Anti-Gun Democrat Proposes Banning Semi-Autos and Going After “Resisters”

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The May 11, 2018 headline of the USA Today op-ed said it all. Anti-gun Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) last week advocated for legislation to ban an as-yet undetermined class of semi-automatic firearms and to “go after resisters” who refuse to relinquish their lawfully-acquired firearms. Lest anyone mistake his intentions, Swalwell followed up with a lengthy NBC News interview this week in which he made clear that his own proposal is a departure from prior gun bans that allowed those who obtained the firearms when they were lawful to keep them. Swalwell said that after thinking “about the different ways to address it … I concluded the only way to do this is to get those weapons out of our communities.”

According to the NBC piece, Swalwell is modeling his own proposal on laws passed during the 1990s in Australia. The article then inaccurately states, “But while Australia comes up often in gun debates, almost no prominent figures have proposed national laws that would demand that gun owners turn in existing weapons en masse.”

The truth is that anyone who suggests the United States should adopt Australian-style gun control — a club that includes such infamous gun ban advocates as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — is by definition advocating for the forcible disarming of “resisters.” That, in fact, was the signature feature of the Australian approach.

The widespread disarming of Australian citizens occurred through a comprehensive scheme that proceeded as follows. What is no longer debatable, however, is the true agenda and ideology that lies behind the gun control project in America. It is the abolition of the right to gun ownership in America as we know it … “resisters” be damned.

First, the various political subdivisions within Australia unanimously agreed to a uniform ban on large categories of popular firearms. The ban was both retroactive and prospective.

Second, the government instituted “amnesty” periods, which allowed those who had previously acquired the newly-banned firearms lawfully to surrender them to the government for a fixed and nonnegotiable rate of compensation.

Third, and most importantly, anyone who refused to relinquish their formerly lawful property was to be treated as an armed criminal, with all the physical jeopardy and legal consequences that entails.

The Australian government also uses a “may-issue” licensing scheme for firearm acquisition, which among other things requires an applicant to show a “genuine reason” for needing the gun. Self-defense — which the U.S. Supreme Court considers the “central component” of America’s right to keep and bear arms – is not recognized under Australian law as a permissible reason for the acquisition, ownership, or use of a firearm.

Australian-style gun control, in other words, is completely foreign to and incompatible with America’s history, tradition, and rights of firearm ownership. Simply put, there is no reconciling Australian-style gun control with America’s Second Amendment, a fact which even some gun control advocates in their more candid moments are willing to admit.

If Swalwell has distinguished himself at all from other American advocates of the Australian approach, it’s because he is willing to be more forthcoming about the fact that it would turn millions of formerly law-abiding Americans into armed “criminals” with the stroke of a pen.

In his NBC interview, however, he tried to have it both ways.

First, he insisted:

I’m not proposing a roundup or confiscation. It would be like anything else that’s banned: If you’re caught with it there would be a steep penalty. Any fear of ATF agents going door to door to collect assault weapons is unfounded and not what is proposed here. They don’t go collecting drugs that are banned or any other substance or weapon that’s banned and I’m not proposing that here.

That, of course, is a lie. Law enforcement agents with enough probable cause that someone possesses drugs or other contraband to get a warrant absolutely do go after the contraband. Some might even say they are duty-bound to do so. A quick Internet search will show you what that looks like in the real world.

Anybody who illegally possesses a contraband firearm potentially risks the same treatment. Swalwell, who touts his credentials as a former prosecutor, surely knows that.

But when asked to elaborate about the “stiff penalties” that would supposedly ensure compliance with his scheme, Swalwell seemingly contradicted his no-confiscation stance, stating, “I’d want to first get the gun.”

To their credit, NBC asked Swalwell directly whether he was “prepared for some of the confrontations that might erupt from this,” adding, “You’re surely familiar with the slogan, ‘I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands.’” Swalwell brushed aside the question, indicating that Parkland survivors who have been advocating for gun control have given him “courage” for resolute action.

The actions he is calling for, however, carry inherent risks of further unnecessary loss of innocent life.

But that is what the gun “debate” has come to in America, with at least one gun control advocate so emboldened that he’s openly willing to put violent confrontations on the table to advance the agenda.

Whether Rep. Swalwell is serious or whether he is just hoping to move the Overton Window on what is considered legitimate rhetoric in the realm of gun control policy is perhaps debatable.

What is no longer debatable, however, is the true agenda and ideology that lies behind the gun control project in America. It is the abolition of the right to gun ownership in America as we know it … “resisters” be damned.

33 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Democrat Proposes Banning Semi-Autos and Going After “Resisters””

  1. IF these RABID COMMUNISTS send their “goon squads” in to confiscate lawfully-owned firearms, expect LETHAL RETALIATION from WE the “resistors”. WE Patriots will NOT give up their only protection (without a fight) from CORRUPT tyrannical communist government, anti-American, anti-freedom “stormtroopers”.
    You may get US eventually, but WE will take MANY of you to HELL with us, as we will not “bow down” to become helpless sheep to be controlled or “eliminated” as the “rulers” see fit.

    1. How about a compromise to banning and confiscating the semi-automatic assault rifles such as the AR-15? How about everyone who has one be required, at government expense, to convert them to “straight-pull” mode. Then they are legal in every state and you can even take them to the UK and enjoy shooting them there. I see people at ranges where I live enjoying shooting their “straight-pull” AR-15s such as those made by Lantac.

      1. NO “compromise” EVER!! Do you actually think that the DEMOCOMMUNISTS will stop until ALL Law-abiding citizens guns are GONE, and this country is full of helpless SHEEPLES to be controlled or “eliminated” as they see fit? Read your OLDER “history” books to see what happens after guns are confiscated for “safety”.
        Open your eyes and see reality. When only CRIMINALS, police, and the “government” have all the guns, YOU will become a helpless “subject” of the “crown”.

      2. Compromise is what we do in America, which is why we are the great nation that we are. But I agree that no one should have their lawful firearm confiscated, and that is unlikely to ever happen. In New York State, the SAFE Act required that assault rifles be registered. Many have ignored this order and the law enforcement community made it clear to the Governor that they would no go around confiscating anything. The issue here is to reduce the number of these powerful semi-auto assault type weapons that crazies seem to get ahold of too often. We see the extent that they are not properly secured from theft or kept out of the wrong hands and are the firearm of choice for many mass shootings. Reduce their numbers over time by not making them and converting the ones there are to straight-pull. Those I have talked to at the ranges like their AR-15 style military look. They do not care if it is straight-pull or bolt-action rather than semi-auto. They enjoy target shooting it and working the action.

      3. “Compromise” is NOT what we do for GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS.
        Cuomo is nothing but a COMMUNIST DICTATOR with a serious “king” complex, that makes ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL royal “decrees” in the dead of night surrounded by his democommunist “court jesters” that agree with every “royal decree” he utters. How do I know? I LIVE IN COMMUNIST N.Y. State. If you prefer to be an unarmed and vulnerable “subject” of the “crown”, that is your choice. Myself, I prefer to be locked, loaded and ready.

      4. Spoke like a true stupid sheeple. You say powerful semi automatics you mean like the browning automatic rifles? Many states wont let their subjects hunt deer with a 556 or 223 because they are under powered . Do you do know that only a few % of homicides are committed by rifles?

      5. All too often, you ignore the “crazies” in government. What about those people? Who’s to say that any one of these people that committed a mass shooting (that passed background checks, btw) couldn’t have obtained a job within the government? Maybe government should give up their semiautomatics (and automatics), just in case they harbor any of these crazies. It would make me feel safer. Seems like “compromise” always ends up being placed on our doorstep.

      6. The gun owners shouldn’t have to offer a compromise to begin with. Every time a compromise is offered the gun owner gets nothing in return, the very definition of compromise. When we do have to surrender our rights it fails to do anything and then the anti-gun crowd comes back for more. This has been going on for nearly a hundred years now, our rights barely resemble the intention of the 2A.

  2. The purpose of the 2nd amendment is for the people to resist a tyrannical government, not for hunting and collecting but to have the people armed.

    1. Don,
      The time to vote OUT ALL democommunists is LONG overdue.
      People should see if they can find an OLDER un-revised history book and actually READ what happened to other countries after their guns were confiscated for “safety” reasons. Don’t think it won’t happen here. Hell, just look at DEMOCOMMUNIST- CONTROLLED Chicago, the city of RABID “gun control”. THIS is what will happen if the communists (democrats) get their “way”.

  3. If you cannot see the irony of having a gun ban enforced by men with guns, then you fail to understand why the second amendment was written in the first place.

  4. People, this is how they make slaves out of citizens. In 1936 Hitler registered guns “for a kinder, gentler nation”. Stalin had done the same. World war 2 followed shortly afterward. If you look up you’re American history, the straw that broke the camel’s back and started the war for independence happened when the British marched on the town of Concord in an effort to disarm the “colonials”. The LORD that I serve has said in Luke 24 vs 36-37 if you have no sword ( the assault weapon of that day, then sell you’re clothes and get one. That is paraphrased of course but there is no higher authority. There are things worth fighting for and if necessary, to die for. But, like Patton once said, “don’t go out there and die for you’re country–make the other guy die for his country.” These people who would disarm us are not just wicked politicians they are tyrants and are bent on lining their pockets with our slavery. I would avoid war if possible but sometimes it is necessary. GOD bless America.

  5. The 2nd amendment was written by our fore fathers to prevent this very thing. Gun ownership keeps the government from being able to impose tyranny on the people. If you looked up tyrant in the dictionary you would find Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) Picture, along with every other Socialist left wing Democrat Congressman in the country.

  6. Of course the communist doesn’t have the guts to personally come to my door and TRY to take my guns.

    1. Tucker Carlson had him on his show and all he could spew out were talking points like ‘the police are out gunned’, and ‘protect the children’. Typical drivel used by the left to prey on fear and ignorance of the weak minded fools who elected him.

  7. Lets put this in perspective…

    First, this Salwell guy is a democrat from commiefornia…nuff said. Of course he is gonna say stuff like that. It does not make it right, but he’s from the land of fruits and nuts not from real America.

    Second, the NRA-ILA has brass you know what to be putting out news flashes over stuff like gun confiscation. The NRA-ILA under Chris Cox and Wayne Lapiere supported that “fix NICS” gun control bill that RINO Trump signed off on a few months ago. And here in North Carolina, pro-gunners had to deal two NC State legislature bills that were gun confiscation bills supported by the NRA but opposed by Gun Owners of America and Grass Roots North Carolina.

    The NRA has no business talking out of both sides of their mouth on the subject of gun control. The NRA is “gun control lite” under current NRA leadership. Because of that, I dumped my NRA membership in early 2018. Hell, the NRA supports gun confiscation, now. A year ago? No.

    1. I recently did not renew my NRA membership mainly due to their cozy relations with Russian conservatives, who actually have the same goals of reestablishing the old dictatorship as the very communists some of you seem to be railing against. They take Russian money and funnel it into campaign contributions to help the Russians influence our elections. The FEC is investigating the NRA over this relationship. I hope other members will take notice and quit that organization. All this talk of the 2nd Amendment. Written in 1791 in the founding era, it talks of a “well regulated militia” with the purpose of the “securing of a free state.” There is no mention of protection against government tyranny. But it likely was partly focused on that possibility, but more so to defend against any foreign invasion. Additionally, the Founders being many slave owners, there is debate that part of the purpose was to have the ability to form a militia to put down slave revolts or hunt for runaway slaves. Note that by and large, militia weapons were registered with the local government, and free blacks could not possess firearms. Note also that other countries with strong gun cultures; Israel, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, require strict licensing and have nothing like our 2nd Amendment. Gun ownership is a privilege, not a right.

      1. As far as I am concerned YOU are being CONNED by the “deep state” FAKE NEWS MORONS that want you TO quit the NRA, and stop funding them.
        I am a LIFE member, one of the voting members, and have NEVER seen any “russian connection”. This is just another SCAM by DEMOCOMMUNISTS to make you believe what THEY want you to believe. Until I SEE actual paperwork and results of a REAL “investigation” (not propaganda from democommunists) I consider this as “fake news” by the anti-gun COMMUNISTS (democrats) in our “government” that want the NRA GONE so they can continue their push to disarm the Law-abiding citizens. If you are a gun owner and intend to KEEP your guns, (AND YOUR RIGHTS) I would consider re-joining and keep OUR organization strong. (or expect to become a controlled subject of the “crown”)

      2. You do understand that most of our unconstitutional gun laws were supported by the Nra? Maybe thats why you support the anti 2a NRA. They cant be trusted.

      3. To put my reply nicely to your obvious antigun rhetorical rambling Cooper,if I were you,I wouldn’t be one of the dumbasses that comes and tries to take any of my weapons!I will put them to use for the purpose that the second amendment truly intended for all comers!It’s also obvious that you’re a regular democommie koolaid drinker.Its people like you that are the problem.And just for your education,an AR15 is not an assault weapon you moron,the NRA does not give money to Russia,and guns weren’t registered nor did they have serial numbers to be registered during the time period in which you state.From what you’ve posted so far, you’ve proven yourself to be a regular low life,hypocritical,lying,scum of the earth,but normal democrat and people like yourself is exactly whats wrong with this country!Did momma coddle you too much for your brain to fully develop and dad touch you in secret places.Is that whats really in charge of your thoughts?I guess you think we should fund the needs of the world,let all law breaking,illegal immigrants into the country as “they” see fit to do as they please and the people of this country just bend over and take it huh?We’re tired of the bullshit that mostly dems push on us and too much more pushing by TRYING to take our rights WILL start a bloody conflict in this country!WE don’t like it when these tragedies that have been taking place happen as law abiding citizens but I’ll be damned if I’ll give up my right and my means of protecting myself and my family by any means necessary just to make you or anyone else feel safe!

      4. My decision to quit the NRA has nothing to do with fake news allegations the NRA has some sort of backdoor relationship with Russia. Hell I dont even believe that. I ignore all that fake news “Russia Russia Russia” crap. Its left wing crappola.

        My decision to quit the NRA was based totally upon the NRA softening its position in the past six months. To be specific:

        1) NRA support of “Fix NICS” bill that Trump signed into federal law, recently. Other pro-2A lobby groups like GOA and others opposed Fixed NICS. I oppose ALL GUN CONTROL. ALL GUN CONTROL IS WRONG. I am hard core and old school on Second Amendment stuff. I dont believe even in NICS, opposed NICS in 1994 and I oppose it now.

        2) NRA actually pushing for NEW state level laws that allow law enforcement to take people’s guns without due process. North Carolina just had two state bills get trash canned by our GOP controlled state legislature a few weeks back. It started with one NC State legislature bill introduced by a leftist NC democrat from Durham, some former NC District Judge turned NC State Congress Woman Marcia Morey. It got sent straight to the part of the NC State legislature where bills go to die. But that did not stop NC democrats from introducing it and if the NC State legislature was democrat controlled, they would have gotten that bill pushed thru and our democrat Governor, Cooper, he would sign off on that “grab the guns first, give you a court hearing last” bill.

        The NRA supports those kinds of bills and started after the Parkland shooting. Because of NRA support of GUN CONTROL, I no longer support the NRA under current leadership. And I was not a life member, but a longterm member bordering on becoming a life member.

        Beware…dont trust your Second Amendment rights to a bunch of “lets settle everything out of court behind closed doors” NRA lobbyists. There is a place for mediation and arbitration and settling stuff out of court. But Constitutional issues like the Second Amendment is not one of those things that should be settled by the NRA. The NRA does not own the Second Amendment and they are not the last word on the Second Amendment. The American people are.

        NRA has done a lot of good things but a huge number of bad things over time. I decided in the last six months the amount of bad they do (death by a thousand cuts to the 2A) finally has outweighed the good they have done.

        Indeed, the “Russia/NRA connection” is total commiecrat fake news and I ignore that and it had no impact on my decisions. But recent NRA support of new gun control bills has.

  8. The first moron that came to my house would be dropped where he stands and then I would find this idiot and drop him next.

  9. Hell Cooper,I’ll even bet you think it’s ok to kill unborn babies and that the tax payers should be the ones to foot the bill.

  10. Bet you also think its ok to punish all for the crimes of the few.Would it be ok with you if we made you serve 45 years for murder that someone else commited?If you answer no,what makes you think its ok to take or negotiate the rights of anyone that’s done nothing wrong because a few morons lost their marbles and did the unthinkable?!!I wont pay for their crimes just as you wouldn’t someone elses!

  11. ‘Anti-Gun Democrat Proposes Banning Semi-Autos and Going After “Resisters”’ by glen Zediker is nothing more than just right-wing NRA propaganda. This article, like many more from the NRA, is designed to stir up the weak-minded masses of America. I am a gun owner and a shooting competitor. I support good common sense gun control established by gun owners and not by the few anti-gun advocates. The NRA is politically and financially tied in with the gun industry and so far not overly concerned about public safety. Hopefully the NRA’s position will change to be more supportive of public safety. This issue is not about Democrats or Hillary or President Obama it is about YOU!

    1. Lars, the NRA is not a right wing organization. The NRA is a left wing organization whose current leadership supports gun control. NRA= “gun control lite.”

  12. American citizens should not have to “compromise” on a God-given, Constitutional right. The 2nd Amendment was not about hunting or target shooting, and was only enumerated as a God-given right that ensure the obvious rights to self defense and freedom. When politicians talk about disarming the public, the reason for the 2nd Amendment should be obvious to us all. The recent attacks we have all been horrified by are a mental issue problem that this country refuses to address, plain and simple. But they are being used by politicians who would like control us, and those simple-minded folks who can’t think for themselves.

    Support the NRA and all other pro-gun organizations. I am 63 years old and they have been the bulwark against gun control.

    To quote a Founding Father, “The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  13. Who does the Left like David Hogg and Eric Salwell attack? Not GOAL, CCRKBA, Second Amendment Foundation, USCCA, or any other pro 2A group.!! Who does Crying Chuck, Bloomberg and Soros always go after..? The NRA.. Wake up gun owners and 2A supporters..! The Saul Alinski tactics are to divide us and attack the messenger, because they can’t dispute the facts..God Bless the USA..

    1. DeadeyeA10, Saul Alinski did not invent divide and conquor tactics. That was invented thousands of years ago. Its real hard to remain an NRA member when you realize the NRA supports gun control laws. Fix NICS…recently supported by the current NRA leadership. State bills that push new gun control laws that provide you no due process…aka “red flag laws” are currently being supported and pushed by NRA leadership. The NRA has become compromised and are unreliable in thwarting off more gun control pushed by the left!!

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