Midsouth’s 48th Birthday Bash!

48 years ago, we started out in a small shed. Located in New Market, TN, just east of Knoxville, near Jefferson City, Midsouth was a catalog driven retailer catering to a few folks who loved to load their own ammo, save a little money, and drastically increase their accuracy.

Flash forward to the present day, and a few hundred miles west, and you have pretty much the same thing, just in a bigger building, and coming to you live on the world wide web. We still believe in saving you money, being fair with our prices, and our shipping. We still cater to the reloader, but have branched out to other “D.I.Y.” folks with AR parts, and kits, muzzleloader kits, and more. We’re still a small, family owned company, with a tight-knit group of employees. Though the location changed, and the technology by which you shop with us has advanced, in our hearts, we’re still us.

Since it’s our birthday, we want to celebrate with you! You’re the reason we get to come here, flip on the lights, and get to work. We love our customers, and to show you just how important you are to us, we lined up an entire week of deals, just for you! We’re talking HAZ-MAT deals, giveaways, specials, and much more. Want to get in on our birthday presents? You need to sign up for our E-Flyer! Click here to subscribe. We will do our best not to bug you by only sending you deals to your inbox worth opening. Did we mention we’re giving away over $200 every day in gift cards, and gear? Yeah, our birthday week’s going to be AWESOME!

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Take a Tour of Midsouth!
Our friends, the Quinns from GunBlast, stopped by for a visit recently. We gave them a tour of our facility and let them in on our day to day. It was great to have them come by so we could share what we do, and what we believe in when it comes to our customers. There’s a personal touch we add to every product you order, from the order taker, to the packer. Check out the video and Thank You for shopping with Midsouth Shooters Supply

4 thoughts on “Midsouth’s 48th Birthday Bash!”

  1. First off, Happy Birthday ! What I’d like to know, is with regard to reloading. Starline .44 Special Brass , in Brass, NOT the chrome-plated. Will it ever be available again & if so, What’s the price of @ least 100 ?
    If you’re no longer going to carry it, could you please let me know, one way or the other, as I’m not going to order the Elmer Keith 2-cavity bullet mold & handles, unless I can first get the brass.
    Hope to hear from you, soon, one way or the other. Thank You,
    Bill F. @ bemede1@yahoo.com

  2. Happy birthday Midsouth. It’s great to see how companies begin and how they successfully evolve while maintaining their friendly attitude. Wishing you many more years of successful business life.

  3. I could be wrong, but I have noticed that you folks never reveal your location, or at least make it very difficult to find on your web pages. When the Quinns at GunBlast “stopped by,” they must have had help from Stargate SG-1! Part of the reason that businesses are required to file for a license is that the public has a right to know who they are actually doing business with. COME ON! GIVE US A HINT!

    1. We’re totally transparent of our location. Heck, you can even find our exact address, as well as marker on Google earth. 770 Economy Drive, Clarksville TN, 37043, by exit 11 of interstate 24.

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