PUBLIX Part Two: Publix Suspends Political Contributions Amid Statewide Protests

Publix caves to shock-tactics orchestrated by David Hogg. Read what happened… MORE

david hogg die in

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times

The supermarket giant acknowledges its support of Adam Putnam has “led to a divide in our community.”

Publix, facing consumer boycotts, student protests, and threats to its wholesome image for its generous support of Adam Putnam’s bid for governor, announced May 25 it is suspending all corporate campaign contributions immediately.

The popular retailer, facing a rapidly escalating public relations crisis fueled largely by social media and the debate over guns, issued a statement at the start of the three-day Memorial Day holiday weekend acknowledging the “divide” that it has caused by its unprecedented financial support of Putnam’s campaign.

“At Publix, we respect the students and members of the community who have chosen to express their voices on these issues,” the company said. “We regret that our contributions have led to a divide in our community. We did not intend to put our associates and the customers they serve in the middle of a political debate. At the same time, we remain committed to maintaining a welcoming shopping experience for our customers. We would never knowingly disappoint our customers or the communities we serve.”

The company’s action suggested that the furor over its contributions was having a significant effect as the 2018 political campaign attracts growing attention from Florida voters.

David Hogg and other students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, the scene of a February shooting, organized a 4 p.m. “die-in” Friday at a Publix parking lot in Coral Springs.

Students drew chalk outlines of human bodies and lay still on the floor for 12 minutes.

Moments before the protest began, Publix released its statement.

Several dozen protesters followed through with the protest. Some held sunflowers as they lay sprawled on the floor of the grocery store. They were flanked by a smaller group of counter-protesters chanting “NRA” and “Trump,” but the demonstration was peaceful. Officers with the Coral Springs Police Department stood by during the event.

Publix is Florida’s largest private employer with more than 175,000 employees. The company has stores in seven southeastern states.

Publix Supermarkets, Publix executives and family members have donated at least $670,000 to the campaign of Putnam, the elected state agriculture commissioner and an opponent of new gun restrictions who called himself “a proud #NRA sellout” last year.



21 thoughts on “PUBLIX Part Two: Publix Suspends Political Contributions Amid Statewide Protests”

  1. If we, the legal gun owners of America were even 1/10 as bad as they make us out to be, there would be numerous cases of spilled hot coffee, accidental dropping of eggs, large jars of mayo and other things like raw chicken with lots of liquid on those folks laying on the floor simply because we “tripped” trying to do our shopping.

    None of that happened of course because we respect others and their rights unlike these protestors. I hope that someday soon they will realize how much they are hurting others because of their ignorant protests.

    1. Chris, your comment brings up an interesting point. We have seen stores sued by customers slipping and falling accidentally or in some cases on purpose. What happens when grandma slips and falls over one of these protesters, is the protester the one that gets sued, or is it the store that gets sued for allowing the protest or both. Real or staged there is some big liability and Publix will suffer for it one way or another. Hogg and his gang should think twice before extorting another company.

    1. As I commented above. Don’t want anyone to get hurt, but wouldn’t it be ironic if someone did and sued the pants off of the protesters organizers.

      1. Although I completely agree with everyone that there needs to be repercussions for protesters being allowed to cause a financial impact to a company like this, unfortunately sueing them, will most likely yield little results.

        Most of these protesters are young and uneduactaed, following the political zealots in supporting a cause they didn’t research and don’t understand because they get their information from Facebook. That also means they are most likely broke and living at home with the worthless parents that “raised” them to obviously respect other peoples opinions and be good, worthy contributors to society. You can’t get blood from a turnip.

        The biased media would have a field day with a lawsuit against a “peaceful protestor” as they are the ones fueling the majority of this fire and making sure the only naritive to be published and broadcast is theirs.

        The level of respect for other peoples rights and beliefs is at a staggeringly low point in society right now. I can’t turn on the TV without seeing another ad about one policitcal party “fighting” another instead of working together. The media organizations fuel this even more by widening the divide between anyone who disagrees with another and with the attempt to create as much hate as possible. Hate sells better than unbiased truth and society has somehow allowed them no repercussions for their outright lies and mis-truths they spread. This applies to CNN just as much as FOX News.

        So what can we do? Join the NRA. Have conversations about these topics with others instead of avoiding them, especially with people you know have a different, possibly uneducated opinions. Offer to take someone you know who has never shot before to the range so you can first-hand dispel their uneducated belief on firearms and help them realize how much enjoyment one can have in this sport. Spread the TRUTH and always be careful not to fall into a biased rant against another group or party.

        These people following this intigator, like a lot of other groups are trying to do what they think is right. They just don’t have all of the facts, were never thought to seek them out, and probably don’t know where to look if they wanted to. If we truly want change, we have to take on the unfairly delegated task of teaching them the respect and manners they didn’t learn while growing up.

  2. If I had been shopping at Publix a few of the “die-ins” might have been kicked or had their head stepped on. I am not as nimble on obstacle courses as I used to be

  3. As a Veteran I have decided to boycott PUBLIX. When they sell out the very freedom I swore to protect, I find that a treasonous act. By PUBLIX aiding and bedding the enemy, they are no longer worthy of my business.

  4. Since when do kids constitute your majority revenue stream. Can’t believe you would allow these adolescents run your business plan.

  5. Oh look, Hitler is born again. He’s just not old enough to grow the mustache. Think about it, this little twit is ordering and directing people on what and who they can support and what they can think.

    Yep, Hitler in the making!!

    This dumb kid needs to sit down shut up and read the freedoms the United States Constitution provides us all.

  6. LORD OF THE FLIES, this is what you get when you let children run your lives.
    Gun control has nothing to do with safety. It’s about gun confiscation and people control. You can ban guns, bows and arrows, hatchets, spears, cars, trucks, swords, box cutters, knives, sticks and stones. But you will never disarm EVIL. Jim Jones killed 900 people with Kool Aid.

  7. Mr Hogg may be well intentioned, but publicly extorting a retail chain for the wrong reason is not going to further his cause. Raising the age to buy ANY weapon or outlawing ANY weapon is not going to matter one bit to the next sicko who wants to shoot up a school like his high school was. He would be much better received if he didn’t demonize an organization, like the NRA, who strongly advocates keeping weapons of any kind out of the hands of irresponsible people, and lobby for metal detectors at EVERY entrance to a facility and an armed security officer for every 250 students.

    1. People are not going to step over kids lying in the aisles of grocery stores, they will simply go elsewhere. This tactic is nothing more than extortion and the general public will see it as that. Hopefully it will backfire on the protesters.

  8. To bad that someone didn’t buy some Huggies or Pampers and hand them out to the protesters and tell them when they grow up and put some real intelligent thinking into the problem that there children thoughts will solve nothing. They believe that cars drive drunk, spoons make you fat, and that the gun kills people. Their thoughts on the NRA is the same as the left wings that it’s the NRA who backs these shootings. What intelligent thinking we have to deal with in real life from these uneducated people.

  9. After reading part 1 of this I was ready to make the longer drive to shop at Publix. Now part 2 saves me the drive. I won’t be going there now.

  10. As a former Destroyer sailor I must say, it is truly sad to see the abject ignorance of these young kids. Brain-washed to believe the LIES of the liberal left. As the old saying….when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns and then what will they do to protect themselves and their family and friends ??

    1. That’s what kids have been taught since they entered school. This Hogg kid is the son of an FBI agent and a CNN staffer, what else would you expect. If you ever watched one of his interviews, he drops ‘F’ bombs right in front of his parents and the rest of his family. Pretty classy.

  11. As a former Destroyer sailor I must say, it is truly sad to see the abject ignorance of these young kids. Brain-washed to believe the LIES of the liberal left. As the old saying….when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns and then what will they do to protect themselves and their family and friends ??

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