4 (More!) Weird Questions People Ask Women Who Carry Guns

If you enjoyed Tamara’s last article, you’ll love this one! Get ready for a chuckle! (But one with an important message.) Read on…

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It’s just after Thanksgiving as I type this, and as the turkey dinner’s tryptophan haze wears off, one of the things I’m thankful for is all the friends I’ve made working in and around the gun industry. The reason I’m thankful for them is they don’t ask all kinds of weird questions about the hows and whys of me carrying a gun.

When I get away from my circle of gunnie friends, though, oh how do I get those questions, and they really put my ability to bite down on snarky answers to the test. Reading an earlier column put me right into story-time mode, because let me tell you, I have fielded some of those same kinds of questions myself. Let me share some with y’all…

Weird Question #1:
“Wow, do you carry your gun to the grocery store?
Snarky response I want to use: “Only on days I’m planning to be robbed in the produce aisle.”

Actually, you can substitute “mall” or “doctor’s office” or “church” or pretty much any other commonly visited location for “grocery store.” It never fails to amaze me that people think that I would only carry a gun to places where I “expect trouble.” If I expect trouble someplace, I generally solve that problem by not going there at all.

Part of carrying a gun, at least for me, is carrying it every day, and everywhere I legally can. It’s not like I drive my car with the seat belt off on Central Avenue because they don’t have many wrecks there, but plan to put it on when I turn on to 54th Street, because jeez have you seen those wreck statistics?

Weird Question #2:
“So, you carry a gun because you think you’re a vigilante? Like Batman?”
Snarky response I want to use: “Yup. You want to see my vigilante badge? I got it in a box of Frosted Flakes.”

First off, let’s address the Batman angle: If Martha Wayne had a CCW permit and a gun, there wouldn’t be a Batman and Heath Ledger never would have won a posthumous Oscar.

Secondly, no, I don’t think carrying a gun makes me any kind of freelance junior cop. I carry a gun for the immediate protection of me and mine. I don’t carry it to go looking for trouble, but rather just in case trouble finds me despite my best attempts to avoid it.

Weird Question #3:
“But…what do you do with it when you have to go to the bathroom?”
Snarky response I want to use: “Oh, I just hand it to someone trustworthy-looking standing by the sinks and ask them if they’ll hold on to it until I’m done.”

A friend recently quipped in an online discussion group that CCW training courses should be a seven-hour block of instruction on legalities and safety and a one-hour block on what to do with your gun in the bathroom. (Note: That thing on the back of the stall door is NOT a triggerguard hook!)

While some styles of carry, such as belly-bands or purse carry, avoid this problem, if you carry a gun in a belt holster, the question of what to do with it in the bathroom will arise. And the answer should be “Nothing.” If you are wearing a quality holster, the gun is not going to fall out even if the holster should inadvertently flop upside down, and the possibilities of the latter even happening are reduced by wearing a belt that is intended to support the weight of a holstered pistol in the first place.

Weird Question #4:
“Is it…loaded?”
Snarky response I want to give: A long hard stare, followed with, “Well bless your heart.”

While I’ve no doubt an unloaded gun has been used to successfully bluff a bad guy before, that’s a thin thread on which to bet one’s life. Of course my CCW pistol is loaded, else it wouldn’t be very useful!

Further, the mere act of pointing a handgun at someone in my state, absent the reasonable fear of an immediate threat to life and limb, is a crime, so it’s not something done lightly. If the gun is coming out, it’s coming out under circumstances that justify its use, and that’s no time to have to say “Oh, hang on, let me load this thing.”

I could go on and on in this vein, but I see the bottom of the page getting closer. How about you? What weird questions do you get? Share them in the comments!

9 thoughts on “4 (More!) Weird Questions People Ask Women Who Carry Guns”

  1. Well, see, why do people even have or get to know you carry a gun? The only people who should actually know is YOU, Your spouse if you have one, and MAYBE your minister/pastor if you are a Christian.

    1. Additional thoughts. Of course you carry it everywhere. If you don’t, murphy’s law says that’s when you’ll need it. I used the seat belt analogy myself.

      One thing that attracted me to my wife almost 16 years now, she owned as many firearms when we met as I did. Now we own twice as many just by getting married and staying that way.

    2. “Concealed Carry” Kind of says it all.
      Keeps the nervous Nelly’s calm and gives you the edge
      on any potential bad guys.

  2. To reply as to how other people find out:
    If you openly advocate for 2nd amendment rights, there are a few people left inn the world who will put 2+2 together.
    Other examples – going out to a range and using your carry gun from its carry location – responding in social settings to people who slander gun owners and concealed carry holders.
    There usually are at least a few people who will find out, one way or another. I would find it difficult to lie to an old friend, and “none of your business” doesn’t make it either.
    Advertising one’s availability as a concealed carry instructor kind of tips off the more astute.
    Ministers: There’s a tough one – I know of one Catholic priest who knows I carry. But so does he and we’ve gone shooting together.
    I cannot imagine the circumstances that would exist if absolutely no one else knew you carried.

  3. From my “Libertard Daughter”… What are you afraid of?
    As any logical response would be wasted, I just tell her, nothing. I’ve got a gun.

    My wife doesn’t ask. She just expects me to be armed.

    1. Ah ha, another someone who believes that relegating oneself to being some “bullet sponge” isn’t a very viable method of defense! It also isn’t “re-usable” for any future assault….

  4. In the comment section regarding something to do with “gunfighting,” you know the venue where everyone is an expert, one wag asked the question about any need to be armed, “how often does that happen, do you live in a war zone, I don’t live in a war zone?” I provided the poster with some relevant “daily” stats on home invasions/burglaries, such as 1 in 5 homes will experience a home invasion or burglary, and sundry other assaults. Not deterred, the response was “Where I live is safe, I don’t live in a war zone.” My final response was, that his/her “belief” that their community was some safe zone, mirrored the lament of ALL those saying, after some catastrophe involving a violent attack, “this just doesn’t happen in our community, everyone here just loves one another and would never harm anyone.” Those people in that most recent church shooting lived in a “small, safe” area, all the way up until they died! I’m armed 24/7, w/pistol in bedside holster while sleeping with one eye open!

  5. As far as the Idiot asking if you carry it loaded, the only time I was ever asked for my permit the Officer requested to see the gun. When I told him ,” Careful it is loaded”, his reply was, “never saw one worth a damn that wasn’t”

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