BIG NEWS: Hornady Refuses To Sell Ammo To NY Agencies After Cuomo Gun Initiative

Ammunition giant Hornady is cutting off government buyers in New York over an order by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. READ MORE

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Steve Hornady, the company’s president of manufacturing, announced on social media last Friday that the ammo maker will halt sales of their products to state government or agencies in New York. The move came after an order directed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier last month that cautioned banks, lenders, and insurance companies against involvement with the National Rifle Association and similar organizations. Strongly criticizing Cuomo’s move as one of the most “despicable acts ever perpetrated by any state,” Hornady closed the doors to New York.

“While it may not make a difference to New York, Hornady will not knowingly allow our ammunition to be sold to the Government of the State of New York or any New York agencies,” Hornady said. “Their actions are a blatant and disgusting abuse of office and we won’t be associated with a government that acts like that.”

The guidance issued by Cuomo came from the state’s Department of Financial Services on April 19 in the form of official letters to all DFS-regulated insurers and banks in the state. In that communication, Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo urged financial institutions to examine their relationships with the NRA and organizations that promote guns to take “prompt actions to manage these risks” when it came to protecting their corporate reputations. Pointing to the public backlash against gun rights groups and firearm companies in the wake of high-profile incidents that have dominated the news, Vullo encouraged those regulated by her agency that, “Corporations are demonstrating that business can lead the way and bring about the kind of positive social change needed to minimize the chance that we will witness more of these senseless tragedies.”

In recent weeks, big-name lenders such as Citi and Bank of America have adopted new policies that could see them cut ties with partnering businesses unwilling to adopt new policies for selling firearms or manufacturing some types of semi-automatic guns, which, in turn, has brought calls for more regulatory oversight of the institutions with respect to government contracts.

Hornady is one of the premier ammunition suppliers to law enforcement in the country. The company recently was awarded a $19 million contract to provide a new generation of 9mm duty rounds to the FBI.


53 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: Hornady Refuses To Sell Ammo To NY Agencies After Cuomo Gun Initiative”

  1. Hornady Critucal Defense has been my choice of store-bought ammo. Just another reason to drive to PA, and support their principles [of which NYC’s governor andrew coumo “ain’t got none.” By the way, ‘Dick’s’ began in Binghamton, NY, has moved HQ to PA, before they decided to prevent under-21 sales of rifles. After 45 years of buying guns and ammo there, I say F—’em!]

    1. I can support restricting purchase of a fire arm to those under
      the age of 18. Although I know many youths under that age
      that have the mental ability to handle and use firearms with
      respect to both the weapon, environment and others over
      all they are not mentality prepared for that responsibility.
      I firmly believer that if you are mature enough and old
      enough to join the Military and fight for your Country then
      you should have all the benefits afforded to a Citizen and
      the responsibilities of Purchasing Alcohol, purchasing a
      weapon, driving and voting to control our nations destiny.
      With that being said it also comes with the knowledge that
      you will be and should be held responsible for your actions
      as an adult in our society.

      1. I’m really trying not to be “pissy,” but in response to reading your comment, I can only say… Duh, you really had to dig deep for that revaluation of a comment, didn’t you, Captain Obvious? Of course, that’s ALWAYS been the freaking point on the age issue. Nothing NEW there!

    2. I totally agree with you on this . These businesses and states need to be punished for their anti gun and anti 2nd Amendment stands . Dicks Sporting Goods got its start in my area when i was a kid selling guns , hunting and fishing gear etc .. I buy nothing from them anymore . They will never see a penny of my money anymore .

  2. Good for Hornady. It would serve NY right if other Ammo manufacturers would follow their example and end any relationships with NY.

    1. Edward P Steele: It would serve NY better to sever any relationship with coumo, but we obviously need to suffer [even more than our worst taxes, highest corruption, and biggest scandals], so I must agree. NYers, remember his unSAFE act in November, when all NY Gun Owners can vote him OUT!

      1. We tried to vote him out last election . Unfortunately down state NY has more Liberals than upstate has Conservatives . Unfortunately also New York State is a clone of the state of California . Not as bad but close on its negative views of guns and 2nd Amendment Rights . Hopefully someday we can vote the Liberal DIMS out .

      2. John,
        If we could get the LAZY ASS GUN GROUP to the polls to vote WEcould get rid of Como !!! By the way Como went to Puerto Rico AGAIN on tax payer $$$. He thinks more of Puerto Rico that the FOOLISH n y voters .

      3. Thank god for the wisdom of our founders to create the electoral college, otherwise the entire country would have to live with what the coast states vote for.

  3. New topic. Agree that gun and ammunition companies need to help fight back. As a former Marine, I can tell you, 18 -20 year olds should not be discriminated against by Dicks, Walmart, or any others. Many of these young adults are working members of society; have families and children; and are continuously sacrificing, and fighting for our country. So, why cant they buy a rifle, or ammunition to go hunting and enjoy a day in the woods? Particularly, if its legal! These company policies are the crime. Thats why I wont visit either of these companies, again. My hat is off to Hornady for standing their ground.

  4. I have been in the process of buying reloading supplies. This story just made my decision for me. I will buy Hornady from now on.

    1. Hornady is a class act company. I have been using Hornady Reloading manuals dies, brass, and bullets for almost 20 yes. I’m glad that Steve Hornady told self appointed King Cuomo to shove it up his a—.

  5. If the rest of the ammunition companies would follow suit and cut off NY we might get something going.

  6. Outstanding ! I have A closet full of your ammunition and i’m sure more people will applaud your great decision.

  7. I cannot express how much, and how on so many levels, that I admire, love, respect and am proud of Hornady for this decision. I pray that their resolve, integrity, determination and courage to uphold and defend our rights ignites a firestorm of like minded business to follow the trail that Hornady is blazing. Thank you for not only your products, Hornady, but for your service to the ideals and principles upon which our great country was forged.
    Loyal customer…past, present, and always!

  8. Steve,
    Thank you. Just one more reason why I Use All Hornady products. May God Bless You and your Company.

  9. Steve Hornady has taken a very important stand against draconian measures implemented by Gov. Cuomo, the gun hater.
    I applaud Mr. Hornady for taking this courageous position. Perhaps more ammo manufactures will join Steve in this endeavor.

  10. I will be giving as much business as I can to Hornady. The fact that they make some great products like one of my favorites ELD-M makes it easy to do so. We can’t just sit by while a self appointed dictator oppresses lawful businesses and us law abiding people.

  11. Agree completely with Hornady’s decision and the rest of the ammunition and firearms industry need to get on board..NOW. The US govt or State agencies have no firearms or real ammunition capablity, so long over due in putting a stake in the ground.

  12. Good job hornady. Although I don’t need any ammo at the moment,I’m going out to buy some hornady ammo..b

  13. Actions have consequences, something the liberal governor of New York will have to learn the hard way.

  14. The Republic of New York City relies heavily on the tourist trade as well as many other states. Those states as well as businesses which oppose the NRA should be placed on a list so our NRA members will know where not to spend our money. Some individuals say boycotts do not work. They do if you can cut into their wallet deep enough! Like the adage says, “Money Talks”.

  15. We need more companies to take a stand and let these politicians know that they will not get away with this ridiculous pandering for votes.

  16. Hornady just became my primary ammo vendor. It’s about time. If Cuomo thinks New York is better off without weapons, let him lead by example: do away with his protective detail. NY State Police and NYPD are two of the premier agencies but have a liberal left governor and mayor respectively.
    The problem is not the weapon. Problem is liberal left social engineering to keep the “elite” in power living off the public dole. Blue Lives Matter

  17. Another great reason to buy Hornady- thank you Steve! I will never again think twice about spending a little more more for products made or sold by responsible, patriotic, courageous entities.

    1. Wow, didn’t see this one coming. Hope they are setting a trend that others will follow. 100+ million gun owners carry a lot of clout and it should be brought to bear on those who would seek to end our freedoms.

  18. As a NYer, my preferred ammunition from this point WILL BE HORNADY.
    It is despicable that a NY Politician can decide for his State that the Firearms World should be maligned and financially harmed because of the mentally disturbed ones in USA who typically have forewarned everyone around them of their intent to harm and kill others. This isn’t about the gun and firearms but is really about the demise of family values and family responsibility to properly keep weapons out of their kids hands when mental illness is there. This should not be the responsibility of GUN Owners at large who aren’t to blame. And Politicians should not blame Gun Companies for firearms misuse. I can’t wait to vote Cuomo OUT, Dictator mentality and always looking for political points and he’s decided Gun Owners are expendable voters by his actions.

  19. Thanks for taking the stand Steve! Hopefully others will follow your lead. As a hunter and sportsman I use Hornady products and love them! The biggest thing that the libral party needs to understand, guns don’t kill, people do and have been doing so since the beginning of time

  20. Way to go, Hornady!! As someone who already uses Hornady dies and components, and reloads cartridges for friends, I am gratified to see this courageous stand by a major corporation. If only other firearm and ammo corporations would step up and take this stand, maybe these fools in elected positions would be forced to re-evaluate their misguided “activist” views. I usually give those I load for their choice of brass, projectile, etc. After this, they will still have a choice-as long as their choice is Hornady. As other manufacturers join Hornady in taking this position, I will add their components to the list of choices I will load.

  21. Thank you Mr. Hornady for standing up against New York State! I took my NYS retirement and left in 2012 for the same over stepping laws against law abiding citizens. I will pledge to support your company and others who stand up against liberal anti politicians.

  22. I already use Hornady ammo mostly and have been for years. Beside mil surp ammo from CMP in the past, Hornady is about all I buy. I will increase my purchases from Hornady in the future BECAUSE OF moves like Hornady made in NY. I reload and I can tell you Im gradually switching most of my reloading equipment from RCBS to Hornady! Hornady is better for gas gun reloading anyhow. Hornady’s rifle die sets are superior for high volume gas gun reloading…no camover full length resizing dies and that great spray on lube that makes full length resizing rifle cartridges easy. Hornady has supported gas rifle reloading the most of any reloading company in the past ten years, Hornady is far ahead of supporting the methods of reloading specifically for AR15s, M1 Garands, M1As and other gas rifles than other reloading companies…Hornady’s manuals reflect that.

    Repeal the NY SAFE Act!!!!!

  23. Going to make my next purchase of Ammo / Bullets Hornady . I am sure enough patriots on here can help them make up for No NY sales . God bless .. Arm yourself and train!

  24. As I don’t live in NY state my opinion may not be worth much.
    I think all gun and ammo manufactures should stop selling their products to the state of New York, Mass., California, and any other liberal, asshat state or municipal entity. Thanks.

  25. This is a topic for the NRA show. All gun and ammo manufactures should join Hornady. Also; don’t use anti-gun bank credit cards for online gun accessories nor ammo etc.
    God bless Steve Hornady!

    1. I was planning on keeping a minimal balance on my B of A credit card and making minimum payments so they would spend money to service my account. I received a statement saying that if I didn’t pay off the balance completely they would charge me a $38.00 fee with 29.99% interest. So I have used the card one last time to purchase a gun and will send them a shredded card along with my final payment. Enough of these tactics!

  26. Thank you Hornady for standing up against the liberal agenda. My ammo and reloading supplies choice just got easier.

  27. Thank you, Steve Hornady. Another loyal customer that is going to make an extra purchase tomorrow to compensate for your loss on the sales you may have made to New York.

  28. As a dedicated Hi power match rifle shooter, Hunter and ccw defencive shooter, I use a lot of Hornady’s fine products and take the pledge to continue to support them. Thank you Steve Hornady for standing up to the New York tyrants who have no respect for the 2nd amendment or the good citizens of this Country. I challenge all firearms and ammo manufacturers to follow there lead and cut off these rogue governments until they get the message!!!

  29. I also applaud Hornady for their stand against tyrants Infringing on our civil rights. Politicians are just that, politicians. In my modern vocabulary “politician” is about the lowest form of life in our country. They know no boundaries to their pandering to money, their one and true God. On another topic, Wayne Lapierre, formerly a Washington lobbyist called all “Democrats” “socialists” in a recent column in NRA’s “The Rifleman magazine. To malign any specific group of people in our country is stupid at the very least. I have read and been a student of history my entire life. We of the people that have worked for an honest living in this country should never forget that the 2 presidents’ Roosevelt, Theodore a Republican and FDR a democrat brought to us some of our first National Parks, Social Security, unemployment compensation, the right to form unions to bargain for the many safeguards and life saving guidelines that have helped most of us at one time or another. I have no political affiliation, I VOTE for the best candidate in my opinion and go to the trouble of researching the background and actions of anybody I vote for, party of affiliation not a factor. People are judged by their actions, not by their words. If Lapierre is so much for the NRA, which I have been a member of for many years, he has more money than my well educated family of 6 siblings will accumulate in our lifetimes (I am 60 years old just recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, I have fought and lost, but did fight and will be leaving soon.) The NRA needs and deserves all honest money it can get, as it is the oldest civil rights organization in our country and possibly the world. Why does the rich Lapierre continue to accept a salary the last info I read stating is over $200K yearly? I would hope a truly sincere person of more wealth than most of the members he claims to support and enough $ to live very comfortably would at least defer or donate this money to further the cause. At this time in our nations history I believe we are as close to collapse as ever due politicians hell bent on power and greed, the nation’s welfare be damned. The preamble to our constitution includes the words “to provide for the common good”. Our so called gov’t builds war machines to support corrupt murderous regimes while the average citizen cannot afford basic health care, which for some reason doesn’t include care for teeth or vision. Aren’t most of us aware that poor care of our teeth leads to a much shorter life span because of teeth related infections over time causing many other related serious life-threatening health issues? Money and power, the health of the general populace be damned, that is our politicians agenda. I will not be renewing my NRA membership this year and will instead join GOA although my membership time will be short. A quote from Albert Einstein; “The main difference between stupid and genius is even genius has it’s limitations.”

  30. I bet New York State agencies and New York City municipal will just move over to Speer Gold Dot products for LEO. Speer has long had a following in their Gold Dot bullets for handguns and Speer recently has announced “Gold Dot Rifle.” If Speer would do the same as Hornady, I’d REALLY be impressed!!!

    Same for Barnes bullets, with their famous barrier blind ammo that LEO is using, if Barnes Bullets would do what Hornady did, I’d be impressed. Hornady definitely set a benchmark here on this and instead of eating into their profits it will spike their products, plus EARN RESPECT and loyalty from pro-2A folks!

  31. GOOD for you Steve Hornady. I applaud your stance! I would hope that other gun & ammo manufacturers follow your actions. These kind of Liberal actions are why I moved out of N.Y.
    I will continue to purchase you products for two reasons, 1-I like them and
    2-you refusal to sell to N.Y.
    Keep up the Good work! God Bless You and your Company.

  32. Here’s a chance for the NY Police to be the first in the nation to be Gun Free! (Or, at least Ammo Free) Let’s see how that works out for them, after all, isn’t NYC the leader in the country in “common sense” gun laws? That should mean their Police have nothing to worry about! Great job Steve Hornady! Showing others how to “put your money where your mouth is”! Great quality is no longer the only reason to buy Hornady ammo and components.

  33. How about weapon manufactures’ cutting off NY agencies? Starting with Cuomo’s security.

  34. Steve, why don’t you bring your business (Hornady) to Texas? We have very low taxes and everyone knows we like our shooting sports. I guess I should say anywhere in Texas except, Austin, what we call (The Peoples Republic of Austin) and Dallas . They’re not too far behind.

  35. I agree with almost all of the other post in this comment section, and want to thank Steve Hornady on his stance against New York Gun grabbers, and their ignorant governor Como !! Now if you could make some more 45GR FTX 22 WMR I would be a happy camper, I have only been able to find one brick of this round in the last 3 years,

  36. Hooray for Steve Hornady! We are all behind you for having the GUTS to stand up to these un-american political hacks. Don’t worry, we will just buy more of your great products. Just hang in there.

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