NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox Issue Joint Statement

NRA calls for BAFTE review on rapid-fire devices. Here’s the story…



The National Rifle Association issued the following statement on October 5, 2017:

“In the aftermath of the evil and senseless attack in Las Vegas, the American people are looking for answers as to how future tragedies can be prevented. Unfortunately, the first response from some politicians has been to call for more gun control. Banning guns from law-abiding Americans based on the criminal act of a madman will do nothing to prevent future attacks. This is a fact that has been proven time and again in countries across the world. In Las Vegas, reports indicate that certain devices were used to modify the firearms involved. Despite the fact that the Obama administration approved the sale of bump fire stocks on at least two occasions, the National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law. The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations. In an increasingly dangerous world, the NRA remains focused on our mission: strengthening Americans’ Second Amendment freedom to defend themselves, their families and their communities. To that end, on behalf of our five million members across the country, we urge Congress to pass National Right-to-Carry reciprocity, which will allow law-abiding Americans to defend themselves and their families from acts of violence.”

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Be sure to follow the NRA on Facebook at NRA on Facebook and Twitter @NRA.

56 thoughts on “NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox Issue Joint Statement”

  1. We will now have to demonstrate our fastest finger firing technique to get a carry permit or purchase a firearm to make sure we can’t fire more than ten rounds in twenty seconds, or you’ll have to register your FINGER!!!LOL!
    This is what is coming next

    1. The gun-grabbers will just say you’re rolling over, and if you weren’t, you’d be able to fire 16,862,479.35 rounds every second – Miniguns look out [Facts are an anathema to progressives, as well as logic, reason, and causation].

  2. Call me a conspiracy theorist, BUT with all the unanswered questions and “timeline changes”, and “cover-ups”, this stinks to high heavens of yet another “false flag event” brought to you by the “deep state” corrupt government “elites”, hell bent on disarming Law-abiding citizens by hiring TRAINED PROFESSIONALS to carry out this deed to push their “gun control agenda”, that has been stalled by PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    This was NOT a “bump stock” firing, I have lived around Fort Drum N.Y. all my life and have HEARD and WITNESSED sustained full automatic weapons fire from several weapons platforms and calibers, and in MY opinion as well as many others, there was more than ONE “gunman” and more than one weapon being fired at the same time. AND, it sure as heck was NOT the overweight untrained “gambler”, (whom I believe was deceased) long before the actual shooting started doing the firing. (collateral damage control)

    1. I guess Jerry Miculek will soon be illegal. I’m sure the NRA would like to see him be required by law to clamp deep sea fishing weights on his trigger fingers to make sure he can’t fire a weapon “faster” than “too fast”.

      If you’re a Leftist, the Vegas “random shooting” couldn’t have come at a better time. Two major pro-gun bills going through Congress – the SHARE act looking like it was going to pass – and “poof” – a “mysterious” mass shooting appears “out of nowhere” that has “Law Enforcement” constantly changing their story, an official story that is radically different than that of eye witnesses on the ground claiming multiple shooters, the FBI confiscating phones and illegally deleting their videos and pictures, the audio analysis showing multiple firearms, etc, etc, etc. I have friends who were THERE – veterans and guys who shoot all the time – and they ALL say there were shooters much closer than the hotel. It all stinks to high-heaven … and the NRA suddenly wants to throw millions of law-abiding decent gun owners under the bus so they can look “politically correct” … utterly disgusting.

      The NRA has long been subverted. It’s time to dump their corrupt carcass and join Gun Owners of America – the only TRUE no-compromise 2nd Amendment organization fighting the Communists for our rights.

      1. Amen to that brother!!! I got quite irked when the NRA did not invite possibly the most pro 2nd Amendment advocate and presidential candidate Rand Paul to speak at the last meetings and exhibits event! When Lapierre immediately caved on bump stocks, it was the last straw! If folks want to keep their guns, the GOA is who they should join!!!

    2. I agree with your assessment, and I believe there was more than one shooter, and that possibly the CIA/Big Brother was behind this as well. I for one, do not trust many on Washington anymore, except for a few like Rand Paul.

      1. Pretty much right on. Rand Paul has good ideas but unfortunately stands alone. I really believe the Deep State and Soros is behind Las Vegas. They can’t totally control the people until we are disarmed. What better way to promote banning anything than having a atrocity?

    3. Statements from other people at the scene substantiate your ” theory”. Wounds made by projectiles travelling roughly parallel to the ground could not have fired from 30+ stories above ground level

    4. Were YOU there? If not, then get a new tinfoil hat. With crackpot friends like you; who needs enemies?

      1. Mark Are,
        I have already “informed” “clark kent” that he should refer his comments to his “comrades” on a nice COMMUNIST site where he will be “better received”

      2. Were YOU? I think not. YOU must be a BLEEDING -HEART LIBERAL Intent on the confiscation of firearms. I have LIVED around Fort Drum N.Y. ALL MY LIFE and have WITNESSED sustained full-auto fire from various weapons platforms. The weapons firing were full-auto..NOT a “bump-stock” that the DEMOCOMMIES (like you) are trying to push. AND there was more than ONE weapon of a different caliber firing at the same time. Take YOUR B.S. to another communist site.

    5. I believe your right. I think the atf or the fbi had a hand in this or isis plan gone bad. I didn’t see the 1000’s of cases lying on the floor that the atf said was fired. It was stated that it was 1700 feet from where he was firing to the people down hill witch would include and angle of about 45 Degrees. This will sharply take away the power of a 223. But my problem is the lack of spent cases from the photo that was shown on the TV. Wild Bill

  3. My fear is, if you open the door to discussions regarding rate of fire, the opposition will seek to establish a “common sense” threshold to limit potential rate of fire on ALL firearms. Then some genius will dazzle congress with YouTube videos of Jerry Miculek to get revolvers banned. As always, the 2nd Amendment will live or die in the Supreme Court.

  4. There are far too many questions, and far too few answers with this incident, and with the immediate (and predictable) protectionist rush to hyper-regulate .
    Where is the motive? And if we’re going to settle for believing that the only motive was to kill as many Americans as possible, why didn’t this licensed pilot, who has access to aircraft and explosives, simply crash a plane into that event? Surely, that would have been easier to accomplish, with a far greater casualty count. The number of firearms in that room simply screams, “Blame the Gun.”
    And then there is the aftermath. We’re now weeks after the event, and with the full strength of local law enforcement and the FBI, a simple timeline of the event is still elusive. It’s ridiculous.
    Legislators, without any thought as to what might actually help prevent this particular type of heinous and cowardly murder spree, simply grab despicably for self-aggrandization by blaming the tool instead of the circumstances that allowed the opportunity. Gun Control is always the answer to these particular legislators because it’s convenient, and plays well with the uninformed. Cheap notoriety for the carnival barkers. Had this human filth used a plane and a bomb, there would be no call for eliminating private pilot’s licenses, even though additional gun legislation is just as ridiculous.
    Who’s sponsoring legislation that will require that all high-rise structures install Broken Window Alarms, that will instantly alert security and police to respond to a pinpoint location? I haven’t seen anything along those lines. No increased security legislation… Just Gun Control.
    Too many questions… Too few answers.

  5. In my opinion, Wayne has now become one of the enemy. I have called for his removal from the NRA board due to his turncoat stance on this.

    1. Almost every unconstitutional gun law that we have on the books the nra supported. They are the enemy.

  6. Personally, I couldn’t care less about “bump fire stocks” or “hellfire triggers” ( I had one, they’re a POS. Threw it in the recycle bin), or any other stupid peckerwood toys. What I care about is being able to own my self loading firearms for hunting, shooting and self defense. In today’s environment, they are a necessity. Any real necessity can be met with a semiauto,, without any such “enhancement””. We have pretty much come to the state of the art, short of full auto, and that’s a good place to draw a line. (Until thugs start carrying phasers, or plasma rifles. Then we will have to reassess necessity.) This issue is different from before, when certain pansies in the gun community were ready to sacrifice self-loading arms for the sake of appeasement. (Yes, we remember who you are.) If the events in Vegas are part of some great “conspiracy”, the best thing we can do is keep our wits about us and hold on to our Second Amendment rights.

  7. I agreed with Cliff. As an owner of s bump stock, I believe the man would have had to train with a few thousand rounds to ever be able to sustain full auto rate of fire. Then there is the issue of control. I’m about the same age as the perpetrator and I can neither sustain full auto or control fire on a target. We are being fed mushroom food again.

  8. well i will just not renew my membership in the nra because the next thing will be to regulate belt loops and rubber bands there will be a replacement of the bump stock in other forms , i think the nra is wrong they are giving in to the elate.

  9. As an NRA life member who spends real money with several weapons manufacturers, it appears to me the statement “ Stand and Fight “ has taken a knee to the PC Communist. Just wait for NRA-ILA monagramed Knee Pads to be marketed as we are again forced to suck up another poorly excuted reaction to evil. My money goes to manufactures who market products fully supporting Stand and Fight. None to those taking a knee appearing PC. Bending over on bump stocks is snowballing. It’s not too late Manufactures- Stand Up to snowflakes on their knee pads -now.

  10. I may have to drop my membership if the NRA gives in any way to the banners.
    We can not compromise with these people. They will take the weakest link and then the next.
    This is not the first time the NRA has shown weakness in a misguided attempt to “seem” reasonable.

    We need to be demanding that Not Infringed Upon be enforced, like in if the Federal Government gives money to any organization Americans should no to have to give up their right to self defence to enter those facilities. This includes schools and universities.

    It is obvious that the fear of bump fire stocks is expressed loudest by people that have never tried to actully hit something with one.
    One well placer shot is much more likely to wound or kill than several shots that miss.

    1. Yep, I agree the NRA is throwing a bone to the ban folks and it was truly s mistake. They are going to come after much more than s chunk of plastic. NRA has failed the membership.

    2. I have been disappointed with the NRA positions on many subjects and this is just another one! I dropped my membership a decade ago. Been shooting for 60 years, never thought of the use of a device to increase rate of fire, and what is the proper fire rate anyway? My finger does a good and accurate job, if needed.
      Soon to leave CA…

    3. The worst thing someone could do is cancel their membership and think that is going to change anything. If you don’t agree with an organization you’re apart of, don’t run away from it, become a voting member and change it. They need younger members with new ideas that understands our position on their board.

      1. Almost every unconstitutional gun law that we have on the books the nra supported. They are the enemy.

    4. Sir you obviously do not understand what the NRA is referring to. Unless you receive/read ATF rulings, as I do as a FFL dealer, you are actually falling into the anti-gun MSM/politicians trap, divide and conquer. The NRA is not proposing a ban on anything, all they did was recommend the ATF re-review a ruling that they had already made. Know the facts before making any statements.

      1. So the nra is asking bureaucrats to tell us what they think our uninfringable are. The nra is the enemy.

      2. Oh get off of it Larry! The NRA has sold gun owners out numerous times. They saddled us with the worthless NICS background check that costs me from $10.00 to $50.00 every time I want to exercise my Constitutional right to buy a gun. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anybody shelling out $50.00 and having to have their background checked in order to exercise any of their OTHER constitutional rights. The NRA also left gun owners twisting in the wind when they got their 30 pieces of silver for sitting on their hands and doing nothing to stop the closing of the machine gun registry in ’86, which basically made all machine guns made after that date illegal to own by law abiding citizens, and also made any machine gun made before that date that could still be transferred sky rocket to a hundred times their actual value. This, essentially, was the defacto confiscation of the right to ever own a machine gun by a law abiding American. The NRA and all the Cucky Fudds on their board of directors can kiss my happy *ss, they’ll never get another dime from me, and that, unfortunately, is a life member speaking.
        If you really want to do something for gun owners instead of shilling for the NRA, then join Gun Owners of America. They have never compromised any of our gun rights with slimy back room deals, and they never will.

    5. How about this: The NRA can take a vote and we’ll see what the membership thinks. If, like me, most people could care less about useless , silly accessories like bump stocks, then that will be the policy. If, on the other hand, the majority of the membership really cares about them, then so be it. Honestly, if they will just fight for my semi auto, and to keep us from having to deal with any more restrictions on ownership, I’ll be satisfied. The only problem is how to weed out the wackos, whose voices keep telling them about conspiracies. The people have never been able to trust governments, that’s a given. It’s nothing new. That’s why we have our constitution. And the NRA. I never wanted to hurt Reagan or Bush Sr until they turned on the NRA and gun owners. What bothers me worse is how something like this brings out the lunatic fringe. If you’re going to turn on our real representatives because your bloomers are all wadded up over some nonsense, you are the enemy too.

      1. Sounds like someone here has fallen into the anti-gun “trap” that the “government” has been trying to do for as long as I can remember. What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t these people get? The NRA “voters” cannot re-write, or “vote away” the BILL OF RIGHTS or the CONSTITUTION.

  11. All of the facts for this incident still are not fully known much less the investigation is still in process. This is a massive multi-agentcy investigation. With how many conflicting statements have already been given as official information, I find it likely that we, the public, will never know or be provided with the full truth. This knee-jerk reaction by the NRA and many politicians is overtly creating a very slippery slope towards wide, open-ended gun laws and restrictions. All of this, because some person or persons decided that they were going to kill in a mass casualty way. First and foremost, at least wait for the conclusion of the investigation before trying to address anything firearms related. Second, the NRA is supposed to be a model and a bastion of hope for firearms enthusiasts rights and should always have the preservation of the 2nd Ammendment as its driving motivation.
    At this point, this is far from over. The NRA needs to stand tall for our rights and not be quick to condemn an inanimate tool ultimately used and controlled by a deranged person or persons. It finally comes down to the human heart and mind that ultimately determines a person’s actions. If they had already resigned themselves to kill as many people as possible, nothing would have stopped them. They will always find a way, as has been seen in the past all around the world. Yet, no one has tried to ban trucks, pressure cookers, knives or hammers. I must say, that at this point, I am very disappointed with the NRA.

  12. First off, I would like to state that I am a NRA Life Member, Certified Firearms Instructor, and RSO. I frequently volunteer my time to the NRA for Conferences, Conventions and Training. As the premier authority on firearms, and the history and evolution of firearms, I am embarrassed by the ignorance of your statement. I also thought you were above taking “cheap shots”. There is not stronger opponent to the Obama Administration, gun-grabbers, and any infringement on our second amendment. That being said, you know darn well that ATF examiners made their determination on existing law. Their determination regarding bump stocks was inevitable (following the law) and accurately addressed the physical dynamics of one shot with one pull of the trigger. Your comments need to be correctly directed to the Legislators to change the definition of “semi-automatic”.

    1. If you wanna keep your guns, better quit the NRA and join the GOA!!! NRA stooges compromise compromise compromise! With Lapierre at helm, the NRA has gone to hell in a handbasket! Join the ONLY NO COMPROMISE organization in the country! Gun Owners of America!!!

  13. How do you regulate a couple pieces of plastic that can easily be 3 d printed.
    The ATF has already determined the bump fire stock legal. Besides that a gun can be “bump fired” without the bumpfire stock- it’s just a matter of technique.
    The second admendment was not put into the constitution to protect the right of the people to hunt and shoot targets. It was put there to ensure the right of the people to resist a hostile government just as the colonials had done. Note they had arms comensurate with those of the British.
    The focus should be to repeal the gun control acts of 1934, 1968 and 1986.
    Then the Constitution would be restored and there would be no demand for trinkets like bumpfire stocks. Full auto would no longer be a forbidden fruit tempting us to find a way to achieve it. There is not much real world use for full auto except in certain situations in war. The founding fathers wanted us to have liberty teeth.

  14. Every institution in the country is a potential candidate for American globalist Neo-liberal blackmail and bribes. This latest NRA statement confirms they have been bought and that the NRA cannot be trusted. Ban coming by December.

    1. Winston, see my statement above, know the facts before making a statement, or you too will helping the cause of the anti-gun crowd.

      1. Honestly you can cheer on the NRA all you want. There was absolutely NO reason whatsoever to make that statement. The BATF has already made the ruling. There is NO reason to review that ruling UNLESS you believe that the ruling was in error. So, was the ruling in error? Do we need to change the ruling to make bumpfire considered an FA NFA firearm? Hell NO. Would that have stopped the shooting. NO Could he have used his finger as a bump fire device? YES The NRA sold us out. You can preach their praise all you want but nothing would have changed if bump fire was considereal FA.

      1. Go away COMMIE,
        Take your babble to a COMMUNIST blog. There must be one SOMEWHERE where you can hob-knob with your “comrades”

  15. I thought the NRA was supposed to help us protect our rights. Why should the SERVANTS have full auto and the MASTERS have semi autos. WE THE PEOPLE come first and then the “government”. Get you act together NRA. I’m sick of your pandering to anti rights agenda starting back in 1934 with the NFA. Wish I had never joined you for life. If I had only known…

  16. i have never had the privilege of firing a rifle with a bump fire stock on it. so i can not comment on how they work. what i DO KNOW is that if bump fire stocks are made illegal, the criminally insane people that shoot / mass murder people will do so in some other fashion. whether is is getting a select fire trigger group, or making one from specs, or finding a totally different way of killing people. banning bump fire stocks will only be an obstacle in the road so to speak. if you have enough money, and connections i am 100% certain you could buy stolen full automatic weapons if you were so inclined. as far as the NRA is concerned, i have often wondered about Wayne LaPierre. i think maybe the time has come for him to retire, or at least removed from the political arena. giving into the “gun grabbers” only empowers them. we need to stick together and fight like hell to keep ALL of our rights. i can not imagine living in a world where the liberals actually get their way all of the time.

  17. Learning the facts is always a good idea. However, in this case it may be the perception that is hurting the NRA. They have opened the door to the perceived notion they are “giving in” to those that don’t agree with the second amendment. Regardless if that was the NRA’s intent or not, that is the perception that is being taken. Often, it is the first statement made that is remembered. In this case the first statement was perceived to have been giving in. It’s going to be a hard road to convince NRA members and future members exactly what was meant. They, the NRA management have created the perception, now they may have lost future members or may have to spend time and energy explaining the statement to current members. Wayne and Chris have been leading the NRA over the years, representing the membership in a way very few could. I commend them for doing that. I disagree with Wayne and Chris in this instance, adding more regulations is not the answer. A “slippery slope” indeed. I have also never known any government to take back regulations, unless forced to do so in a court of law.

    1. They’re bleeding members at a rate faster than ever before with one stupid statement! Both Lapierre and Cox need to go!!! I for one will never become a member again with those two in control! If they elected Ted Nugent as president, I may reconsider but for the time being I’m devoting my full allegiance to the Gun Owners of America! The only no compromise, no bullshit gun rights organization in existence!!!

  18. I DO understand. And even the fact they welcome another “decision” where one has already been made in favor of freedom and for the 2nd, the NRA steps up like the teacher’s pet or Nicki Haley offering up the Confederate Flag after a mass shooting. With help like this, I’ll put ALL of my support behind the GOA from now on.

  19. With Oboma’s left over lackeys still in our gov, we can’t expect to them be fair or not have an agenda. When they get their hands on the bump stock, they will not even look at it, they will simply banish it. Another chip from the tree of liberty. How many chops of the axe before the tree of liberty comes down?

  20. With Wayne LaPierre as leader of the NRA, it has gone to hell! He keeps his high paying job by keeping its members in fear of losing their gun rights by compromising constantly with anti gunners to justify his “job”! I’ve long suspected the NRA leadership used this tactic and when they didn’t invite the strongest of all 2nd Amendment supporters presidential candidates, Rand Paul to speak at their last meetings and exhibits event, my suspicions grew stronger. With Lapierre immediately caving on bump stocks, I’m now totally convinced They’re not serious about the 2a! They just want to keep their members stirred up in order to keep their cushy high paying jobs in a supposed gun rights organization! I will NEVER BE AN NRA member again nor give them one red cent out of my pocket! Go to hell Wayne Lapierre you rat bassturd! I have transferred my full allegiance and finances to the only NO COMPROMISE gun rights organization in existence, the GUN OWNERS of AMERICA!!!

  21. NRA is succumbing to incrementalism. I agree with the writer regarding the ease of manufacture of a “bumpfire” stock with a 3D printer although I could do same with a few plastic blocks and a hand file.

    We cannot stem the flow of illegal narcotics let alone legislate effective measures against capital murder. Good luck on banning component parts and hand-tooling when some miscreant is hellbent on a murdering spree.

    Ex Post Facto laws aside, you cannot have mine. Period.

  22. Call or write the NRA like did Day Two of that kind of talk. I promised to pull my membership if they caved and they have quicker than they had in 1994. I’ll stick with the GOA.
    Why is it that foolish actions cause other fools to make rash unnecessary changes to satisfy “snowflakes”. Nothing needed to be done because nothing could have been done.
    Not mention it was not a ‘bump-fired weapon’ used in LV.
    Commies and apologists…. F**k’ em all.
    My condolences to the dead, injured and their loved ones.

    Y’all write and call the NRA and do the same.
    “Never give up! Never surrender!”

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