NRA membership was more damaging than being a Republican, a Libertarian, a vegetarian, a member of the ACLU, or a member of the Green Party. NRA membership is considered more damaging than being a communist.

Overall, more than two in five professors say a person’s membership in the NRA would “‘damage’ an applicant’s chances of getting hired.” Yancey suspects that, “academics envision individuals in the NRA as being on the far right.” Yancey also found that “meat hunters, evangelicals, and fundamentalists also are less likely to be hired.”

Imagine that. Being an actual, admitted communist — who proudly acknowledges being as far left as left can go — is less harmful to one’s career prospects than being an NRA member.

We’ve heard about high school teachers kicking students out of class for wearing NRA shirts. We’ve heard politicians disparage this association and its membership. But to hear that college professors would rather work with a communist than an NRA member is just sad. We found two takeaways from this: first, an inability to explain one’s adherence to a political and economic ideology with an absolute perfect failure rate probably doesn’t matter in academia and, two, academia is somehow even more out of touch with America than any of us thought.

Remember that the next time “academics” release a “study” on “gun violence.”

4 thoughts on “Educational Institutions: No NRA Members Need Apply”

  1. These are the people that get paid huge sums of money, can’t be fired and spew liberal values to our children. We have been asleep at the wheel allowing our schools to become the indoctrination centers that they are.

  2. What a sad state of affairs our country and institutions of higher learning have become. I agree with joefoam above, we have been asleep at the wheel to allow this attitude to creep into our social mores. However, if and when the balloon goes up, to put a little spin on an old adage, I’ll take an NRA member in a foxhole any day over a communist. As a life-member of the NRA, I believe I’m in the majority and in fine company…

  3. Just more proof that the left/ progressives are the most intolerant of others who have view points other than their own.

  4. I graduated from a super leftist public University full of leftist professors. University of North Carolina at Greensboro…terrible school. I wish I had transferred somewhere else. I remember having to sit thru and listen to some of those left wing professors spew their marxist leninist crap to make it through class. Often I’d leave classes angry or mad because of having to listen to some of them. I know I was graded lower sometimes, because I let some of them know I did not care for their politics.

    And some of them really are dyed in the wool socialist and communists. I also remember manning a table at a UNC-Greensboro “welcome back to school” festival one fall. I was a lifeguard at a UNC-Greensboro owned outdoor facility called “Piney Lake” and I was representing Piney Lake and would sit there with my Piney Lake lifeguard clothes on and hand out “come to Piney Lake flyers” to students. Positioned directly to my left was the UNC-Greensboro student communist party, they had their table set up too. They were affiliated with the same Greensboro area communist party involved in that 1979 Greensboro shooting.

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