In the wake of outrageous statements by anti-gun radicals like former Justice John Paul Steven, here’s President Trump on the issue. READ MORE

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In response to statements last week by Former Justice Stevens, President Trump’s tweet read: THE SECOND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED! As much as Democrats would like to see this happen, and despite the recent words of former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, NO WAY.

Trump also called for the election of more supporters to ensure that the Supreme Court does not lose its pro-Second Amendment majority. Right now the court has 4 members who oppose the right to Keep and Bear arms.

Unsurprisingly, radical media outlets such as Rolling Stone joined the chorus calling for repeal. The Washington Post reported that their polling shows that 20% of the American people also support repeal.

Trump’s strong support for our fundamental rights stands in stark contrast to these calls to repeal the Second Amendment. But this newfound openness is useful information for gun owners. For decades anti-gun leaders have claimed that they only want “common sense” gun regulations. Stevens and others expose the truth that the anti-gun movement really wants to erase our rights and ban all or almost all guns.

NRA appreciates the outspoken support of President Trump for our Second Amendment freedoms. With the strong support of our members and all gun owners, NRA will always stand with the President in opposition to these efforts.

18 thoughts on “President Trump Reassures Gun Owners: THE SECOND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED!”

  1. The communist “buzzwords of “common sense” to DEMOCOMMUNISTS is a complete disarmament of all “law-abiding” citizens so a “deep state government takeover” is possible. The ONLY thing standing between “WE THE PEOPLE” and a CORRUPT “government” is the SECOND AMENDMENT and OUR right to defend ourselves from “government” TYRANNY. THAT is the WHOLE “REASON” behind the 2nd..It has NOTHING to do with “target shooting” and “hunting”, no matter WHAT the LIES DEMOCOMMUNISTS try to shove down people’s throats.

    1. Absolutely! We need to compile a list of all enacted gun laws which the Socialist said would make us safe and reduce CRIME!
      In reality, the thousands of redundant anti-gun, 2nd Amendment violating laws have done nothing to reduce CRIME! Their goal is a two class society that has never benefited “WE THE PEOPLE”.

  2. Does President Trump not know that his demand for a bump-stock ban is tantamount to the piece-meal repeal of the 2nd Amendment? Does President Trump not know that giving the gun grabbers an inch and the gun grabbers will take a mile? If President Trump really supports the 2nd Amendment, he needs to STOP promoting gun control.

  3. It is irrelevant whether the 2nd Amendment is repealed or not. It is already defunct. There is already precedent in law that the government can, indeed, pass gun control legislation, and the courts, cops, and citizens will reaffirm that legislation’s validity, even though the 2nd Amendment forbids the government that power. And the NRA and supposed 2nd Amendment advocates also support current and future unconstitutional gun legislation. It’s ridiculous. Nearly no one actually supports the only valid gun law in America, which negates any and every other gun law.

      1. Thank goodness we have a president likeTrump who has enough guts to stand up for the 2nd amendment. Perhaps you really would prefer Hillary fishing for votes!
        Damn libtards are everywhere.

  4. Trump has absolutely no control over 2A; the only thing he can do is put people on the Supreme Court that can stop the erosion of the rights guaranteed by the 2A. This announcment is much like stating that the Moon will never stop orbiting the earth…hyperbole and nonsense. His “NO WAY” statement is bluff and bluster, since Congress and the States control the constitution and it’s amendments. Maybe this makes others feel better, but for me it make it sound like he’s clueless on how our government works.

    Or how about another idea – given that he’s been floating gun control ideas such as restricting firearms from certain non-minors, maybe this is a statement to the clueless that he’s not really trying to take our guns away. Wake up – he will do whatever he thinks will get votes.

  5. GOA says, “Under orders from Trump to ‘do something’ on bump stocks, the ATF has stumbled into a different peril — a new ‘bump stock ban’ that is just as bad … and one which now endangers AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles. “

  6. Cliff you are right. And you two other numb nut minions if you don’t like our flag and country GET OUT!! And take the fake news and cal communists with you. GET OUT.

  7. Well, Oregon could use some assistance in blocking the Marxist National Socialist Govenor’s move to BAN ALL semi-automatics of ANY type on the November ballot.

    1. Actually, it’s being done by a religious group who will be going out with their petitions to collect signatures to place it on the November ballot. So just make sure you don’t sign the petition, and ask all of your relatives and friends not to sign it either.

  8. Americas only hope would be the formation of a New 2nd amendment only org. with more power than the neutered NRA , that has been degraded down through years , [ No longer a member , I joined in 1968 ] . Made up of a large majority of those other 150 million gun owners who have been turned off
    by compromising and childish money begging scare tactics of the top 5, so called pro 2nd groups. Imagine what would change if we focused on the true constitutional meaning of our founders , once again in our schools and church’s . with a $5 membership. Dont tell me it cant happen.

  9. Wonder if all the backlash over his “take guns away without due process” comment played a part in this?

    1. The Ignorance of a POTUS making statements like the Due Process one, should scare the hell out of every gun owner in America. I voted for a candidate who pledged that there would be no threats to our 2nd amendment right , that Planned Parenthood would be de funded , and Jobs would be coming back to our shores. I wont even comment on the Wall.

  10. Amen Brother . Evil is always unspectacular and always human, And shares our bed and eats at our table… W.H. Auden

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