Disgust With Hollywood’s Antigun Activism Unifies Americans in Nationwide Poll

It does work both ways… Anti-gunners need to be reminded that gun owners not only have rights, but clout too! READ ALL ABOUT IT



Based on the results of a Zogby Analytics poll released earlier this month, Second Amendment supporters may have a counter-intuitive message for virtue-signaling Hollywood heavyweights pledging their support for restrictive firearm laws: keep up the good work!

Gun control is gaining renewed social currency in some circles in the wake of the Parkland, Fla. tragedy. Hollywood, to no one’s surprise, has eagerly jumped on the bandwagon, with stars, starlets, and studio honchos displaying their usual self-importance and grasping desire for the spotlight.

Celebrities issued tweets within hours of the event making vague demands for America to “do something,” parroting antigun talking points, and attacking the NRA. Barely two days later, some of Tinseltown’s richest denizens were shoveling money toward the so-called March for Our Lives in support of gun control. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown gun control organization, meanwhile, distributed orange American flag pins for “actors and allies” to wear at the Academy Awards ceremony in solidarity with the group’s agenda. That event’s featured musical number also included a rapper insisting God disapproves of the NRA. And of course late night talk show hosts have recently devoted entire segments to demonizing the NRA and hyping gun control.

The antigun themes emanating from the West Coast entertainment establishment were so pervasive that they seemed almost scripted and coordinated by some unseen hand. Perhaps some of this was due to the work of the Everytown Creative Council, a coalition of gun-averse celebrities that pledges to use their “communications skills and the power of culture to galvanize many more Americans” in support of gun control and to “drive real change.” Members of the council, for example, organized the cast of a sitcom to create a video that promotes the March for Our Lives, takes shots at the NRA, and pretends that more restrictive laws could end firearm-related violence once and for all.

According to the Zogby poll, however, all these efforts have actually done a great service to the Second Amendment.

The 869 likely voters polled where asked, “When Hollywood actors and actresses speak out about gun control, does that make you want to support or oppose our constitutional right to bear arms (the 2nd amendment to the constitution)?”

The results indicated that the antigun opinions of Hollywood’s elite were twice as likely overall to elicit support for the Second Amendment as they were to provoke opposition to the right to keep and bear arms.

The pollsters noted:

A majority (56% strongly and somewhat support combined) of voters want to support their constitutional right to bear arms when they hear Hollywood actors and actresses speak out about gun control. This is compared to 28% (strongly and somewhat oppose combined) of voters who want to oppose the 2nd amendment when Hollywood talks about banning guns.

The pro-Second Amendment effect of Hollywood’s antigun intervention held across every age group, race, and political affiliation represented by the poll. And in a finding sure to worry the film industry’s financiers, Millennials were the age group most strongly moved in support of the Second Amendment by actors and actresses speaking out about gun control (65% support/23% oppose). This echoed the findings of another poll that Millennials identified the right to bear arms as “very” personally meaningful at the highest rate of any age group, with 60% providing this response.

Zogby’s own analysis of its result stated: “As we approach the November midterms, gun control will be a hot button issue, but according to the data, Hollywood interjecting itself into the debate makes even the Democratic base want to bear arms.” It further warned: “The numbers among young voters, African Americans, Hispanics and even Democrats prove the gun debate could be a tricky strategy for Democrats looking to take back power in both houses of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.”

We have often mentioned the obvious hypocrisy of Hollywood elites lecturing the rest of the country on the evils of firearms, including here, here, and here. As annoying as their posturing is, however, it seems they have been doing gun owners a favor by pushing opinion in favor of the Second Amendment across virtually every segment of American society.

What else can we say at this point but … hooray for Hollywood (and thanks to Everytown for its role in this drama as well)! Perhaps, as Zogby’s analysis noted, their continued involvement could contribute to making the 2018 elections end happily for supporters of the right to keep and bear arms.

9 thoughts on “Disgust With Hollywood’s Antigun Activism Unifies Americans in Nationwide Poll”

  1. How many people have quit going to movies the the Hollywood lefty gun grabbers star in because the “star” is busy shooting people and blowing them up in their movie and totally destroying a moviegoer’s willing suspension of disbelief? I know my wife and I have nearly stopped going because of that.

    We did however, recently really enjoy watching “Risen”.

  2. It’s interesting that movies stars usually have guns and violence in their movies but yet want gun control. I guess if everyone is disgusted with guns and violence there will be no more movies or movie stars

  3. Hollywood movies are little more than Leftist propaganda any more. Hollywood movies today are so packed with Feminist/SJW/Anti-White Male/Homosexual agendas that they are virtually un-watchable. Add to that the arrogance and hypocrisy of actors like Stallone, Neeson, and other “action heroes” and their ilk who not only use guns in every movie they’re in (usually killing people) but who walk around surrounded by sub-gun toting security – who then have the gall to tell regular Americans to give up their guns …. Well, I’d love to see Hollywood go away. I haven’t paid to see any of their movies in at least 15 years – and probably never will again.

    To add to that: My neighbor – who has always been kind of on the fence about owning a gun – went out and bought two (and wants me to teach him how to shoot). He said the primary reason he went out and bought them was because of all of the hysterical anti-gun screeching from the Communists. So, yeah, keep it up Whorrywood!

  4. I dont suport gun control I said 20 ago u need gun trained gaurds metal detectors at the interence no gun mental sick cops on patrol driveing by not on call take the time to drive through parking lot at any time day

  5. Here’s a list of anti gun companies and organizations for your review. Boycott as you see fit and please feel free to share the list. These anti American twits need to hear and feel your voice.

    20/20 Vision
    7-Eleven (Southland Corporation)
    A & M Records
    ABC (Capital Cities)
    ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union
    Alamo Rent a Car
    Allied Van Lines
    Ambulatory Pediatric Association
    AMC Theatres
    American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
    American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
    American Academy of Pediatrics
    American Alliance for Rights and Responsibilities
    American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
    American Association for World Health
    American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
    American Association of Neurological Surgeons
    American Association of Retired Persons
    American Association of School Administrators
    American Bar Association
    American Century Companies
    American Civil Liberties Union
    American Counseling Association
    American Ethical Union
    American Federation of Teachers
    American Firearms Association
    American Jewish Committee
    American Jewish Congress
    American Medical Association
    American Medical Student Association
    American Medical Women’s Association
    American Multi Cinemas Entertainment, Inc. (AMC Theaters)
    American Nurses Association
    American Psychological Association
    American Public Health Association
    American Trauma Society
    Americans for Democratic Action
    Americans for Gun Safety
    Anti-Defamation League
    Aoste (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Argosy Casino
    Association of American Medical Colleges
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Bali (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Baltimore Sun
    Bank of America
    BATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
    BB&T Bank
    Bell Atlantic
    Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.
    Best Western
    Better Homes and Gardens
    BJC Health Systems
    Black Mental Health Alliance
    Blue Chip Stamps
    Blue Cross Blue Shield – Kansas City
    B’nai B’rith
    Bonefish Grill (Bloomin’ Brands)
    Brooks Investments
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    Burger King
    California Pizza Kitchen
    Carraba’s Italian Grill (Bloomin’ Brands)
    Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc.
    CBL & Associates Properties (Shopping Malls)
    Center to Prevent Handgun Violence
    Central Conference of American Rabbis
    Champion (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Chicago Tribune
    Children’s Defense Fund
    Chili’s (Brinker International)
    Christian Science Monitor
    Chubb Insurance
    Chuck E. Cheese
    Church of the Brethren
    Cine Mark Theatres
    CNN/Time Warner
    Coach (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Coalition for Peace Action
    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
    College Democrats of America
    Comcast/NBC Universal
    Committee for the Study of Handgun Misuse & World Peace
    Common Cause
    Congress of National Black Churches, Inc.
    Congress of Neurological Surgeons
    Consumer Federation of America
    Corporation For Public Broadcasting/PBS Television
    Council of Chief State School Officers
    Council of the Great City Schools
    Council of the Great City Schools
    Cox Newspapers
    Crown Central Petroleum Corp.
    CVS Pharmacy
    Dehere Foundation
    Delta Air Lines
    Detroit Free-Press
    Development Specialists
    Dick’s Sporting Goods
    Dim (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Disarm Educational Fund
    Douwe Egberts (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Ebony Magazine
    Enterprise Rent-a-Car
    Environmental Action Foundation
    Episcopal Church-Washington Office
    Faultless Starch/Bon Ami
    First National Bank of Omaha
    Flemings (Bloomin’ Brands)
    Florence and John Shumann Foundation
    Forest City Enterprises (Shopping Malls)
    Fred Meyer
    Friends Committee on National Legislation
    Gannett News Service
    Gap, Inc.
    Gateway Computers
    GEICO Indemnity Co.
    General American
    General Federation of Women’s Clubs
    General Growth Properties (Shopping Malls)
    George Gund Fund
    Gray Panthers
    Great American Restaurants
    Great Wolf Lodge
    H.M. Strong Foundation
    Hallmark Cards
    Hanes (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Hard Rock Café
    Harris Foundation
    Health Midwest
    Hechinger Foundation
    Hillshire Farm (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Howard Hughes Corporation (Shopping Malls)
    Hyatt Hotels
    ICN Biomedicals
    Int`l Association of Educators for World Peace
    Interfaith Neighbors
    Int’l Association of Educators for World Peace
    Int’l Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
    Jack in the Box
    James B. Nutter Co.
    Jewish Labor Committee
    Jimmy Dean (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Jo-Ann Stores
    Johnson Publishing Company, Inc.
    Joyce Foundation
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Kansas City Royals
    Kenneth Cole
    Kiwi (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Knight-Ridder Newspapers
    L.L. Bean
    Lamar Outdoor Advertising
    Lauder Foundation
    Lawrence Foundation
    League of Women Voters of the United States
    L’eggs (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Levi Straus Foundation
    Levi Strauss & Co.
    Los Angeles Times
    Lucent Technologies Inc.
    Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs, Evangelical Lutheran Church in
    Maccaroni Grill (Brinker International)
    Macerich (Shopping Malls)
    Maggiano’s (Brinker International)
    Mallinckrodt, Inc.
    Manhattan Project II
    Maritz, Inc.
    McCall’s Magazine
    Mennonite Central Committee-Washington Office
    Men’s Journal
    Miami Herald
    Michael Douglas Foundation
    MNC Financial, Inc.
    Modell’s Sporting Goods
    Monster.com (TMP Worldwide)
    Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine
    National Assembly of National Voluntary Health & Social Welfare Organizations
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    National Association of Chain Drug Stores
    National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions
    National Association of Community Health Centers
    National Association of Counties
    National Association of Elementary School Principals
    National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners
    National Association of Police Organizations
    National Association of Public Hospitals
    National Association of School Psychologists
    National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers
    National Association of Secondary School Principals
    National Association of Social Workers
    National Black Nurses’ Association
    National Car Rental
    National Center to Rehabilitate Violent Youth
    National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    National Commission for Economic Conversion & Disarmament
    National Council of Jewish Women
    National Council of La Raza
    National Council of Negro Women
    National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA
    National Council on Family Relations
    National Education Association
    National Football League
    National League of Cities
    National Network for Youth
    National Organization for Women
    National Organization on Disability
    National Parent, Teachers Association
    National Parks and Conservation Association
    National Peace Foundation
    National People’s Action
    National Political Congress of Black Women
    National SAFE KIDS Campaign
    National Spinal Cord Injury Association
    National Urban Coalition
    National Urban League, Inc.
    NCR Corp.
    NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
    New York Times
    Newsweek, Inc.
    North American Van Lines
    On the Border (Brinker International)
    Ortenberg Foundation
    Outback Steakhouse (Bloomin’ Brands)
    Panera Bread
    Paragon Theaters
    Paramount R
    Peace Action
    Peet’s Coffee and Tea
    People for the American Way
    Physicians for Social Responsibility
    Playtex (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Police Foundation
    Project on Demilitarization and Democracy
    Public Citizen
    Qdoba Mexican Grill
    Red Robin
    Regal Cinemas
    Rolling Stone Magazine
    Roy’s (Bloomin’ Brands)
    Sanex (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Sara Lee (Sara Lee Corporation)
    Schnucks Markets
    Showtime Cable Network
    Sierra Club
    Silver Dollar City
    Simon (Shopping Malls)
    Site Oil Company
    Society of Critical Care Medicine
    Southern Christian Leadership Conference
    Southern Theatres
    Southwestern Bell Telephone
    Sport & Health, Inc.
    Sprint Corp
    Sprout’s Farmer’s Market
    SSM Health System
    St. Louis Cardinals
    St. Louis Rams
    St. Louis University
    Sterling Jewelers (Kay, Jared, Shaw and others)
    Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt
    Sverdrup Corp.
    Symantec (Norton)
    T.G.I. Friday’s
    The Synergetic Society
    Time Magazine
    Time Warner Inc.
    Times-Mirror Corporation
    Toys R Us/Babies R Us
    Tribune Company
    U.S. Catholic Conference, Dept. of Social Development
    Union of American Hebrew Congregations
    Unitarian Universalist Association
    United Airlines
    United Church of Christ, Office for Church in Society
    United Methodist Church, General Board & Church Society
    United Nations
    United States Catholic Conference
    United States Conference of Mayors
    Unity Health
    US Bank
    US Weekly
    USA Today
    Value City
    Verizon Wireless
    Waffle House
    War and Peace Foundation
    Washington Post
    Wells Fargo
    Whole Foods Market
    Women Strike for Peace
    Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND)
    Women’s Int’l League for Peace and Freedom
    Women’s National Democratic Club
    Working Assets
    World Spiritual Assembly, Inc.
    YWCA of the U.S.A.

    1. Backwoods 10, thanks for the list..I knew many of these companies were anti-gun (Communists) but your list is more inclusive than what I have seen in the past..Always good to know who the enemy is..Kraft Foods has always been anti-gun, but I didn’t see them on the list..Any changes.?? Thank you again Patriot.

  6. I also rarely go to movies for the same reasons. I also replaced Academy Sports in lieu of Dicks Sporting Goods. 2 years ago I gave up Kellogs products and found some General Mills substitutes. My money goes to those who don’t attempt to steer me with their agenda.

  7. With Nazi turn coats like Bloomberg, We need our guns. I would not rule out his money came from Nazi stolen treasure. As far as Horlywood, I never consider those people part of America or at least the working class.I have not paid for a move in ten years and could give 2 shits less if they slid into the ocean.

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