NRA Statement on Long Gun Purchases by Law-abiding Adults

For the record, here’s what the National Rifle Association has to say about the rights to own rifles and shotguns. Read it HERE

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Federal Law prohibits adults under the age of 21 from purchasing a handgun from a licensed firearm dealer. Legislative proposals that prevent law-abiding adults aged 18-20 years old from acquiring rifles and shotguns effectively prohibits them for purchasing any firearm, thus depriving them of their constitutional right to self-protection. We need serious proposals to prevent violent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from acquiring firearms. Passing a law that makes it illegal for a 20 year-old to purchase a shotgun for hunting or an adult single mother from purchasing the most effective self-defense rifle on the market punishes law-abiding citizens for the evil acts of criminals. The NRA supports efforts to prevent those who are a danger to themselves or others from getting access to firearms. At the same time, we will continue to oppose gun control measures that only serve to punish law-abiding citizens. These are not mutually exclusive or unachievable goals.

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Be sure to follow the NRA on Facebook at NRA on Facebook and Twitter @NRA.

26 thoughts on “NRA Statement on Long Gun Purchases by Law-abiding Adults”

  1. Recommend that Congress get on the ball and adjust the age requirement for Selective Service. If you want to deny an 18-20 year old the right to purchase a long gun, then they have every right to wait until they are 21 years of age to be drafted.

    After all, Uncle Sam is going to put into those young, tender 18 year old’s hands a FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPON to fight on your behalf. Now, where is the logic in this denial of rights for 18 year old Americans?

    1. You’re absolutely right, if you are not mature enough to own a firearm. Then you’re to immature to make a decision to join the armed forces.

      1. Where will it stop?? Will the next time will you need to be 21 to take a wife? Drive a car? Cars and trucks kill more people than guns by for!! I say to hell and leave it like it is. You most likely can not tell if some one is gong nuts so we must try to find these nuts before they fall from the tree. The FL killing is the fault of the law there for they was chicken to go help the kids and the head man was agents doing any thing that made his watch look BAD and are FBI they let this nut fall throw there hands so do NOT put it on any one else

      2. Ben-moving the voting age to 21 is the biggest key to maintaining our rights. Without the younger voters, who are fresh out of their indoctrination they got in school from their liberal teachers, the left would lose a large portion of the vote. Until the youth of our nation get out in the real world they don’t understand how important our rights are. Most of the marchers last weekend didn’t know what they were marching for. They were just keeping up with the steady drumbeat provided by our biased media.

    2. CharlieKing1-agreed, the voting age should be moved up to 21 as well. The ability to vote is just as powerful as any weapon. The democrats will vehemently oppose this though, as a big portion of their voters are very young. Should we move the age of allowing minors to operate vehicles to 21 as well?

      1. *”Should we move the age of allowing minors to operate vehicles to 21 as well?”*

        Absolutely! After all, isn’t their battle cry, “IF IT SAVES ONE LIFE IT’S WORTH IT!”
        I think kids ought not be allowed to have smart phones (flip phones are OK) until they are 21 as well.

        The stupidity of having the draft age be 18, but not allowing a young man to buy a rifle is hard to comprehend … but then the idea came from a bureaucrat – so what do you expect? Intelligence? Integrity? Logic? Competence? lol

      2. Joe-when I was a kid I could go to Sears and buy guns and bullets. We had no mass murders back then. The problem is society, not weapons. But now we live in an age of no responsibility. These kids marching today are the products of that lack of accountability, it’s always someone or something else’s fault. The NRA ( gun owners) is made the scapegoat for all gun deaths. It’s sad what our country has devolved into.

      3. Should be 21 to operate a vehicle/3000-5000lb bullet! Same to vote and be in the armed forces. If they want to make it 21 for owning a firearm then the same goes for the rest of these things!!!!!

      4. If they are doing it “For the Kids” as they like to say so often and want to raise the age to 21 to buy guns, maybe they should change the age for driving licenses to 21 also.

        The below was from the CDC. (I believe it was, it can be easily looked up)
        “In 2015, 2,333 teens in the United States ages 16–19 were killed and 221,313 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes in 2014. That means that six teens ages 16–19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries.”

        New York magazine, a consistently liberal publication came, to some equally unexpected conclusions:

        American children do not “risk their lives” when they show up to school each morning — or at least, not nearly as much as they do whenever they ride in a car, swim in a pool, or put food in their mouths (an American’s lifetime odds of dying in a mass shooting committed in any location is 1 in 11,125; of dying in a car accident is 1 and 491; of drowning is 1 in 1,133; and of choking on food is 1 in 3,461).

  2. If our politicians want a person to be 21 to purchase any firearm then let the voting age go to 21 also.

  3. Almost every unconstitutional gun law on the books was supported by the Nra . They are the enemy of the second amendment.

    1. Agreed. I became wary of them back when one of their execs stated that “There is no reason anyone should have a .50Cal (BMG) rifle.” I bailed out of the NRA and went to GOA when they supported the Veteran’s Disarmament Act.

    2. Sorry you are a liberal TROLL..The NRA is gun owners, military, and law enforcement all working together to train and promote safety..I vote for the NRA board of directors and read all of the Bio’s for the candidates..(who serve without pay).. They all fight for our second amendment rights..Rouge1 , tell me your list of accompishments in protecting 2A..Yeah, I didn’t you had any..

  4. “The NRA supports efforts to prevent those who are a danger to themselves or others from getting access to firearms.” – WRONG!
    Feb. 2017 -A rule that required the Social Security Administration to report people who receive disability benefits AND have a mental health condition to the FBI’s background check system was not supported by the NRA and Congress successfully voted to roll it back.

    1. to Lars–read the proposal that you mentioned and think about it.
      Is the Social Security system competent to distinguish mental issues? Putting power in the wrong people’s hands is just bad law.
      What is needed is good law, and the NRA will support that when some good law is proposed. “Just do something” on mental health is as bad as “just do something.”

    2. “receive disability benefits AND have a mental health condition”

      Perhaps before you open your yap too far, you should read the rest of what that EXTREMELY BROAD “rule” would encompass. I’m not going to try to explain it to you since you apparently would not understand anyway.
      To the rest of you that can read and comprehend the English language, if one looks closely at the “rule”, it would allow someone/anyone to point a finger at virtually anyone on SS with a disability or so called mental health condition (does dyslexia constitute a mental health condition?) and those folks could be then stripped of their 2A rights, no hearing, competency exams, nothing. Just whatever some bureaucrat decides, right or wrong.

      The NRA called it right on that one!

  5. Gun confiscation and citizen disarmament can’t be accomplished all at once. It must be approached incrementally, and the enemies of liberty are willing to play the long-game.
    Indoctrinating generations of youth to become submissive little “sheeple” is a vital part of their plan.

  6. I also think that if they are too immature to buy firearms, then they are too immature to have the right to vote as they are obviously not capable of making rational decisions (a large voting block helping to select those who represent us !)

    1. From what I’ve seen from today’s youth, they should not be able to vote until they are finished with college, living on their own (not off their parents any more) and holding a full time job. It will only be then that they can get a clear view of the issues they will be voting on. That would put the voting age around 27 to 30.

  7. Gun free zones must go, have one choke point to enter schools and ask the friends from Israel friends to help train for school teachers to carry

  8. I remember when I was a youngster in a small town in Montana, that some of us would bring bats, balls, fishing rods, and .22 rifles on the school bus and take them to our elementary school. Those items were deposited in a barrel or shelf by the entry door of the school. We would take the bats and balls out for recess or after school to play. We would retrieve our guns and fishing gear after school and take them down to the river or up into the hills to fish, plink, or hunt small game. We would then catch the late bus back to our homes. No problems, no comments, other than, “Catch any good fish”? Or, “Get any rabbits”. No one ever told us to not bring guns to school, any more than they would have told us not to bring a fishing pole or baseball bat or glove. It was just part of growing up in small town and rural Montana. Almost every truck and many cars had the same three items in the racks inside – a rifle, a shotgun, and a fishing pole. Most cars and trucks had the keys left in the ignitions and the doors unlocked. No one worried about theft. It was an honest and honorable bunch of people in the town and surrounding farms and ranches. No one would have ever thought that a person would attempt to shoot up a school, or anyplace else. Besides, everyone in town had a gun or two ready to hand wherever they were. Can you imagine this happening in any school today? Perhaps if all kids learned how to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors with their parents, friends, and neighbors instead of watching TV, playing video games, and constantly fretting over the latest tweet, e-mail, text, and SpaceFace comment……. Of course many of their parents have the same problem. We need a reset and reevaluation of our priorities and obligations to our children, our families, and our communities. Take a kid out to fish and hunt, and to learn a little respect for others.

  9. “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”

    ~~ Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6, 1938~~

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