25 thoughts on “NEWS: Dick’s Living Up To Its Name!”

  1. I quick buying from Dicks when they choose to stop carrying AR’s, haven’t been back since.

  2. I’m not a chauvinist, but shouldn’t the name change from Dick’s Sporting Goods to Vagina’s Sporting Goods??
    By the way the women where I work don’t throw a fit over that question either. They are law abiding, gun toting and concealed carrying women.

  3. Received Dick’s advertisement flyer/coupons in the mail the other day that you receive if you purchased something at their store and guess what I did with it….I threw it in the trash.
    Wont be shopping there anymore.

  4. After reading this, I have unsubscribe from Dick’s email list! I also posted too them,that it was because of their anti-gun stance!As of now, I will not buy anything from Dick’s Sporting good!

  5. I have not shopped there in long time due to their stand on 2nd Amendment. I just learned that Field and Stream is a subsidiary of Dick’s per article from another sporting company. I will no longer subscribe to Field and Stream and wonder why, other than money, would any outdoor writer work for them. They by writing for Dick’s are supporting more restrictions on our 2nd amendment as well control of our lives by elitists.

  6. As the result of reading the Corporate Ethics and Board of Directors Ethics statement found in the Corporate Governance section of Dick’s Sporting Goods web page, I believe they have violated their own rules of ethics standards for the corporation and directors, with the latest move to hire a private firm to promote gun control legislation.
    If Dicks is so concerned about ramifications of product misuse, then why haven’t they openly supported attempts to combat the negative impact of recreational drugs now legal in many states. They may also want to consider supporting improved driver education programs as, over thirty-six thousand deaths have been attributed to vehicles in 2016 alone, not to mention the numerous additional accidents caused by drivers distracted with cell phones. However, Dick’s management drives, use cell phones, and some may possibly use other substances, so they will silently condone abuses while openly attempting to stop law biding citizens from owning firearms.
    I certainly won’t shop Dicks in the future, and I now regret having ever made any purchases from them.
    I doubt that the founding fathers of this country and the signers of Declaration of Independence would approve of such corporate abuse or the misuse of corporate funds, and I also suspect they would not shop Dicks.
    One person can’t do much alone, but I intend to contact the manager of my investments in an attempt to insure my money is not being used to purchase stock in Dicks.

    1. I wonder if the shareholders know the board is spending their money on gun control. What kind of sporting goods store doesn’t sell sporting goods?

    2. I will no longer shop at Dick’s. They have nothing that can’t be found elsewahere. They are worse than Target about bathrooms. Stupidity marches on.

  7. What a bunch of Dicks…..Sporting goods wimps. Yeti and the dicks sporting goods can go share a safe space in Mary land.

  8. About 25 years ago, I bought a Colt National Match 1911 and a Rem. 1187 from a friend who worked at Diks. He pulled out probably 6 different 1187’s and let me pick my stock pattern and barrel length. As we were talking, he mentioned back then that Diks had no desire to sell any guns, but the market (I live in their home town, back when they were relatively small) warranted it . Now of course they have grown and probably don’t need firearm sales at all. I know that they will never see another dime of mine. It’s just another sad example of what America has become, and to me there is no fixing it.

    1. Watched a video where the blogger said this isn’t the first time Dicks has pulled AR-15s off the shelf. The shareholders have already taken a hit in profits, now the stock value may go down. I know that I only invest in companies that will make me money, not to make some social statement. That is what capitalism is about. Hope that online sales kills them off.

  9. DUNHAMS SPORTING GOODS have always sold AR15s.
    No more in their ads or on their website.

  10. Dicks reputation has proceeded them by years. A friend sent his wife to buy an AR they had on sale. The only one left was the demo model & was showing multiple scratches. She asked for a discount & was told if she didn’t buy it someone else would. With an attitude like that I have never stepped in one & now I sure as Hell won’t. Plenty of stores that want my money, no sense doing business with on e that doesn’t. Haven’t been in a Target store since they took away their sporting goods department either.

  11. Dicks and their associated companies have seen my last Dime. Field and Stream and Gold Galaxy kaput in my house…

  12. My mother in law was going to get me a gift from Dicks, but when I told her about what they are doing and that I wouldn’t buy from them, she returned it and got me a gift card from Turner’s Outdoorsman instead.

  13. Dont forget that Field and Stream stores are owned by Dicks Sporting Goods. Field and Stream does…or was…selling lots of AR15s and AR15 ammo last time I checked. Boycott Field and Stream to help drain Dicks Sporting Goods dry over time.

  14. For the sake of discussion, they also own Golf Galaxy…..Other places sell golf clubs, etc….

  15. Dick’s are a bunch of Dick’s, Let’s see if they can survive selling golf clubs, baseball bats and clothes. Never bought much there and now I never will again !!!!

  16. A couple comments; Dick’s is a privately held company, thus they have no public shareholders to report to. Next, Field and Stream, the magazine, is in no way connected with the Field and Stream Stores owned by Dick’s.

    1. If Dicks is a privately held company why is it listed on the NYSE (DKS) and why are they publicly reporting a drop in earnings? A stock quote for today shows a 4% drop in value. Too bad for them.

  17. Get their on line ads & then opt out @ the bottom it will ask u y , tell them u r pro NRA

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