Feinstein’s “Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act” Might Make Replacement Triggers Illegal

Almost immediately following the wake of the tragic events in Las Vegas, Diane Feinstein has already introduced a bill that could have devastating impact on the aftermarket parts industry, and on all shooters. Here’s what we know so far…


SOURCE: TheTruthAboutGuns.com, Nick Leghorn

Just this morning [October 5, 2017] we heard that Dianne Feinstein had introduced her “Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act,” a bill which would ban bumpfire stocks like the one used in the Las Vegas shooting among other things. In an attempt to make her new law apply as broadly as possible she not only specifically wants to outlaw bumpfire stocks, but also any modification that makes a firearm fire “faster.” But what exactly does that mean?

Here’s the relevant section:
Except as provided in paragraph (2), on and after the date that is 180 days after the date of enactment of this subsection, it shall be unlawful for any person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a trigger crank, a bump-fire device, or any part, combination of parts, component, device, attachment, or accessory that is designed or functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle but not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun.

The issue is in the definition of “accelerate.” Bumpfire stocks are an obvious step, and are specifically named. The same with hand cranks for triggers. But the bill wants to make anything which increases the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle illegal, yet it doesn’t do a good job of outlining exactly what that means.

For semi-automatic firearms the rate of fire is completely subjective. An untrained shooter and legendary speed demon Jerry Miculek will be able to achieve two very different rates of fire with the same firearm. The bill thankfully isn’t silly enough to outlaw training sessions and gym memberships — it concerns itself only with attachments and physical devices. Tools like the bumpfire stock are obvious targets, but other factors can have similar effects.

Lighter replacement triggers are a great example. A lighter trigger in a firearm can allow the shooter to fire faster than with a heavy trigger simply because their finger is less fatigued. We reviewed one such trigger years ago, the Geissele S3G trigger, which absolutely increases the rate at which a shooter can fire their weapon. For that reason, according to Feinstein’s bill the Geissele S3G trigger would be illegal to purchase or possess in the United States.

Another issue: what exactly is the baseline for the rate of fire?
The baseline rate of fire that can be achieved with a finely-tuned competition rifle and a bare bones budget rifle are two very different things. Would there be one baseline for each weapon platform against which all other examples would be compared? Would manufacturers be required to install the worst trigger possible in order to reduce the rate of fire? Or would it simply be illegal to modify the trigger from the factory installed version, making drop-in replacements like Timney and Geissele illegal?

On its face, it sounds like Dianne Feinstein’s bill, as written, would kill the aftermarket trigger industry and make it illegal to improve the trigger on your rifle. We’ll have to see whether this bill makes it out of committee, and what (if any) amendments would be added to give some clarity to the situation.

Watch this one closely!

74 thoughts on “Feinstein’s “Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act” Might Make Replacement Triggers Illegal”

      1. Let em try and take em. Old Trump better uphold his promises on 2nd amendment issues.

      2. So, has there been comparable past gun laws which mandated citizens to relinquish their legally purchased weapon or accessory?

  1. Maybe the industry should have policed itself and restricted the sale of BUMP FIRE stocks and/or asked the ATF to look closely at their potential for misuse and realized that BUMP STOCKS actually altered the function of the firearm they were placed on and should only have been sold to Class III licensees. I am not sure those who sold these devices aren’t open to being sued when they are used in this manner

    1. The ‘Bump Stock’ did not alter the semi-automatic weapon. The Bump Stock simple make the weapon more efficient. Semi-automatic,,,one trigger pull,,,one shot. Bump fire just helps pull the trigger.

    2. A fork can also be “potentially misused” to kill people. Also, a car, van, or truck can be “potentially misused” to kill dozens of people. How would you look in to prevent that.

      Can you please elaborate which function of the firearms the bumpstocks did alter? Do you know by law, what machine definition is?

    3. This sick man had the means to purchase legal full auto weapons, so is this feel good legislation going to accomplish anything? If someone wishes to do harm to others there is no stopping them.

    4. Come on, then they want this to happen when buying A car or A baseball bat or hammer etc. what we need is keep the government ass out and bring back corporal punishment you steal you get your hand cut off Ukiyo you get killed get it

    5. The BATFE DID. The stocks DO NOT alter the function of the rifle. Does it make it possible to fire faster? Absolutely…..with a trade off in accuracy. The stocks come with a letter from the BATFE OKing them. All that the stocks do is to make the gun rock back and forth and therefore DOES NOT alter the function of the rifle. One bullet with one trigger pull. A belt loop accomplishes the same thing. Should pants be outlawed? Should Levi Garret be sued if someone uses their product to illegally kill others? The rifles in question still functioned as a semi and NOT a full auto….even though to those who are unfamiliar with the rifles and stocks it seems otherwise. Legally the BATFE could not come to any other conclusion. The fact remains that of 80,000,000 gun owners only one committed the criminal act of killing and wounding others that day.

  2. Sounds like Midsouth Shooters is looking to sell a bunch of drop in triggers in a hurry……..

      1. Why put this sort of thing in print? Those idiots can’t think of everything on their own, why give them direction?

      2. Unfortunately, they already had the ball rolling, and we feel obliged to keep you informed when wheels start turning. This article isn’t the first we’ve heard of replacement parts being discussed on capital hill recently.

  3. EVERY TIME a nut case goes off and commits mass murder, the Democrats first response in MORE GUN CONTROL that would NOT stop what happened.
    Ban This, Ban That, WHEN does it STOP?
    How about we ban DEMOCRATS?
    Or do they want a war?

    1. I think if we, the legal gun owners went to war with the demoncrats it would be over very quickly. They would be in-armed! Imagine that! Molon Labe

    2. As in Civil War? The last time that happened was in 1861 when Abe Lincoln was elected. The country had elected an “unpopular” president and the southern democrats hated him and the changes he was to bring about. Everything Abe stated was criticized openly in the press. His family was ridiculed and every attempt to enact legislation was met with howling protests by the democrats.

    3. First Intelligent comment I’ve heard!!!
      How about banning the criminals??? Starting with the criminally ignorant (commierats)!!!
      NOT gun control. How about Criminal Control???
      Gun control is hitting what you aim at.

    4. NOW your talking! “progressives”, “democommies”, “mooslimes”, “rinos”… ban them ALL. To me, this was another “false flag” event orchestrated by the “deep state” because PRESIDENT TRUMP had basically thrown a monkey wrench into their DREAMS of “DISARMAMENT”, “GLOBALISM” “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”, “NEW WORLD ORDER, and more attempts at COMMUNIST “gun control”. I would BET IF the “truth” EVER was “allowed to come out,. which it probably NEVER will, this overweight gambler was DEAD long before the first shots were fired. (collateral damage control) This was NO “bump stock”. I have been around Fort Drum N.Y. all my life and have heard and WATCHED sustained full-auto fire and THIS is EXACTLY what it was. (and I might add, done by TRAINED PROFESSIONALS)…NOT some overweight. gambler) He was “left there” to give people the illusion” of a “lone wolf” attacker and further their attacks on Law-Abiding GUN OWNERS.

      1. Trump did indeed throw a monkey wrench into the lefts silent coup. They thought they had it all locked up. And Hillary was going to administer the coup de grace Now the deep state is on a crusade to destroy all that get in its way.

  4. So fully automatic guns for all. Is that it? If you can’t wait until you pull the trigger again, you don’t need a gun, you need a bomb!

    1. Steve don’t be an idiot. By the way the Swiss require their citizens to have automatic weapons if there homes. I have no trouble with automatic weapons
      I have a problem with a fruit cake behind the trigger. And by the way, 6 years us army, fire a ton of rounds. Thank God that nut had bump fire. No bump fire more accurate fire more dead. The us army moved to 3 round burst fire for that very reason. If you have no experience in this are shut your pie hole your making a fool out of yourself. Oh the m1 grand would have killed more with the 7.62 round, prolly got 3 every shot.

      1. Love the dissent in opinions. Easy with the name calling. Keep it up, you get banned. Your first amendment only goes so far on our blog. We’re the benevolent rulers of The Shot Report, trying to keep it civil

  5. The manufacturers will only need to offer “safer” replacement triggers to beat any new laws if it goes that way- any law passed can be beaten before the ink dries.

  6. They say they have to pass all sorts of regulations to cover the bump stock because it’s not a gun but a part. Well if they must shutdown the bump stock how is it any different a part than the banned “auto-sears”??? If it must be banned, ban it as a part as they did the auto-sears.

    1. Registered DIAS (Drop In Auto Sears) are legal to won.
      They cost as much as $35,000 for a piece of metal and a spring.

    2. The bump stocks have been around for many years now and are quite common. There were no records of sales as this is not regulated piece of plastic.
      My question is why is the bump stock being blamed when it was a Evil madman who would not even been deterred by life in prison- the death penalty- suicide or a eternity in Hell? NO one can stop a madman from his plan but you may have the chance to limit the destruction just like the Heros of Flight 93!

      1. Davis, In my law classes when I was a youngster my prof’s always said our job was to apply laws to protect survivors as there is no protections by law for the dead.
        Evil is as it has always been. Self awareness is your only protection.

      2. Typical liberal logic:
        Car crash: Blame the driver…
        Bombing: Blame thr bomber…
        Shooting: Blame the gun…
        Go figure.

    1. since it IS a finger actuated trigger system cutting off your finger is the only cure.

      Ever watch Jerry Miculek shoot??

      Ban revolvers ??

      1. I’ve seen him shoot. 12 rounds with a revolver with one reload, hit the target in 2.99 seconds.

  7. Las Vegas was a Tragedy! If not a gun then something else, maybe a bomb. You can not give into the liberal hysteria, give them nothing at all! Any time they get something they will alway’s want more! Forget the liberals, they will fade away once the Donald gets our country into prosperity! The liberals have no common sense, EVER!!

  8. I would not be surprised if rate of fire enhancing devices for semi-automatic weapons are made illegal and there might be no “grandfathering” in if you already have one. Items like Bump Stocks are more a novelty for someone who wants to go to a range that allows rapid fire or just go out to some are of a forest or desert and blast away. Most ranges that are properly run do not allow rapid fire as you can lose safe control of a rifle. Their ban or tight regulation would not be much of a loss to any serious target shooter. Interesting that it is under the Obama administration in 2010 that ATF determined these Bump Stocks to be legal. Didn’t the NRA keep saying how anti-gun Obama was?

    1. Don’t you get it? It is not about “another small loss” of your freedom – it is slowly but very steadily losing ALL of your freedom – until you are required to pay outrageous taxes, be gay, smoke dope, hate guns and have a peace sign tattooed on your forehead.
      You slowly have more freedom in Russia than in the Communist states of the U.S. on the west coast.

  9. Please don’t give in to fear. Bills written from this extreme viewpoint don’t go anywhere. They’re “moral victory” points for the constituency.

    1. I can only hope you’re right. With the Repubs falling all over themselves to lend a hand to DiFi’s bill, it might just find its way out of committee. Remain vigilant and hold our Congresscritters’ feet to the fire, no compromise, and no more useless laws!

    2. New Town ct. mass murders were by a teen/adult with sever mental problems and giving firearms by his mother how he killed first. We ended up with ARs being illegal to by and own after a set date with grandfathered owners after registration time period .This we were dealt first before the full investigation was over. Two years later it comes out that the shooter was mentally ill . And his mother if alive today would be facing 22 counts of second degree murder, but we still got the false blame law.

  10. Well maybe they should ban outdoor concerts . That might stop the next madman terrorist!! If they use a van to run innocent people down , then hey it’s time to ban vans . The liberals will NEVER EVER STOP trying to take EVERY gun from us !!! period !! Base all of us law abiding Americans who stand behind our 2 nd amendment according to one evil persons actions !!! Bunch of bull…..!!!!! That’s not right . Guess we should base all the democrats/liberals on what the CBS ex-employer Vice President/lawyer who Said she was ” not even sympathetic ” to the victims of the Vegas massacre because ” county music fans are often republicans ” it’s the same thing they are doing to us . As Hank Williams jr says in his song ” next thing you know they will want to ban ducks “

  11. Btw, learn how to shoot and you don’t need full auto. When the 22 lr shortage was going on, who btw was Masterminded by AMMO manufactures / scum bagsssss. It made every shot I fired count. Made me a better competitor and marksman. With and without optics!!!! Thanks CCI….

  12. It is so dumb, not even worth a discussion. Making killing people really, really illegal did not fix the problem, did it? Why the heck would ANYBODY with the slightest bit of common sense in their one or two brain cells think another regulation would fix it?
    I D I O T I C.

  13. what part of “shall not be infringed” dont we understand???
    any law that is not in line with the constitution is not a law. we need to let them know that we can read and interpret for ourselves. a bunch of robed people are not needed to tell us our rights. god given.

  14. Would that make a rifle you build your self illegal sence all the parts are put together to make a smoother faster rifle

  15. Seems logical to assume that accuracy would suffer greatly with a weapon that doesn’t allow enough time to reestablish a sight picture after each shot. Consider the damage done by snipers who take enough time to make every shot count. Bump stock spray and pray mode obviously works in a target rich environment, but if I were to survive a madman’s fire, I’d much prefer he be armed with a bump stock setup over a conventional bolt action or semi auto rifle.

  16. Wow, she sure was quick to get this bill written and put in. Kinda makes one wonder if she knew in advance ?

    1. Demorats always have a bill ready for any shooting…they look forward to it and more citizen control, it’s what they live for.

  17. Why does Dianne Feinstein hate people with disabilities? I degenerative muscular disease, so I have limited hand strength and require devices that lower the trigger weight on my firearms. Things such as a Timney Trigger, EZ Pull Trigger Assist, and even a bite trigger device. All of these, in the hands of a non-disabled person would increase the rate of fire. So if I have these out of necessity, I will likely be a felon if I posses them if she gets her way.

    I know the dems wanted to take guns away from those on SS disability, which wasn’t applicable since I work so am not considered disabled by their system, but why do I constantly feel like I am under attack by the alleged party that looks out for the disabled?

  18. Bumpstocks are the new buzzword. They the Domocratic idiots had just learned the new word so right away lets not legalize it. They haven’t got a clue on how to answer their so called problem with “gun control”. Come up with a sensible solution, which we know there isn’t any” and maybe, just maybe we can talk. They all want gun control but have no answers. The proper “gun control” is aim, breathe, and squeeze!! Amen!!

  19. Perhaps we should trade banning bumpstocks for easing suppresssor ownership. This seems to be an obvious “deal” worth pursuing.

    In the U.K. A suppressor can be purchased as easily as we purchase a rifle scope! It is considered rude not to have one.

    Hey lawmakers, let’s make a deal!

  20. Sounded like a “belt feed” weapon was used in Las Vegas to me. The sustained rate of fire, in the videos I have viewed are that of a belt feed weapon.

    1. Being around Fort Drum, N.Y. all my life and listening to and WATCHING sustained full auto fire from various weapons, THIS was NO “bump stock” equipped weapon as the “reports” are trying to make naive people believe. I also believe this man that was the supposed “shooter” was DEAD long before the first shot was fired and placed in the room to make the illusion he was a “lone wolf” to further the SCAM. This attack was done by TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. NOT some overweight gambler.

  21. I have qualms with losing bump fire stocks, not because i have or use them or even like them, i dont but all it does is open the door to let misinformed and bigoted people like Sen. Dianne Frankenstein slowly whittle away the 2nd Amendment because the left are the truly evil people who hate EVERYTHING that isn’t in the liberal mindset. Let people get background checked for it but banning is just the first step. Watch and see.

  22. While agreeing with most of the above, I think that many are missing the true target. I feel that, if the Death Toll had been a thousand, kit would have pleased Feinstein, Boxer, (also a Calif. Senator) , Shumer, et al, even more. Remember, their objective, as stated by testimony to Senator Metzenbaum, (D, Ohio) years ago, is simploe and direct, when she said (testified)
    “We will never have a true Socialist America as long as the people have guns.”
    And THAT, folks, is the real reason for this so-called “gun control.” It’s just another political smoke screen to control us, the people. Think not? Remember Waco? Nevada Ranch? Ruby Ridge? The list is almost endless.

    1. If you can, type in infowars..They have an interesting article of an interview of a navy seal that there were INDEED “multiple shooters”
      (and the “shooter” may NOT have even been doing the “deed”)
      I would attempt to send the link, but for some reason it gets blocked when I try.

  23. Sorry about the typos, and the omission of person testifying. Person testifying to anti-gun Senator Metzenbaum, was Sarah Brady. (Surprise, surprise!)

  24. From what I read, smoothing a trigger would violate this law! Insanely concocted wording allows interpretation to any whim of some low level bum in a bad mood…… and your average Joe cowboy shooter goes to jail for a trigger job on his six shooter…..

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