The ONLY Way to Stop Kids from Shooting Up Schools

We all know it’s not guns, so what is it? Jason Anderson shares his thoughts on some root causes for these tragedies. READ MORE

troubled teen
It’s not easy being a kid nowadays. Pressures from bullies, social media, and more mean we must pay close attention to our children.


by Jason Anderson

Any time a child loses their life… Especially at the hands of a murderer, it’s a horrific tragedy.

But, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that gun control is not the answer. (Unless you want to give up your freedoms and end up living in a place where only criminals have guns, or under a communist regime like North Korea.)

So, how in the world can we stop these school shootings then?

Well…the other day, I read about two young women who were sentenced to jail for smuggling drugs around the world. Apparently, some rich guy paid them to carry the “cargo” to different places.

One of the young women said she did it to increase her Instagram followers so she could have pictures of her jet-setting all over the world.

My point is, these days, our young people are tremendously influenced by social media. Back in the day, if there was a bully, you got in a fight in the cafeteria and that was that. But now, people can tease and harass each other on Facebook and all of the other social media sites so these poor kids can be tormented 24-7, even when they leave school.

Case in point: When I was in high school, I tried out for the basketball team. On the night of tryouts, I had the flu and was really sick. But, I wanted to tryout so badly I went anyway.In the middle of tryouts, I suddenly threw up all over the basketball court. (I’m talking large chunks everywhere.) I ran to the bathroom to clean up and they wouldn’t let me finish the tryout. Of course, some kids made fun of me for puking everywhere and I think it lasted for probably two days and that was it.

But, imagine if that happened today.

No doubt, someone would have videotaped me puking all over the court. It would be put on YouTube and Facebook. It would probably have a gazillion views by now of me puking and then running to the bathroom. I would probably be reminded of my puking event for weeks upon weeks. (There goes my high school dating life.)

Geez, it’s rough to be a kid today, don’t you think?

The thing is, since social media isn’t going anywhere, parents have to monitor their children more closely. They’ve got to monitor Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and text messages. They need to take a more active interest in their kids’ lives.

When someone says: “The shooter showed no signs they were going to do this…” I find it hard to believe. There’s always signs, always cries for help, as small as they might be.

No parent wants to believe their kid could be a murderer (and I don’t think my kids could be either). But, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to check their web browsing history or their phone when they’re teenagers. While they might not be preparing to do a school shooting, I still want to make sure they’re not doing drugs or other bad things. That is my obligation and responsibility as a parent. Remember, you’re their parent first, and their friend second.

The bottom line is, I do wish kids treated each other better. But, I don’t see that changing because since the beginning of time, kids have been bullying and teasing each other.

So, parents need to step up to the plate more and watch their kids and help them when they can see their kids are struggling.

I wish there was a “magic” pill or better answer to solve this problem.

But, I can assure you, to maintain our freedoms, taking away gun rights is not the answer and never has been.

Remember, the Second Amendment isn’t a suggestion… It’s a right.

Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. To get a free copy of his book, visit

20 thoughts on “The ONLY Way to Stop Kids from Shooting Up Schools”

  1. Once we took God out of the schools the only thing that remained was the self as a moral and self governing body. Then the introduction of Ritalin and other drugs turned our children into zombies. Some kids are wild kids, was one but eventually I got over it and never committed a mass shooting. Some of these children are also obsessed with being famous. Again directly linked to not respecting a higher power.

    1. its true i believe once we took God out and taught the kids we are nothing but animals this is what happens what does bible say about the sins of the fathers being past onto the third and fourth generation here is the result of the big experiment to eliminate God and our responsibility to Him and to those around us the drugs are part of the same once we are taught like the kids were before we threw God out we could go back in time so to speak but since man is evil and there is none good we will continue downhill

  2. Lack of parenting, or apathy parenting, disjoined family units, absentee father(or mother), lack of respect for anyone in authority, pressures from social media including online bullying and the list goes on. It does not take a learned professional with a slew of abbreviations after their title to see this. I do not have the answer as I am a dinosaur and grew up in an age when the mere thought of striking your parents was not even entertained. Yes, I was swatted on the rear more than once but I did not become a serial killer or shoot-up my school.

  3. I have to blame poor parenting. Allowing doctors to dope up our kids so they are easier to manage, allowing unlimited hours of gaming and social media use and failure to engage with them to see how their life is progressing. Kids are notoriously stupid and prone to do stupid things not understanding the consequences of their actions. Its up to us as parents to teach them, not school teachers or the masses on smart devices.

  4. Video games, movies and music all contribute to this problem. The left wants us to believe that all are harmless, but what would happen if I took a “Normal” 13 year old boy and showed him porn at every opportunity for several years? Do you think he would respect women when he was 20? Do you think he would or could have a normal relationship with another person? We allow our children to be desensitized. then we are shocked when some act out? Like the old saying, garbage in, garbage out…

  5. Mr. Hanson, you make some very good points, especially about parents needing to ‘step up to the plate’. Agreed, but a lot of times, the parents are gone, not there and whereabouts unknown. Usually it’s just a grandmother, aunts, uncle, etc. that are raising the child. My proof is merely anecdotal; it comes from my job whereby my partner and I are out in the field serving juvenile court appearance summons for our municipal court. Along with serving the child a summons, a responsible adult, i.e., the parent must be served. I don’t have hard numbers, but many’s the time we end up serving a grandparent or an aunt who’s taken over the responsibility of raising the child. It’s kind of a double edged sword for the child, already in trouble with the juvenile court, and mom and dad are absent. Sad commentary on our ‘modern’ society.

  6. Involved parenting, meaning being all up in your kids’ business, not using government entities as your nanny and the sole educator of your children and the instiller of their values. Limiting ‘device’ access and enforcing sensible curfews. Mine was 8:30 on school nights, 10:30 on Friday nights, 9:30 on Saturday nights because Sunday School started at 9:30 Sunday morning. And I was 17. Yes, it was 45 years ago, but before thinking ‘you old fart!’ remember that makes it the ‘sex, drugs, and rock and roll’ era of Americana. A sensible curfew is NOT midnight, or anything later.
    Your teens don’t really want to talk to you about life. That hasn’t changed from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or ANY era. What HAS changed is simple:
    The dope-smoking, free-love, protesting radical hippies of the 60’s went back to school in the 70’s and 80’s, got their degrees, AND BECAME THE SCHOOL SYSTEM THEY DESPISED. And proceeded to remake it in John Dewey’s image, abandoning and castigating the proven successful Horace Mann model. The Deweymodel focuses on the government supplanting the parent as the child’s mentor, and instilling radical liberal thought into him. Now the original hippie teachers have retired or serve in Congress, and we are entrusting our children to the second generation of teachers TRAINED by them. Childen are taught that they can raise themselves and they don’t have to respect authority. Education focuses on social issues and not scholastic disciplines. Teachers are ROUTINELY jailed for secing up their students. Hollywood and social media sends the clear, undisputed (because liberals control the outlets) message that confrontation is how to live.
    It is no wonder we are witnessing a lost generation self-destruct.
    The liberals have had forty years to thoroughly and totally screw up our children and this country, and they are in wnough positions of power to resist real repair.
    While Republicans hold power, thereshould be a national school security reform act passed. Limit access points. Mandate checkpoints and armed guards, and even armed administrators.
    There are only two things that EVER stop a bad guy with a gun; 1) weapon or ammo problems, or 2) A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN.

  7. American children have been taught by democrats for sixty years that GOD is not and that murder of the unborn is right. Why are you surprised that they kill others now.

  8. Poor parenting… Even when they (yes they) are both present, they fill the child up with so much garbage. No, you can’t be anything you want… No, you are not the best player on the team… You know, she may not like you that much… No, you may not be good enough to be an astronaut or professional athlete or whatever… But that’s alright!!! So many of these school shootings have to do with bullying, girls, or just life’s not fair. It’s interesting that many of these happen around Valentine’s Day. Or… only people I don’t like. Hummmm. The goal need to change to be more encouraging and less comparing. If everyone is special, then no one is.

  9. You hit the nail on the Head at about paragraph 11. Parental supervision and the lack of being the root cause of 99% of our problems with young people today. Just my 2 cents.

  10. Being a in my late 60’s I can say this young mind mentality is completely foreign to what I experienced at those teen age years. Peer nasty stuff rules at school and after in the kids circle of peers it seems, and many can’t handle it. The parent might be the last to know about! So, lock up the guns in case your own is having a emotional teen episode that you might not even see, and let junior shoot with you, and check that the gun is returned afterward before locking the cabinet. Make schools hardened,etc. Metal detection, one way in/out door monitored and guarded. I don’t want my gun rights taken away by quick liberal ones who use these mass events for that purpose, and sadly kids today don’t realize what is at stake when they commit these horror shootings against their peers after a emotional teen disrespect or altercation.

  11. I agree with all of the above, especially the mention of drugs given to school kids, but one factor that no one has mentioned is the compulsion of the media to make mass shooters into instant celebrities. Nearly all of the school shooters have been losers who craved fame. I know there is a First Amendment problem, but I firmly believe that if we could find a way to keep shooters names and photographs off TV newscasts and front pages of newspapers, it would significantly reduce mass shootings.

    1. Disagree- Publish the shooters names, parents names, the reason, what lead up to this, what we missed. The more we know the the better and faster we can identify a potential problem and prevent it from happening. Takes a village. If we don’t know the history, we will repeat it.

  12. Remember the second amendment only allows an American citizen to bear a flintlock firearm, be it a pistol or long-arm.
    It also states that “I.S.” groups can form militia bands in every county.

  13. While I believe the author’s suggests will help, perhaps dramatically so, I really doubt it make it near zero. It will also be difficult to implement. The system Israel uses has dropped school killings to near zero, and has done so with a record of 4 decades, and did so economically. And you know there are no shortage of wannabe school killers in that part of the world.

    They did it with security measures (e.g. schools have only one point of entry) and regular school personnel (including teachers) are armed. The authors suggestions will reduce killings by attention hounds, but won’t do anything against terrorists or just plain evil people. Israel’s method takes care of pretty much all cases. I believe that if just the security measures are taken without arming personnel, the body count will be cut dramatically.

  14. Excellent point made by the author but it isn’t just one factor. Likely the mass of mitigating factors will be made in the comments. God removed from school and society. Lack of responsibility and the lack of respect for authority. The lack of parenting and overwhelming number of single parent homes. Latch key kids. The fact that 98% of all mass shooters had doctor prescribed psychotropic drugs in their systems at the time of the shootings. Add all these up then couple them with the authors view of current bullying.

  15. So Douglas thinks the 2A allows only flintlock arms? So I guess the 1A only allows quill pens and hand operated printing presses.

  16. When I graduated grade school I was given a BIBLE. When I graduated middle school I was given a BIBLE. There was mourning prayer and the pledge of allegiance. In high school prayer was gone because some nit wit said he was bothered by it.. The ten commandments were taken down all over the land. This nation is/was founded upon Judeo/Christian values no matter what anybody who is trying to revise history would tell you. When you take the LORD out of EVERYDAY LIFE society decays rapidly. Fifty years ago kids got into trouble by chewing gum in class. These days we have unwed children as mothers or worse yet as murders. Right is right and wrong is wrong —-there is no middle ground. Anyone who can or has ever read the OLD TESTAMENT can tell you what happens to a society who abandons the LORD–there is hell to pay and we are seeing it nearly every day! Think about it. People are wicked and deceitful by nature. Don’t believe it? When was the last time you had to teach you’re kid to lie? To steal? To be selfish? That murder is a glorious thing? That it can get you out of trouble? That there is no sanctity of life? Come to JESUS, HE is the answer

  17. I have 5 “kids” 35 to 16 and they all know respect, no online computer games during homework, learned gun safety and control and reload on my benches with all firearms locked away, and teach archery at the private school, etc… my 16 year old daughter gave me this site about the “2A”

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